Forget what you’ve heard. Groundies are not just another pair of shoes—they’re a lifestyle. We’ll take a look at the psychological battle of buying Groundies, why they’re so popular and why it is that all of our friends seem to have a pair.

Groundies is a German company that manufactures barefoot shoes like you’ve never seen before. They started their business back in 2019 and they have built an amazing business and brand in super short time. Groundies’ shoes are at the forefront of the barefoot shoe craze, inspiring people all over the world with their innovative designs.

You’ll get to know their shoes in this review. We promise you they will inspire you, lift you up, and then drop you off a bunch of very solid facts that make their product shine like no other.

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Why And How Groundies Became One Of Our Favorite Brands Of Barefoot Shoes

If you’re looking for shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, then Groundies is definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

Groundies is a brand that has quickly become one of our favorites when it comes to barefoot shoes. Their commitment to creating stylish and comfortable shoes has made them stand out in the industry.

One of the main reasons why we love Groundies is that they prove that you don’t need to sacrifice style when you opt for comfort. Their designs are sleek and modern, and they come in a variety of colors and materials to suit any style.

Groundies’ commitment to protecting our planet is another reason why we love this brand. Their shoes are produced in selected production facilities in Portugal with who they have established long lasting relationships and use carefully selected and thoroughly tested materials, making them a responsible choice for anyone who cares about the environment.

Why Your Feet Will Thank You For Getting Groundies

Let’s be honest here-we’ve all gone barefoot at some point. But have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wear shoes that allowed your foot to move naturally? That’s where Groundies come in.

Their shoes are designed with a barefoot feel in mind: They’re foot-shaped and have a zero drop, flexible sole that allows your feet to move naturally, making them perfect for anyone who wants to prioritize their foot health without sacrificing style.

They won’t only improve your foot strenght and mobility, they can give you a better posture, balance, improve circulation, increase sensory feedback and a lot more!

NOTE! The foot-shaped shoes are only available in their BAREFOOT and BAREFOOT+ series.

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Groundies Sole Types Explained

Groundies offers several models of shoes, all of which have a zero-drop sole (no heel rise). However, the thickness, softness, tread and width of each model’s sole differ. The next section will cover the differences in the soles width and here we’ll look at how the sole type affect flexibility, ground feel and traction.

All Groundies are available with one of six sole types:

  • GO1 sole (3.3 mm base and 3 mm tread) – this is Groundies’ original sole and is a favourite of ours. It has good ground feel, and you can easily roll it in all directions. Its squishiness provides a small amount of cushion when you walk on harder surfaces in the city.
  • GS1 sole (3 mm base and 3.9 mm profile) – you will recognize this sole type by its distinctive “wall design” of the sole, which makes it look thicker than a typical barefoot sole. The raised edge of this sole makes it slightly less flexible than GO1 sole, but still pretty good for this type of sole. As it is slightly thicker than GO1 sole, walking in them feels just slightly more cushioned than in GO1 sole.
  • GP1 sole (5 mm base and 2.5 mm tread) – the GP1 sole is recognizable by its slightly elongated, wedge-shaped heel, which is used in most models with this sole type. This sole is also zero drop (heel rise is only an illusion). The GP1 sole feels slightly less flexible at the heel part, which is mostly affected by the design of the heel.
  • GX1 sole (4.0 mm base and 4.5 mm tread) – this sole is the thickest, and it’s also less flexible than the others. It has more cushioning, though, which makes it a good option if you’re looking for something with more cushioning and less intense ground feel.
  • Active (2.0 mm base and 2.5 mm tread) – this sole is used only in their Active range, and it is the thinnest, most flexible sole they make. It also has the best ground feel.
  • All Terrain (2.5 mm base and 3.0 mm tread) – This thin sole with deeper lugs was developed especially for their All Terrain shoes, offering maximum grip when you need it most.

You can check a shoe’s sole type under the description for each model.

Groundies Sizing and Fit: Choosing the Right Size & Model For Your Feet


Groundies shoes are available in sizes 36-48. The women’s models range from size 36 to 43 and the men’s models from 40 to 47. From size 40 to 43, all Groundies models use a unisex form. So there is no difference in length or width between women’s and men’s shoes of the same size.

In Groundies size charts you can find internal length and width measurements for their shoes. While lengths are true to chart for most models, widths may vary depending on what sole type is used.

