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Are VIVOBAREFOOT Worth the Hype? A Deep-Dive Review

Are you tired of wearing uncomfortable, bulky shoes that make it hard to stay active and healthy? VIVOBAREFOOT shoes offer a revolutionary solution that is designed to mimic the natural shape and function of your feet. By providing a barefoot-like experience, VIVOBAREFOOT shoes can help improve your posture, reduce foot pain and injuries, and increase your overall comfort and mobility.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why you should consider investing in VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, including an overview of all their models and a guide to finding the perfect fit.

Whether you’re a seasoned barefoot shoe enthusiast or just starting to explore the benefits of minimalist footwear, this post will provide you with all the information you need to step into better health and comfort. So, read on to discover why VIVOBAREFOOT shoes may be the perfect fit for your feet and your lifestyle.

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The Barefoot Revolution: How VIVOBAREFOOT Shoes Are Changing the Game

VIVOBAREFOOT was one of the first barefoot brands ever available, and we can consider them pioneers in the barefoot shoe industry. They are one of the most well-known, well-designed, and high-quality barefoot brands, making them the perfect starting point for many people who decide to embark on their barefoot journey.

Their shoes were also our first barefoot shoes and the first barefoot shoes for our family, holding a special place in our hearts as everything began with them.

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Here are the 3 reasons why you need to try VIVOBAREFOOT shoes today:

They Will Transform Your Feet and Body

VIVOBAREFOOT barefoot shoes are designed with a foot-shaped toe box, thin and flexible sole, and are zero drop, which means they respect the natural shape and function of our feet.

By wearing barefoot shoes, you can improve your balance, posture, and alignment, as well as strengthen your foot and leg muscles. These benefits translate to better overall health and reduced risk of foot injuries.

They Can Handle Any Adventure

VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are incredibly versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re heading to work, running errands, hitting the gym, traveling, or exploring the great outdoors, there’s a shoe that’s perfect for you. With their minimalist design, VIVOBAREFOOT shoes can easily transition from one activity to another, making them an excellent investment for anyone who values simplicity and efficiency.

Depending on the style and intended use (such as hiking, trail or road running, gym training, or everyday wear), they utilize different outsoles and insoles to provide the best performance and traction for the specific terrain and usage.

They Are Redefining Fashion

In addition to being functional and versatile, their shoes are also stylish and on-trend. With a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, VIVOBAREFOOT shoes can complement any outfit and suit any style. By wearing their shoes, you can look good while feeling great and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Their shoes are also made with sustainable and eco-friendly materials, such as recycled PET bottles and natural wild hide leather. By choosing their shoes, you can reduce your environmental impact and support a company that is committed to responsible manufacturing and business practices.

While their shoes may be more expensive than traditional ones, they offer great value in terms of quality, durability, versatility, and overall health benefits. By investing in a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, you can enjoy a shoe that lasts longer, adapts to your needs, and supports your foot and body in ways that other shoes can’t. Plus, they can be easily handed down to the next person or repaired when needed.


How to Choose the Best VIVOBAREFOOT Size

VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are available in sizes 20-49 and are divided into Toddler, Kids, Junior, Women, and Men styles. The difference between men’s and women’s sizes lies in their width (men’s are wider) and available colors. Some models are only available in women’s sizes. If you’re in those ‘crossover sizes’ (EU 40- EU 43), you can choose between both widths in case the style is available in both women’s and men’s sections.

VIVOBAREFOOT sizing recommendations and the methods for choosing the best size for you have changed a little over the years, but the internal length of their shoes remains the same. I consistently wear size EU 42 in all their styles, with a foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm. Most of their models are true to the size chart, unless stated differently under the model description.

Currently, they offer two different methods for picking the best size for you – using size charts or printable templates. In size charts, you can find the recommended foot length in cm and the recommended size. For example, my foot length is 26.3 cm – this means I need to choose size 42 with a recommended foot length of 26.6 cm. The internal length of size 42 is 27.5 cm, which gives me 12 mm of space in front of my toes. If you’re between sizes, choose the bigger size.

Aim for approximately 10-12 mm in spring/summer shoes, and you can add even more space in front of the toes for winter models. The size you choose also depends on your foot width and shape – narrower feet can choose less space, while wider feet can walk perfectly fine with even 18 mm of space or more. Kids need even more space in shoes, as you need to add space for growth too (approximately 5 mm extra space).

