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Must-Read Books For The Barefoot Shoe Enthusiast

The barefoot movement is not just about shoes. It’s something much bigger. So, let us take a look at the books that will inspire and educate you in fully understanding the barefoot shoes and movement in depth, so you can wiggle your toes with joy. Some books are suitable for […]


We’ve put together free e-books to help you explore the world of barefoot footwear. You can download them by clicking on each image. 4 BEST TOOLS FOR FUNCTIONAL FEET It is not just enough to change shoes to more appropriate footwear, especially for adults. Our feet are deformed from years […]

How to Safely Transition to Barefoot Shoes: A Guide for Newbies

Whether you step into the barefoot world for health, sports, or environmental reasons, it is important to remember that transition to barefoot shoes is not a sprint but a marathon. It takes some time to get used to ‘forgotten’ ways of walking and minimizing the risks involved. Even though you […]

How to choose your first pair of barefoot shoes?

It’s easy to get confused when shopping barefoot shoes, and once you discover how many choices are out there, it can be overwhelming. This guide will walk you through many important things you need to look at before buying your first pair of barefoot shoes so that you can make […]

Beginners Guide for Buying Barefoot Sandals

Sandals are a special category of barefoot footwear and are subject to slightly different rules than other barefoot shoes. A lot of attention should be paid to proper fixation and to choosing the optimal model for the intended use. The range of barefoot sandals has become very diverse in recent […]

Barefoot Shoe Shop Directory

Barefoot shoes are still primarily sold online. Some brands are exclusively available for purchase on their official websites, while others are also sold by local retailers. On this list, you can find barefoot shoe retailers from various countries, conveniently categorized by country. Many of these stores also offer international shipping. […]

How much space do we need in shoes?

Is there an exact number how much space we need in shoes? Different studies recommened that the optimal space for toes in shoes is 10-12 mm, but they also emphasise the important thing that space in front of the toes depend on the overall fit of the shoe too (toebox […]

A guide for measuring feet and barefoot shoes

Knowing the correct length and width of the foot is one of the first and very important steps in the process of buying barefoot shoes, especially when buying online. These are the values that we compare with the size charts to decide if the model is right for us. The […]

What Are Barefoot Shoes?

Have you ever thought that your feet have been bound all your life? Well, guess what? They don’t have to be. Barefoot shoes are designed to meet the demand of foot freedom, so if you have ever wondered what are barefoot shoes or how to use them, this is the […]