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It’s always exciting to follow the many great designs that Be Lenka launches every season. With a great sense of aesthetics, design and quality, and by listening to the feedbacks of their customers, it is experiencing tremendous popularity and growth among all those who want healthy and functional feet.

Be Lenka was founded in 2017 by former Paralympic athletes Lenka Cenigova and Juraj Fehervari, who have made Be Lenka one of the most recognisable brands on the barefoot footwear market in a very short period of time. The brand originates from Slovakia, and all their shoes are made and designed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Be Lenka release numerous designs every season and the kind of diversity you find in this brand is rarely seen anywhere else. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the many new designs and colours that are launched each season. Their range includes models from children’s sizes to the largest men’s sizes. In this review I have only mentioned the models that I or my children have personally tested.

Disclaimer: I bought many of the Be Lenka modelsin the review myself, and some models were given to me as a gift for review. The review is not paid for, nor do I get paid if you use my discount code. However, I am affiliated with Be Lenka Barefoot, which means that I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the link on my site, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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1. Basic information

1.1 General

  • Brand: Be Lenka
  • Sizes: 25-47
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide, low instep, skinny ankles with narrow heel, fin-shaped foot (see my how to measure guide and foot type

1.2 Materials

Originally, Be Lenka shoes were made exclusively of leather, but in recent years they have also added a number of vegan models made of textile or vegan leather. The leather used in the adult models is of excellent quality and the shoes are very well made, but I have no personal experience with vegan models yet.

In 2022, Be Lenka also launched a brand new vegan brand, Barebarics, which focuses on a younger audience with its youthful footwear designs.

1.3 Sole

Be Lenka uses different types of soles for its models, which vary in thickness, softness, depth of tread, shape and width.

Sole 1 can be found on many models such as City, All-year, Champ, Eazy, etc. The sole is 4 mm thick and made of a firmer, durable rubber. Due to the more compact design, it doesn’t give you the intense ground feel that softer barefoot soles do, but the sole is still soft enough that you can roll it in all directions without a problem.

The sole 2 is designed specifically for winter conditions and is the most robust of all soles. It has a deep lugs that gives you good grip on surfaces where more slipperiness is expected. The sole thickness is 4 mm (without tread and insole), but the overall thickness of the sole is greater due to the deeper lugs, which is also felt when the less intense ground feel. This is the sole used for example in the Snowfox model.

Sole 3 is a less robust version of sole 2, which can be found fro example on the redesigned Entice 2.0 or the Brooklyn. The rubber outsole is 4 mm thick (without lugs) and is flexible in all directions. The ground feel is good, but slightly cushioned. The sole may feel slipperier on smooth surfaces in the rain.

Sole 4 is used in sandals and is 4 mm thick. The sole is thin but firm. Because of its firmness, it does not react as well to the ground as softer soles in sandals, but such a thin sole is safer if it is more compact.

You can find sole 5 in the new ballet flast. The sole is firmer, making it more difficult to twist in different directions. The ballet flats also have an insole, so the ground feeling is less intense and slightly cushioned.

The sole 6 is the softest of all Be Lenka soles. It can be found on the Trailwalker model. This extremely minimal outsole is very flexible in all directions and they ground feel is great.

1.4 Length

Inner shoe lengths and widths vary from model to model, so always check the size chart for each model before ordering. The inside lengths quoted for winter models are not always realistic due to thicker linings (shoes may appear shorter).

For most Be Lenka models, I wear a size 42 (my foot length is 26.3 cm), where I have about 10 mm of space in front of my toes. Usually I am already at the limit in terms of the amount of toe room needed in this size. For winter models, which have a warmer lining, I wear a size 43.

For more detailed information on sizing, see the descriptions of each model.

See post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that.

1.5 Toebox shape & width

The toebox shape of Be Lenka shoes varies between models. Models with sole type 1 have a stronger slope towards the pinky toe and a more pronounced ‘bean’ shape. This shape also has the most generous toe space.

Soles 2, 3 and 6 are of more recent design, with a less pronounced bean shape (tapering at the big toe starts faster, so some available width is lost there), but more width is added at the pinky toe. The newer shape also has a gentler slope towards the pinly toe, which better suits squarer foot shapes.

All closed shoe models are suitable for wide feet, but there may be slight variations due to the different thickness of the linings and the design of the uppers. Please refer to the descriptions of each model for more details.

Sandals (type 4) and ballerinas (type 5) are narrower than closed shoes and are therefore not suitable for wide feet. Ballet flats (type 5) are best suited for narrower and medium wide feet, sandals (type 4) for maximum medium-wide feet. In ballet flats, the tapering at the big toe starts faster, so this should be taken into account when choosing the size (you need a little more space in front of the toes).

More about different foot types you can read in my post What is my Foot Type?

2. An overview of Be Lenka models

Be Lenka Entice 2.0

| Adults | Leather | 36-43 | 149€ |

The first Entice model was released by Be Lenka in autumn 2021, but for spring 2022 it was slightly modified (changed sole, slightly narrower toebox, narrower heel, etc.). The new model is called Entice 2.0. The Entice ankle boots are made of high-quality smooth or suede leather in a variety of colours. The colour in the photo is called Cinnamon Brown.

The Entice has an added thin fleece lining and is suitable for wearing from autumn through to spring. They are also suitable for winter if temperatures are not extremely low. Putting them on is extremely easy as you just slip them on. Some adjustment in the ankle is provided by elastic inserts at the sides.