If you’re planning to use the printable template, be sure to print it out at the correct scale. Choose the larger size if your feet fall between two lines, and always pick the size based on your longest foot. For example, my foot falls directly on the line for size 41, so I opt for size 42.

For more tips regarding sizing, check out the recommendations on their website.

How Wide Are They, Really?

VIVOBAREFOOT’s toe box shape wonderfully mimics the natural shape of the human foot. They offer a perfectly straight line for the big toe, and I never feel like my big toe movement is restricted in any way. However, depending on your foot width, they might restrict your pinky toe if the shoes are not wide enough for your foot width.

Even though VIVOBAREFOOT shoes mimic the natural foot shape, they are not designed for wide & extra wide feet (check our recommendations for wide feet here), and their models tend to be on the narrower side among available barefoot brands. Keep in mind that we all have different foot widths and shapes, which is why we need various shoe widths as well.

Their adult models come in two different widths – women’s and men’s. Women’s models are best suited for narrow and medium-width feet, while men’s models cater to medium-wide feet. There’s also a difference in heel width and fit in the instep area, as men’s models are wider there too. Some models can fit slightly wider than others (the Geo Courts have one of the widest fit). If you’re in their ‘crossover sizes’ (EU 40- EU 43), you can choose between women’s and men’s models, making it easier to find the right fit according to your needs.

VIVOBAREFOOT’s toe box shape can vary a little between models. Most of their styles have a stronger slope towards the pinky toe, which means you may run out of space for your little toes even though you choose shoes that are long enough. In that case, you can check out their models like Addis and Opanka, which tend to have a milder slope towards the pinky toe and offer more space for longer little toes.

Where to Buy

You can purchase VIVOBAREFOOT shoes on their official website or at various retailers, but the most extensive selection of sizes and models can be found on the official website.

They ship worldwide, and while shopping, simply choose your country in the top right corner. Some countries, like Australia & New Zealand, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, have their own separate websites from the main VIVOBAREFOOT site.

On the official website, you can use your VIVOBAREFOOT discount code – enjoy a 10% discount with BNG10 (valid in most countries, except Australia/New Zealand, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic).

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Overview of VIVOBAREFOOT Models


| Men’s, Women’s | leather | $200 | 190€ |

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If you’re familiar with the iconic VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi boots, which have been around for several years with minor updates, get ready for something completely different. The new Gobi features a completely new design with a sporty look. The upper is made from buttery soft leather, and the top part of the boots is completely unlined, exposing the raw side of the leather. This makes the boots extremely soft and light, avoiding any ankle restriction or digging into your skin. However, keep in mind that these boots are best suited for autumn and spring as they are not lined with warm material like the old Gobi boots.

The outsole is thin and nicely flexible in all directions, while the insole is made from cork and recycled PU and can be replaced with a warmer insole for additional warmth. The top eyelets have been replaced with speed hooks, but you need to turn the laces the right way to get them into the speed hooks.

Sizing & Fit: Gobi boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Women’s sizes are best suited for narrow and medium-width feet. However, if you have medium-wide and low-volume feet, they could work too, as they feel slightly wider than most VIVO models in women’s sizes. These boots are best suited for those with low and average insteps, skinny and average ankles. For reference, I wear size 42, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

If you’re ready to try a new and stylish design, the Gobi boots from VIVOBAREFOOT are an excellent pick. Just remember to take into consideration the sizing and fit recommendations, and you’ll be ready to step out in style!


| Women’s | leather | $190 | 185€ |

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The Gobi Chelsea is another boot that has received a makeover, featuring a similar sporty urban look as the new Gobi boots. The upper is made from high-quality smooth leather, adding to its sleek appearance. The thin outsole, consisting of a 2.4 mm sole base and 1.3 mm tread, provides a soft and flexible feel in all directions.

Sizing & fit: Gobi Chelsea boots are best suited for those with narrow and medium-width feet. They are slightly narrower than Gobi boots and may not work well for those with medium-wide feet (my pinky toe already feels restricted). However, they are perfect for individuals with an average instep height and average ankle size. Feet with skinny ankles and a low instep may not be able to achieve a perfectly secure fit. For reference, I wear size 42, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3 cm in length and 10 cm in width.