I wear almost all Groundies in size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm), except Utah which I have in size 43. Barefoot+ models are approx. 2-3 mm longer and cca. 8 mm wider than Groundies models from Barefoot fit with GO1 sole.

Before ordering, always measure your feet and check your foot type. Choose shoes that are 12 mm longer than your feet. If between sizes, choose the bigger size unless your feet are very narrow. Don’t forget to check your foot width too!

REMINDER! If you’re a beginner to barefoot shoes, this space can feel a lot at first, but remember that your feet need space for spreading and proper pronation/supination while walking.


Groundies models are available in different widths, so always make sure to check your foot width before choosing a model.

Their models are devided in 3 different categories – Regular, Barefoot and Barefoot+ and you can easily filter each category on Groundies website.


The Barefoot+ range is the latest acquisition of Groundies in 2023 and is suitable for people with wide or extra wide feet. The Barefoot+ models are approx. 8 mm wider (and approx. 2-3 mm longer) than the other Barefoot models and are among the widest barefoot shoes on the market. We estimate that they are approx. 5 mm wider from the values in Groundies size charts, but the final available width also depends on the volume/volume of the foot, as this sole type also allows some adjustment in width (feet with less volume have more available width).

The new models are wider at both the toe and heel, but still fix well on narrower heels (choose shoes with laces for best fixation). All shoes in this range are built on the GO1 sole.


Groundies began their business with a Barefoot shape, which is available today with different sole types and widths. All soles from the Barefoot range (except Active and All-Terrain soles) have minimal tapering at the big toe side, which slightly affects overall width at the tip of toes. We estimate that the Barefoot models are approx. 5 mm wider from the values in Groundies size charts, but the final available width also depends on the sole type and foot type. The widest shoes from Barefoot fit are those with GO1 soles, while GP1 and GS1 soles fit slightly narrower (see photo above for details).

NOTE: In 2023, the design of Barefoot models with GO1 sole was slightly updated. The new models are narrower at the ball of the foot, but the width at the toe tip remains the same (which is also the most important, as this is where our foot is widest). The update has resulted in a better toe box shape (the slight tapering at the big toe is now almost gone) and better mimics the natural shape of the foot.


Groundies’ idea for a narrow toe box was to develop a shoe for people who are not ready to accept the wider look of barefoot shoes but would like to experience the thin sole of barefoot shoes. We firmly believe that Barefoot and Barefoot+ models are the best choice if you want to restore your foot health, as they provide enough space for your toes, allowing them to spread properly while walking.

Overview Of Popular Models

Groundies Nova

| Women’s | leather | GO1& GS1 sole | Barefoot fit | EU 36-43 | 134,90€ |

The Groundies Nova are a great choice for your everyday wear. This leather shoe is one of Groundies’ most popular sneaker models. It is available in Barefoot fit on GO1 or GS1 soles and in two different heights-as low cut sneakers or as Nova Mid. Choose your sole type depending on your foot width.

Sizing and fit: Nova shoes are true to size. They fit best to low and average-volume feet. Nova with GS1 sole is suitable for narrow and medium wide feet, while Nova with GO1 sole fits well to medium-wide feet too. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

Groundies Amsterdam

| Men’s, Women’s | leather | GO1 sole | Barefoot & Barefoot+ fit | EU 36-47 | 129,90€ |

The Groundies Amsterdam has been a favorite among customers since its debut in 2020 (yes, we bought it too), and it’s now being brought back as an even more comfortable, versatile style with the introduction of improved Barefoot fit and even wider fitting Barefoot+ options, available for men and women.

While it’s a great casual look, this shoe can also be dressed up with a pair of jeans or trousers.

Sizing and fit: Amsterdam in Barefoot fit is true to size, while Amsterdam in Barefoot+ fit is 2-3 mm longer than Amsterdam in Barefoot fit. They fit well to different heights of the instep. Amsterdam with Barefoot fit is suitable for medium & medium-wide feet, while Amsterdam with Barefoot+ fit fits well to wide and extra wide feet. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

Groundies Orlando

| Men’s, Women’s | leather | GO1 sole | Barefoot & Barefoot+ fit | EU 36-48 | 129,90€ |

They’re back! We’re talking about the Orlando–super popular retro sneaker with a modern twist. The new model has an updated look, but it’s still the same great shoe. For those of you who are into retro-style sneakers, here’s your chance to snag a pair that will help you stand out from the crowd. The casual style works just as well with jeans as it does with workout clothes! Available in Barefoot (with GO1 sole) and also in Barefoot+ fit!

