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The Ultimate Fall Wardrobe Essential: Be Lenka Mojo Chelsea Boots

Step into the season with Be Lenka’s Mojo, a pair of low-cut barefoot chelsea boots designed to conquer the ever-changing autumn weather. Available in both All Black and Dark Brown, these boots blend premium Nappa leather with a touch of knitted fabric above the ankle, creating a versatile and urban look suitable for any occasion.

Navigating the Outdoors in Style: Barebarics Voyager Review

In the world of outdoor exploration, finding the perfect footwear is paramount to a comfortable and immersive experience. Whether you’re traversing rocky trails, navigating muddy terrains, or simply strolling through the city streets, having a reliable and versatile pair of shoes can make all the difference. That’s where the Barebarics […]

Xero Shoes Zelen – Review

Xero Shoes Zelen – running shoes that are designed with durability in mind. Breathable fabric made from recycled and biodegradable materials, a soft outsole, a roomy toebox and the shoe’s exceptional lightness are just some of the features that describe this latest Xero Shoes model. Spring 2022 was full of […]

Proalp Contact S2 Hiking Boots – Review

Proalp Contact S2 – a barefoot hiking boot that, in addition to quality materials and a sole with excellent traction, offers you a number of customizations to make this shoe fit you perfectly. You may not have heard much about the barefoot brand Proalp, but this is a brand that […]

Wildling Shoes Slip-on Talas – Review

Wildling Shoes Talas – a shoe reduced to the minimal. A slogan that beautifully describes the brand new, fresh and so different model of this popular barefoot brand. Due to their ease of wear, slip-on shoes are one of the most popular shoe designs. Wildling Shoes has taken on this […]

Wildling Shoes Spring/Summer 2022 – Review

Spring brings a new era at Wildling Shoes. A new logo, a new website, new designs and a new slogan ‘We are part of the RE:GENERATION’. Regeneration – an idea that brings a change at Wildling Shoes. A word that symbolises not only the regeneration of feet and body that […]

Bohempia Orik 2.0 – Review

Bohempia Orik 2.0 – a barefoot alternative to the iconic Converse All Stars sneakers made from vegan, eco-friendly materials. Shoes that let your feet be feet! The Bohempia Orik 2.0 model got a new look in autumn 2021. A new design that fit your ankles even better, new colours and […]

Peerko Regina – Review

Peerko – masters of riding boots. After last year’s sucessful release of Empire boots, this year they surprised us again with the Regina model in suede, where they have perfectly adapted to the different calf widths by offering different shaft circumferences. With the Peerko Regina, I conclude my winter shoe […]

Angles Fashion Helios – Review

Angles fashion – a brand that perfectly combines quality craftsmanship and materials with modern and foot-friendly design. The effort that the brand has put into the development and production is reflected in the excellent final product. Angles Fashion was born in Zlín, a town in the Czech Republic that is […]

Aylla Tiksi Winter – Review

Aylla Tiksi Winter are a very special piece of winter barefoot footwear. These leather shoes are lined with real sheepskin (a great rarity in barefoot shoes) which, despite the lower height of the shoe, will keep you perfectly warm throughout the colder part of the year. Aylla is a young […]