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | $200 | 190€ |

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The Motus Strength is a completely new and groundbreaking barefoot strength training shoe, available for both men and women. It boasts a special and unique design aimed at improving stability and performance during high-impact workouts. The Motus is designed as a slip-on shoe with added laces to achieve a secure fit. Thanks to its knit design and easy slip-on construction, you won’t find yourself needing to untie them every time you put them on.

The sole construction, which wraps around the side edges of the shoe, enhances lateral stability during intensive movements. The thin and highly flexible sole provides excellent multi-directional traction for fast and sudden movements. One minor complaint is that the insole may feel slightly too big for the shoe and can wrinkle. However, since we typically wear the shoe without it, we decided to remove it altogether.

Sizing & fit: The Motus Strength is available in both women’s and men’s sizes, allowing you to choose between two different widths if you find yourself in between sizes. Women’s sizes are best suited for narrow and medium-width feet, while men’s sizes accommodate slightly wider feet. With the insoles in, the shoes may feel shallow over the toes, so removing the insole provides more space for movement. They are best suited for those with a low to average instep height. For reference, I wear size 42, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

All in all, the Motus Strength is a game-changer in the world of barefoot strength training shoes. Its unique design, improved stability, and stellar performance make it a top-notch choice. Just keep those sizing and fit considerations in mind for an optimal experience during your workouts.


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | $230 | 210€ |

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Magna Lite WR SG is the water-resistant version of Magna Lite, one of our favorite hiking boots. It retains the same design and sole type as its lighter counterpart, with the key difference lying in the upper, where non-absorbent materials have been thoughtfully selected to enhance water resistance without compromising on comfort. It’s always exciting to see a beloved design get a makeover for more challenging conditions, isn’t it?

One of the things we adore about the Magna Lite WR SG is how they’ve designed the ankle area. The stretchable wool collar makes them incredibly easy to slip on, and there’s absolutely no restriction around the ankle. Even the sole is remarkably flexible, despite its robust appearance.

Sizing & Fit: Magna Lite WP SG in women’s sizes is an excellent match for those with narrow to medium-wide feet, while men’s sizes can accommodate slightly wider feet as well. These boots are most comfortable for individuals with low to average instep heights.


| Men’s, Women’s | leather | from $135 | from 131€ |

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VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Courts have become one of the most popular VIVO models since their debut in 2020. With small improvements added each year, they just keep getting better and better. The upper is crafted from high-quality smooth or suede leather, and they consistently introduce new colors, while always maintaining the classic black and white options.

The interior is lined with leather and features a cork insole, making these shoes a real pleasure to wear. The padded collar provides extra comfort, and although the sole is thin and flexible, it’s not the softest on the market. However, it strikes a great balance between durability and flexibility, and we find its quality to be amazing. My husband is a heavy tester of Geo Courts, and they hold up incredibly well for him!

Sizing & Fit: Geo Courts are available for both women and men. Overall, Geo Courts feel slightly wider than most VIVO models. The women’s model is best suited for narrow to medium-width feet but can also accommodate medium-wide feet. The men’s models are wider than the women’s, and if your size falls within the range where both models are available, you can choose between two different widths.

They adapt well to different foot volumes and can be adjusted for both low and high instep. For reference, my foot dimensions are 26.3/10 cm, and I wear a size 42 with an internal length of 27.5 cm.

VIVOBAREFOOT Novus and Novus Mid

| Men’s, Women’s | leather | from $230 | from 200€ |

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Novus and Novus Mid are new models introduced in 2023, featuring a unique combination of a rugged outdoor sole and urban upper design, giving them a distinctive and stylish look. The Novus is available in two different heights for both men and women. The Mid version takes a little more time to put on, and the organic laces require a bit more effort to untie.

The upper is made from a combination of smooth and suede leather (or only suede) in various colors. The Michelin sole with deep lugs results in a less intense ground feel, but the flexibility of the shoes is surprisingly good, especially considering how robust the outsole appears. This sole type is definitely great for off-road adventures too, but honestly, I would be afraid to ruin them in a wet and muddy environment.

