Zeazoo Dingo NEW 2020 design – Review

‘Your wish is ours too’ states Zeazoo on their website. And you know what this means?
Well, meet the new Zeazoo Dingo slip-on boots. With improved, even better foot-shaped toebox, made from cozy and warm sheepskin leather. How great is that 🙂

There are not so many companies that would care so much about the customers’ feedback as Zeazoo does.

We asked them to make more foot-shaped toebox in Dingo boots and they listed to us. They redesigned one the their best selling boots to make it even better for us.

Last year when I got Dingo boots in purple for review (you can read it here) this was the first thing I noticed there too and I immediately suggested them to make the toebox in their boots even more foot-shaped.

And after one year you can read a review of this new foot-shaped Dingo boots on my blog already 🙂

Disclaimer: I was sent these boots as a gift to review, but as always, all opinions expressed here are my own.
I’m also proud to be a Zeazoo affiliate and I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using my discount code BOSENOGICE for 5% off.

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1. General

  • Brand: Zeazoo
  • Model: Dingo
  • Colour: Black
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide (10.3 cm between metatarsal heads), low instep, skinny ankles with narrow heel, fin-shaped foot – see my how to measure guide and foot type

|Made in EU|Women, Kids|Sheepskin Leather|Ship worldwide|

2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

Zeazoo Dingo boots are made from sheepskin leather and they are available in 3 different colours – black, purple and brown.

Last year I reviewed their purple colour and this year I chose black colour, which is very neutral and easy to match with different clothes.

Boots have simple design with visible seams where the sheepskin is stitched together, just like UGGs have for example.

The heel part holds its shape well and it doesn’t collapse while walking.

Small brand logo at the top is in the same colour as the rest of the boot.

Fabric welt goes all around the sole and it is in the matching colour with the rest of the boot.

2.2 Lining

Dingo boots are made from sheepskin, so all the inside part of the boot has warm and cozy wool inside. At the beginning the wool can feel a little long and wrapped around the toes for some people, but it will settle down with wearing and usually at the time this feeling is gone. But to me, from the very beginning, the feeling in the boot was great.

2.3 Sole

For the sole it is used 6 mm Vibram® Superflex rubber. Sole has a good grip for everyday wear around the town.

This sole is extremely flexible in any direction and it is really no problem to get them in a roll. Also in longitudinal direction.

Ground feeling is good in them and the sole moves well with my feet.

Also check my video for the close-up and to see how they look on my feet.

For a comparison to UGGs check my review from last year here.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Zeazoo Dingo boots are available in sizes 35-42 and they are true to size. It is a little bit harder to measure the internal length with Plus12 at the beginning as the wool is so long, but after some time of wearing them this is much easier to make and I can confirm that they are true to size.

I usually wear size 42 in most of the brands, but here I wear size 41, which has the same internal length as most of my shoes in size 42.

My feet are 26.3 cm long and the internal length of size 41 is 27.5 cm, which gives me 12 mm space for my feet to move. This is the optimal space for me and it is also recommended by different studies.

See my post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that.

Here you can see where my toes are inside the boot. For reference, my index finger width is 15 mm.

3.2. Toebox shape & width

If the last year model (purple on the photo) had rounded and more tapered toebox shape, this year model is much better and more foot shaped, which makes them more suitable for a wider range of feet.

This new shape makes them the most suitable for the longest second toe or more square shaped feet and even for feet with the longest first toe with a milder slope towards the little toe.

This doesn’t mean that those with stronger slopes won’t fit in them, just there will be more space left in front of your little toes.

More about different foot types you can read in my post What is my Foot Type?

The sole width is around 11 cm wide at the ball of the foot in my size 41. Inside width is therefore less than that.

But as the upper is so soft, these boots allow some spreading to the sides if your circumference is smaller than the boot circumference. Still, be careful that the big toe won’t hang over the sole.

My feet are 10 cm wide with a circumference 24 cm and Dingo boots circumference in size 41 is 25.5 cm.

3.3. Fit around the instep, heel and ankle

With slip-on boots it is always hard to make them completely secure on your feet. I find that I get the most secure fit by using socks with a combination of yoga socks or leg warmers. In that case I can make boots really secure on my feet.

But most of the time I love to wear them completely without the socks and in that case they are not slipping off my feet, but I would still recommend them for shorter walks or for days when you plan to stand or sit more.

4. Comfort

These boots are one of the most comfortable boots I have. Sheepskin made them really soft and pleasurable for my feet to wear and I really love wearing them without the socks on. I like that bare feet feeling inside the boot.

If you wear them with socks, you may find that your socks slip down while walking. The reader shared with me great advice on this issue. Cut the foot off your old sock and place this old sock top around your ankles over new sock. This will keep your socks in place while walking.

I also like how easy they are to put on. Like a second and you are ready to go.

5. Water-resistance and warmth

Sheepskin as a natural material, regulates temperature really well and keeps your feet warm during the winter. The sole is 6 mm thick, so I would still suggest adding some warm wool socks in them if you plan to wear them in temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.

Regarding the water-resistance, take in mind that these boots are suitable for dry weather. The water quickly gets in them, similar to UGGs.

You can try to use impregnation spray on them, but be careful what you choose. Sheepskin has a delicate surface. More about caring tips you can read in my Dingo purple review here.

6. How and when to wear them?

I like wearing my Dingo boots with my casual clothes like skinny jeans with a jumper on top or just with a simple pair of black leggings with a tee and a jacket.

7. Price & where to buy

Dingo boots can be bought directly from Zeazoo website. The price is 90 €.

You can also get 5% discount on all their shoes with my affiliate code BOSENOGICE.

The code can be combined with their referral and loyalty program, so you can get even an bigger discount in total.

8. Shipping info

Shipping costs depend on the shipping country and the number of items you order. You can choose DHL Express shipping which will cost you 25 € (30 € USA). Economy shipping is 10 € (EU only), but the shoes can take very long to arrive.

9. Where are they made?

Zeazoo shoes are handmade by professional shoe makers in Bulgaria. All their shoes are made using only natural materials (leather, wool) which are produced in the EU.

10. To sum up

I wore UGG boots for many winters before I transitioned to barefoot shoes. I still love that style and I’m grateful to Zeazoo that they managed to make that style available as barefoot boots too. Perfectly snug and warm for dry winter days. And now with even better toebox shape. Just what I like.

Thank you Zeazoo for listening to us

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