There is never enough information about barefoot shoes. All resources in one place!


Facebook groups are a huge source of information about barefoot shoes. Useful place where can you discuss about barefoot shoes, sizing tips, brand and model recommendations and you can even sell your used or new barefoot shoes there.

  • Our international FB group for chatting about barefoot shoes and foot health
  • Slovenian barefoot shoes buy/sell/discussion group
  • EU buy/sell group
  • UK barefoot shoes group (discussion)
  • USA barefoot shoes group (buy/sell/discussion)
  • Czech barefoot shoes group (buy/sell/discussion)
  • German barefoot shoes group
  • German barefoot shoes group
  • French barefoot shoes group
  • French barefoot shoes group
  • Finnish barefoot shoes group
  • Swedish barefoot shoes group


  • David Grey Rehab* – online courses with exercises focusing on the whole body and feet
  • My Foot Function * – a website with courses to help you improve your feet and body (10% off with our affiliate code BU10)
  • Finding Center – two great courses Wake your body up! and Wake your feet up!
  • Valery Alignment – Method: Functional Alignment therapy; Location: Melbourne Australia
  • Rachel Tyler – movement therapy
  • Andy Bryant – podiatrist from Australia
  • Vivi Barfuss – courses, also very useful content on Instagram (from Germany)
  • Michelle Bergeron – Physiotherapy – foot &ankle injuries
  • Pedipower – Foot Therapy (Switzerland)
  • Katy Bowman – blog with lots of information on barefoot shoes, how to transition to barefoot shoes, how to walk in barefoot shoes, etc.
  • Natural Movement

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Very good books by biomechanist Katy Bowman about barefoot walking and natural body movement. The books also present various exercises that can help your body to move more naturally.