Sizing & Fit: Novus and Novus Mid cater to narrower feet compared to Geo Court and are suitable for narrow and medium-width feet at most. My feet dimensions are 26.3/10 cm (wearing size 42), and I would already prefer more space on the pinky toe side. They are best suited for average and wider ankles and heels – if you have narrow ankles, you may notice a larger gap around them.


| Women’s | leather | $170 | 150€ |

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Opanka is definitely one of the best-selling models from VIVOBAREFOOT since its debut in 2020. This simple slip-on model is crafted from super soft, high-quality leather (the photos show their 2020 model, but they’ve added new colors), and I can easily say it’s one of our all-time favourite barefoot shoes. The sole is incredibly thin and flexible, making them feel amazing on your feet – it’s like wearing nothing at all! I absolutely love them because they’re so easy to slip on and comfortable to wear.

Sizing & Fit: Opanka works best for medium wide feet. However, since the upper is so thin and soft, they can accommodate medium to wide feet too, as long as they’re not very high volume. For reference, my feet dimensions are 26.3/10 cm, and Opanka is wide enough for my feet, while some other VIVOBAREFOOT models already feel too narrow in women’s sizes.

Opanka is perfect for low-volume feet with skinny ankles. They can also work for average ankles and average height insteps, but they won’t be suitable for feet with more volume. The hidden elastic over the instep allows for minimal adjustment in that area.

VIVOBAREFOOT Opanka Ballerina

| Women’s | leather | $140 | 140€ |

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The Opanka Ballerina is a new model introduced in 2023, and it offers the same soft and incredibly light sensation on your feet as their Opanka slip-ons. The upper is made from super soft, high-quality smooth leather in two different colors. Around the top edge, there’s a wider elastic band that ensures a better and more secure fit while also adding a casual touch to the ballerinas. The sole is super thin and flexible, giving you an amazing ground feel.

Sizing & Fit: Opanka Ballerinas work best for medium wide feet. They have more generous space above the toes than most barefoot ballet flats I’ve tried, and they can accommodate different foot volumes quite well. They also provide a secure fit for skinny ankles – I experience just minimal lifting of the heel, and my foot slides forward only slightly, so it doesn’t affect my gait. If you can’t keep them on your feet, don’t compensate with a smaller size and less space in front of the toes. For reference, my foot dimensions are 26.3/10 cm, and I’m wearing size 42 with an internal length of 27.5 cm.


| Women’s | leather | $150 | 140€ |

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Opanka sandals are another customer favorite model. These sandals are made from leftover premium leather offcuts. The leather is thicker, but it doesn’t feel too thick or hard on the skin. This year, they also introduced a gorgeous new cream white color, which you can see on the pictures here.

The sandals are designed as slip-on sandals, so you won’t need to open any extra buckles to put them on. A secure fit is ensured with the toe loop, instep leather strap, and heel strap with a hidden elastic part.

The sole is thin but firm. It doesn’t provide the softness that softer sandal soles do, but keep in mind that for sandals, the most flexible sole isn’t always the best (as it can bend or cause you to trip if not used with a good upper design), so they made a wise decision with this sole type.

Sizing & Fit: the sandals are best suited for narrow and medium width feet with low and average height insteps. However, the final fit also depends on your toe shape and length. For reference, my foot dimensions are 26.3/10 cm, and I chose size 42. In sandals, you don’t need as much extra space as in closed shoes, but you have to make sure your toes don’t hang over the sole while walking. Since I have longer toes, I prefer larger sizes, but I have a little extra space left at the heel (which doesn’t bother me while walking). If your toes are shorter and/or you have a stronger slope towards the pinky toe, you can choose a smaller size too (like sandals 7-10 mm longer than your feet).


| Men’s, Women’s | vegan | from $136 | from 132€ |

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The Primus Lite Knit is a fantastic minimalist running shoe that can easily double as your go-to gym shoe or everyday footwear to pair with casual and athletic outfits. Its upper is made from breathable synthetic materials, providing comfort throughout the day.

Designed as a slip-on shoe with added laces for better adjustability, you can easily slip them on without extra adjustments each time once the laces are set. The thin and flexible sole offers excellent ground feel, enhancing your overall experience.

Sizing & Fit: The women’s Primus Lite Knit is best suited for narrow and medium-wide feet, while the men’s version is ideal for medium to wide feet. While most VIVOBAREFOOT models cater well to skinny ankles and low insteps, this particular model is best suited for those with average insteps and ankles. However, those with shallower feet might not get the best fit, as there can be more gapping around the ankles and the upper material over the instep may crease.


| Men’s, Women’s | vegan | from $145 | from 141€ |

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The Primus Asana is a wonderfully soft and flexible casual women’s barefoot trainer, made from natural materials to promote natural movement. It’s versatile enough to go with almost anything, from joggers to jeans, and can even be paired with more casual dresses.

