Welcome to the Barefoot Universe Academy courses page, where we offer online courses and consultations to help improve your foot health with barefoot shoes. Our courses include the Barefoot Universe Academy, which teaches a step-by-step method for improving foot health with the help of barefoot shoes, and the Fit Feet course which provides a guide to increasing foot strength and mobility through simple exercises. We also offer personal consultations for those in need of tailored advice. Take a look at our courses below and find out how we can help you achieve healthier feet.

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The Barefoot Universe Academy teaches a step-by-step method for improving foot health with barefoot shoes. We assist you in everything from choosing the best barefoot shoes for your foot type to finding the perfect fit, all for improved foot health + MORE!

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This course provides a step-by-step guide to increasing foot strength, mobility, stability, and restoring foot health through simple foot exercises.

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Still unsure about which barefoot shoes are best for you? We offer personal consultations for anyone in need of quick advice.