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8 Must-Have Barefoot Hiking Shoes for an Epic Trek

Whether you’re a beginner seeking flexible and lightweight minimalist hiking shoes or an experienced hiker in search of a comfortable long-distance backpacking option, there’s a best barefoot hiking shoe out there that’s perfect for you.

Are VIVOBAREFOOT Worth the Hype? A Deep-Dive Review

Are you tired of wearing uncomfortable, bulky shoes that make it hard to stay active and healthy? VIVOBAREFOOT shoes offer a revolutionary solution that is designed to mimic the natural shape and function of your feet. By providing a barefoot-like experience, VIVOBAREFOOT shoes can help improve your posture, reduce foot […]

Saguaro: Affordable Barefoot Shoes for the Whole Family

Are you intrigued by the idea of barefoot shoes but hesitant to invest a fortune before trying them out? Known for being one of the most budget-friendly options in the barefoot shoe market, Saguaro is the perfect brand to dip your toes into this footwear revolution. In this blog, we’ll […]

bar3foot Review: Affordable Kids’ Barefoot Shoes For Wide Feet

Searching for the perfect pair of kids’ barefoot shoes that strike a balance between affordability and versatility? You’re not alone! As parents, we’re always on the hunt for the best options for our little ones. That’s where bar3foot comes in. Let’s explore together the key benefits and diverse styles that […]

Are Xero Shoes Right For You? A Detailed Guide

If you’re looking for a guide to buying your first pair of Xero Shoes, or just want to see just how much fun and versatile barefoot shoes can be, then you’ve found the right guide. We cover all their popular models for men, women and kids, and give you every […]

Wildling Shoes Review: The Ultimate Comfort

They say that the best things in life are those you don’t even notice that you have, and this is particularly true when it comes to your shoes. The softness and flexibility that Wildling Shoes have to offer is just unmatchable. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without […]

Be Lenka Review – Barefoot Shoes That Make Walking A Pleasure

It’s always exciting to follow the many great designs that Be Lenka launches every season. With a great sense of aesthetics, design and quality, and by listening to the feedbacks of their customers, it is experiencing tremendous popularity and growth among all those who want healthy and functional feet. Be […]

Sambas the Bambas – Brand review

Sambas the Bambas – a brand that takes sustainability to the next level. Using only biodegradable and recyclable materials of plant origin, sustainable production within the EU and beautiful designs on the shoes, created by talented artists. The Spanish barefoot brand Sambas the Bambas has successfully launched its entrepreneurial journey […]

Wildling Shoes Spring/Summer 2022 – Review

Spring brings a new era at Wildling Shoes. A new logo, a new website, new designs and a new slogan ‘We are part of the RE:GENERATION’. Regeneration – an idea that brings a change at Wildling Shoes. A word that symbolises not only the regeneration of feet and body that […]

Be Lenka Snowfox – Review

The Be Lenka Snowfox was the missing link in the winter barefoot footwear and was received with great enthusiasm. It is a boot that is warm, roomy, water-repellent and with excellent grip in the snow. Perfect for the winter joy. The Snowfox is a winter boot that was highly anticipated […]