Designed as a slip-on shoe with added laces for better adjustability, you can easily slip them on without extra adjustments once the laces are set. They are built on the Primus sole with a 2mm sole base and 2mm lug height, which is very soft, flexible, and offers excellent ground feel while remaining durable.

Sizing & Fit: The women’s Primus Asana is best suited for narrow and medium-wide feet, while the men’s version is ideal for medium to wide feet. It’s perfect for those with average insteps and ankles, but due to the stretchy and adjustable uppers, even people with slightly lower/higher insteps and skinnier/stronger ankles might find a good fit. They are quite low in the toe area, so if you have more prominent toes, make sure there’s enough room around them.


| Men’s, Women’s | leather | from $124 | from 120€ |

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The Addis, a retro sneaker made from wildhide natural cow leather in Ethiopia, is one of VIVO’s models that has been consistently available for several years. What changes are the available colors. The color you see in the review was available in 2021, but each year they offer different earthy, neutral shades. With a soft leather upper and leather lining, these shoes feel incredibly comfortable on your feet.

The sole features VIVOBAREFOOT’s signature footprint design, inspired by the Laetoli footprints found in Tanzania, which are the oldest recorded preserved human footprints dating back to around 3.7 million years ago. The sole is very flexible in both directions, feeling soft and squishy while providing a pleasant wearing experience with a good ground feeling.

Sizing & Fit: Addis is available in both women’s and men’s sizes. The women’s shoes, which I’m reviewing here, are suitable for narrow and medium-wide feet. My feet measure 26.3/10 cm, and I find them slightly too narrow for my feet. Addis shoes don’t have as strong of a slope towards the little toe as some other VIVO models (e.g., Geo Court, Novus, etc.). As they slope less, this makes them more suitable for various foot shapes, not just those with the longest big toe. Keep in mind that men’s sizes are wider and have a slightly different toe box shape (more square-shaped).

If you want to know more about Addis, read our separate in-depth review here.


| Men’s, Women’s | leather | $230 | 210€ |

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Tracker Decon is undoubtedly one of the lightest hiking boots you’ll ever experience. Available in various colors and two different heights, these boots cater to both men and women. The only difference lies in the available colors and width; the design remains the same. The upper is crafted from a combination of smooth, wide-hide leather and a stretchable wool collar. Thanks to the easily adjustable laces, they are a breeze to put on and take off. Their special design allows for unrestricted ankle movement, while the boots themselves feel incredibly light and flexible on your feet.

The sole is VIVOBAREFOOT’s Firm Ground sole, which is specifically designed for multi-terrain use. It performs well on wet and dry, rocky and firm terrains. Despite its appearance, the sole offers fantastic flexibility. Additionally, these boots come with an added thermal insole that can be removed on warmer days.

Sizing & Fit: For women’s sizes, Tracker Decon is best suited for narrow and medium-wide feet. With my foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm, I wear a women’s size 42. This model still feels wide enough for me, but I’m nearing the upper limit in terms of width. It is most suitable for individuals with low and average instep height.


| Men’s, Women’s | vegan | $210 | 200€ |

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The Magna Lite is another remarkably lightweight hiking boot by VIVOBAREFOOT, perfect for spring and summer hiking adventures. The upper is made from a stretchable and breathable thin mesh material, which has been treated with a water-resistant coating. However, it’s important to note that it won’t keep the rain out, but it can handle a bit of morning dew. These shoes are made from 100% vegan materials, and the best way to clean them is to let the dirt dry, brush off the mud, and then wipe them down with a damp cloth.

The well-designed upper and lace placement ensure that your ankles can achieve their full range of movements. Additionally, the large pull loops and laces that slide effortlessly through eyelets make it easy to put on and take off the shoes. The sole is incredibly flexible and soft, responding well to the ground you walk on. The VIVO Soft Ground slightly sticky rubber sole features a 2.5 mm base and 5 mm deep lugs, providing a strong grip even on soft and slippery surfaces.