Sizing and fit: Orlando in Barefoot fit is true to size, while Orlando in Barefoot+ fit is 2-3 mm longer than Orlando in Barefoot fit. They fit well to different heights of the instep. Orlando with Barefoot fit is suitable for medium & medium-wide feet, while Orlando with Barefoot+ fit fits well to wide and extra wide feet. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

Groundies Universe

| Men’s, Women’s | leather | GS1 sole | Barefoot & Regular fit | EU 36-48 | 129,90€ |

The Groundies Universe shoe has become a modern classic since its introduction in 2021. The shoe is designed for both men and women, with Barefoot fit on GS1 sole while displaying a sleek and classic design. The shoes are even available in a wide variety of color schemes, design (even as HighTops!) and materials, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality.

Sizing and fit: This model is one of the most spacious above the toes, but its width is best suited for narrow and medium wide feet. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

You can read a detailed review of the Groundies Universe model here.

Groundies Court

| Men’s, Women’s | leather | GS1 sole | Barefoot fit | EU 36-47 | 129,90€ |

These sneakers were designed to deliver soft comfort with a smooth look that’s perfect for everyday wear. They’re made of quality leather (mix of smooth leather and suede), contrasting details on the heel, breathable mesh lining, and are available in Barefoot fit. The GS1 sole provides decent ground feel in a lightweight package that’ll keep your feet happy all day long.

Sizing and fit: These shoes are best suited for narrow and medium wide feet, low and average height instep. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

Groundies New Port

| Men’s, Women’s | leather | GP1 sole | Barefoot fit | EU 36-47 | 129,90€ |

New Port is a leather sneaker that is introducing a slightly different look of a barefoot shoe. It features a wedge heel, which just optically creates an illusion of a heel rise while the shoe is actually zero drop. The toe box shape look slightly pointy, but if you choose recommended space in front of the toes, you will avoid the most tapered end and have enough room for your toes to fully splay.

Sizing and fit: New Port are best suited for narrow and medium wide feet, low and average instep. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

Groundies Salzburg

| Women’s | leather | GO1 sole | Barefoot fit | EU 36-43 | 139,90€ |

The Salzbug boots are a classic style, with a sleek and simple design that’s great for just about any occasion. They have popular big lace look and big eyelets, which gives them a sporty and feminine look at the same time. They are available in soft velour in beige or smooth black leather. They are available in Barefoot fit with GO1 sole, which makes them very comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. Can also be used in winters, but we recommend adding an insulation for extra warmth depending on your needs.

Sizing and fit: The Salzburg model is best suited to people with medium and medium-wide feet, low and average insteps. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

Groundies Active

| Men’s, Women’s | vegan | Active sole | Barefoot fit | EU 36-47 | 129,90€ |

Groundies Active sport sneakers are made for active lifestyle, with fully vegan construction and design. They are available in classic colours with regular laces or pull toggles, for men and women.

Sizing and fit: Best suited for narrow and medium wide feet, low and average height instep. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

Groundies Odessa

| Women’s | leather | GO1, GS1 & GX1 sole | Barefoot fit | EU 36-43 | 139,90€ |

The Groundies Odessa boots are one the most popular models. Originally released in 2019, the Odessa was one of the first Groundies winter styles to be available for women. They were an instant success, and have continued to be a best-seller ever since their introduction. The simple design is basic enough to go with any outfit, yet they remain classy and chic—not to mention comfortable!

Sizing and fit: The Odessa boots are best suited to people with medium and medium-wide feet, low and average insteps. I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

Groundies offer many more models for all seasons, occasions and styles and we will be updating this review regularly as we test them so check back the next time you will be looking for stylish barefoot shoes!

Purchase & Shipping

Groundies ships worldwide from its location in Germany. EU customers can choose between standard International and express shipping, while outside the EU you can select DHL international shipping or Express delivery. Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt no matter where you live (free US returns!).


The most stylish proof that barefoot shoes can be done right? Groundies combine fashion and function, ensuring that you can look and feel your best, no matter the occasion. So if you’re looking for stylish, comfortable shoes, look no further than Groundies. They’re sure to change the shoe industry for the better.