Sizing & Fit: the Magna Lite SG women’s sizes are best suited for narrow and medium-wide feet. My own feet measure 26.3/10 cm, and I’m wearing a women’s size 42. This model still feels wide enough for me, but I’m already at the upper width limit. They’re best suited for those with low and average height insteps.


| Men’s, Women’s | leather | $280 | 260€ |

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Tracker Forest ESC boots are undoubtedly one of the most advanced and aesthetically pleasing hiking boots available. They boast a high-quality smooth leather construction, offered in either black or brown. Personally, we had the opportunity to test and review the Bracken color variant. The Michelin outsole is equipped with impressively deep lugs, ensuring exceptional traction on the intended terrain. The shoes perform admirably on smaller stones and muddy surfaces. However, it’s worth noting that their grip is somewhat compromised on wet rocks and roots, where slipping may occur. Due to the thicker sole, the level of ground feel is not as pronounced, providing a noticeable cushioning effect.

The uniquely shaped laces stay securely tied while walking, although their shape can make it slightly more challenging to thread through the eyelets. These shoes don’t feature an additional waterproof membrane, promoting better breathability. The inherent water-repellent nature of the leather offers some protection, but it is recommended to use a leather balm for enhanced waterproofing. The gusseted tongue contributes to the shoe’s water resistance by preventing water from easily penetrating inside.

The height of the shoe provides additional ankle support, although personally, we would have preferred a bit more flexibility in this area to reduce any feelings of restriction.

Sizing & Fit: With my foot length measuring 26.3/10 cm, I find that size 42 fits me well length-wise, even when wearing slightly thicker socks. The women’s models are ideally suited for narrower and medium-width feet, while the men’s models offer a wider fit. In my case, the width of women’s size 42 is already at the limit, providing sufficient space width-wise when wearing thin socks. However, if I were to wear thicker socks, I would either require wider shoes or consider trying the men’s model.


| Men’s, Women’s | leather | $240 | 230€ |

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The Magna Forest ESC serves as the lower version of their popular hiking boots, the Tracker Forest ESC. These boots share the same outsole, laces, and upper leather. The main difference lies in the height of the shoe and the addition of a collar wool knit around the ankles and instep. This stretchable collar not only facilitates easy slip-on but also allows for comfortable ankle movement.

Sizing & Fit: The women’s sizes are best suited for narrow and medium-width feet, while the men’s sizes are designed for medium-wide feet. They provide an excellent fit for those with low and average instep heights and can be adjusted to accommodate different ankle widths as well.


| Women’s | vegan | $120 | 120€ |

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Ultra Bloom is a versatile shoe designed for use on the beach or in water-related activities. They are perfect for strolling along the shore and stepping on rocks, as they offer just the right amount of protection against sharp surfaces. The upper is constructed from durable vegan materials that can withstand getting wet and dry quickly. The presence of holes in the material enhances breathability. These shoes are sized to keep larger pebbles out, although it’s worth noting that small pebbles may still find their way inside. Each year, the model is released in different colors while maintaining the same design.

Sizing & Fit: The Ultra Bloom’s tapered toe box, so there will be less space for a proper splay of the toes. My feet measure 26.3/10 cm, and I find them too narrow for my foot width. They are best suited for narrow and, at most, medium-width feet. They fit particularly well for those with low and average instep height and can be adjusted comfortably using the elastic laces with a pull toggle.


| Men’s, Women’s | leather | $190 | 165€ |

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These stylish boots are available for both men and women, with options for a leather-lined autumn edition or a cozy fur-lined winter edition. Gobi III are meticulously crafted from high-quality chrome and metal-free smooth or suede leather, and the laces are made from organic cotton. It’s worth noting that the light-colored beige suede leather may be more sensitive than the darker smooth leather, so it’s advisable to apply protective measures before wearing them. The sole is thin, measuring 4 mm, but the included cork insole provides some additional cushioning for added comfort.

Sizing & Fit: The toe box shape of the Gobi III is excellent, and the line at the big toe is perfectly straight. This model tends to run on the narrower side and fits best for those with narrow to medium-wide feet, lower to medium-high insteps, and narrow to medium-wide ankles. With my foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm, I found that a size 42 was a good length, but I would have appreciated a few extra millimeters for my pinky toe width-wide. If you require additional width, keep in mind that the men’s models are generally wider than the women’s models in the same size.


| Men’s, Women’s | leather | $210 | 180€ |

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The Gobi HI is undoubtedly one of VIVOBAREFOOT’s best-selling and most iconic models. It has been around for several years now, and its popularity continues to soar. The Gobi HI is designed as a classic and timeless combat boot style that never goes out of fashion. Every year, it receives minimal adjustments that only serve to enhance its quality and appeal. The upper is crafted from 100% high-quality wide hide leather, available in black or brown. The interior is lined with fur (polyester lining) and includes thermal insoles, making it the perfect boot for chilly winter days when temperatures hover around 0 degrees Celsius.

Equipped with VIVOBAREFOOT’s everyday multi-terrain sole, the Gobi HI features a concave, hexagonal design. The sole is crafted from sticky rubber and boasts a thickness of 5mm, providing minimal cushioning and thermal protection during colder days.

Sizing & Fit: The Gobi HI is best suited for narrow and medium-width feet. If you have wider feet, they may not be the ideal fit for you. For my foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm, they offer a good width when worn with thinner socks, but I’m unable to wear them with thicker socks. As a reference, I wear size 42.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Gobi HI, feel free to check out our separate review here.


VIVOBAREFOOT shoes have been our go-to choice for our kids’ barefoot shoes since the beginning. Over the years, they have undergone some changes with new designs, models, and slight variations in fit, but they have consistently remained among the best-designed and long-lasting barefoot shoes for kids. In fact, some of our pairs have been passed down to a fourth child in a row.

Kids’ VIVOBAREFOOT shoes feature different soles. While most of their styles are suitable for everyday use, if you need extra grip on various terrains, we recommend checking out their Trail shoes for kids.

Sizing & Fit: VIVOBAREFOOT shoes for kids are best suited for narrow and medium width feet with low to average instep heights, although the fit may vary slightly from model to model. The toe box shape has evolved over time, but all the recent models are ideal for feet with the longest big toe and a stronger slope towards the pinky toe. If your child has more square-shaped feet, they may not be the best fit.

Primus LUDO is an entirely new style for kids this year, and we’re excited to see VIVOBAREFOOT introduce leather options into their kids’ collection after many years. Ludo is perfect for children with narrow to medium-width feet, and they appear to be very well-made. They’re likely to stand the test of time and can easily be passed down to a second child.

One of our favorite styles from VIVOBAREFOOT is undoubtedly the Primus Ludo HI (formerly known as Primus Bootie All Weather). We consider it a top choice for autumn and early spring, and they prove to be incredibly versatile, even suitable for milder winters. In fact, we often use them for hiking as well.

For active kids during the warmer months, we highly recommend the Primus Sport and Primus Trail models. Made from breathable vegan materials, they are easy to clean in the washing machine—a big plus for busy parents. Keep in mind that the fit may vary between models. The Primus with velcro closures can accommodate higher insteps compared to the ones with elastic laces.

If you’re in need of a multi-purpose summer sandal for your active kids, the Ultra Bloom is perfect. They are water-friendly and can withstand wet conditions. In our experience, the materials withstood daily wear over two summers from May to September before the sole wore out. The materials also become softer with wear. However, this model may not be the best fit for kids with shallow feet and skinny ankles, as adjusting the velcro around the ankles can be a bit challenging.

The Fulham Kids is the kids’ edition of the popular adult Chelsea Fulham slip-on boots. They are available in different editions, including ones made from leather for everyday winter wear and ones made from synthetic materials that can serve as a substitute for rain boots (although keep in mind that the side elastic is not waterproof). They are best suited for shallow, narrow and medium width feet. High-volume feet may have difficulty putting them on.

Lumi vegan winter boots for kids have their pros and cons. Each year, they undergo subtle design adjustments to ensure continuous improvement. Lined with synthetic fur and equipped with added thermal insoles, these boots are suitable for winters around 0 degrees Celsius. However, they might not be warm enough for extremely cold winter days. Ideally suited for narrow and medium-width feet, Lumi boots provide a comfortable and fashionable option for your little ones.


At the end of the day, VIVOBAREFOOT shoes deliver on their promise to provide an attractive and healthy alternative to modern footwear design. With their sleek and stylish looks, a huge array of styles suited for nearly any need or occasion, and a comfort that can improve your posture and reduce foot pain and injuries, VIVOBAREFOOT shoes could be worth a try if you’re looking for minimalist footwear. Hopefully this in-depth review has given you a good idea of everything VIVOBAREFOOT has to offer.

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