Chelsea boots cannot be additionally fixed with laces, so it is important that they fit your foot well at the heel and over the instep (your heel must not slip out when you walk). They are suitable for wide feet, but not for very voluminous feet. If the foot is wider and has more volume, the shoes will be too snug over the instep and over the metatarsal joints.

The slope towards the piky toe is milder and more width is available on the outside of the foot at the pinky toe. They are best suited to the low to average height of the instep.

I’m wearing a size 42 in the photo, but I recommend sizing up for this model (I would need a 43 for optimal space in front of the toes). Namely, some length is lost due to the shape of the heel (there is room left at the heel), some due to the warmer lining, and the foot also slips forward a bit when walking.

Be Lenka Bliss

| Adults | Leather | 36-43 | 169€ |

The Bliss is a new model for the 2022/2023 season. It is made of hydrophobic leather combined with soft textiles added in the instep area and around the ankles. The interior is fleece lined. The boots are suitable for cooler autumn and milder winters.

They are suitable for wide feet, but also fix extremely well on narrower feet. The way they are tied allows good adaptation to different instep heights and foot volumes. The shoes open wide when you put them on, so putting them on is quick and easy.

For this model, it is advisable to size up (according to the size charts, I have 16 mm of space in front of the toes – I’m wearing a size 43).

Be Lenka Polaris

| Adults | Leather | 36-43 | 169€ |

Polaris is a new model for the 2022/20323 season. The shoes resemble ‘Uggs’ in a low version. Suede leather combined with soft sheepskin makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

They are best suited for lower to medium height instep, average ankle width. In the case of narrower, low-volume feet, a good fit may be more difficult to achieve. In this case, the boots can be worn in combination with leg warmers, which add extra volume to the feet.

The shoes run short (they are short from the values in the size charts), so be sure to choose one size bigger than usual (I wear a size 43, foot length 26.3 cm).

Be Lenka Ranger

| Adults | Leather | 36-47 | 169€ |

The Ranger has been updated for the 2022/2023 season. The new models feature a larger spacing between the eyelets, changes in the materials (oiled nubuck leather, rubberised toe protection) and a new positioning of the speed hooks, which allow the shoes to be fixed to the foot even better.

The Ranger is the ideal shoe for those looking for a universal shoe model that can be used both in the city and for lighter hikes.

The thin fleece lining makes them suitable for cooler autumn days and milder winters.

Also for this model, it is advisable to choose a bigger size (I wear a size 43, foot length 26.3 cm).

Be Lenka Nevada

| Adult, kids | Leather | 33-47 | 149€ |

The Nevada model will delight all lovers of chocolate and mustard tones. The shoes are made from thicker, excellent quality nubuck leather that retains its shape beautifully. The model is reminiscent of classic Timberland boots and is the ideal shoe for autumn and early spring days. In winter, it can be worn in mild winters in combination with a wool insole.

In the Nevada I wear a size 42, which means 10 mm of extra space in front of my toes. Because of the exceptional roominess, this shoe length still suits me when worn with normal socks. For winter conditions, where I would wear the shoes with an extra insole and thicker socks, I would need few mm more in length. In this case, I would recommend a little more space in front of the toes.

Less voluminous feet may find it more difficult to achieve an optimal fit around the ankles with more toe space. There is also more creasing of the material at the ball of the foot because the foot does not completely fill the available volume of the shoe.

You can read a detailed review of the Be Lenka Nevada model here.

Be Lenka Snowfox Women

| Women’s | Leather | 36-43 | 189€ |

The Snowfox is a boot made for winter conditions and is exactly what I wanted from my barefoot snow boots. They are warm, soft, water-repellent, easy to put on, provide good foot fixation, have good traction and have plenty of toe space.

They are available in both kids’ and women’s models and we tested both. They are made from a combination of smooth leather, textile and suede in different colours. The interior is lined with a combination of natural and synthetic wool. The laces provided allow for a very good fixation, but they need to be tightened very well, otherwise they come undone more quickly.

The model runs a bit short due to the thicker wool lining (approx. 2 mm in my size), so I recommend going up a size (I wear a size 43), especially if you plan to wear thicker socks with the boots.

The shoes are suitable for wide feet and also have ample room above the toes. With my 10 cm width, I still have some room to spare. The Snowfox also fits well on feet that have a little more circumference over the metatarsals and more volume.

You can read a detailed review of the Be Lenka Snowfox model here.

Be Lenka Winter 2.0

| Adults | Leather | 36-47 | 159€ |

The Winter 2.0 model is one of the warmest winter barefoot models on the market. It is made from smooth Nappa or Nubuck leather in a variety of colours and lined with an extremely warm and soft merino wool lining.

The sole has deep lugs, giving you good traction in winter conditions. The toebox shape has a gentler slope towards the pinky toe, where more width is available on the outside part of the foot.

The thicker lining makes them feel a little shorter, so you’ll need a size bigger shoe than usual for this model too. I’m wearing a size 43 on this model, which gives me plenty of room in front of my toes, and the wool takes away some of the excess volume for my less-voluminous foot.

Winter 2.0 is best suited to low and medium height of the instep, while higher insteps may find them too tight, especially in the midfoot before the laces start. They fix nicely to different ankle widths.

At the toe flexion point, the creasing of the material can fee annoying when first tried, but this sensation subsides very quickly.

Be Lenka Champ

| Adults | Leather | 36-47 | 139€ |

Champ, sneakers with a retro touch, are available in a wide range of colour combinations and are made from leather or vegan materials. For 2022, the model has also received minimal changes (softer tongue, etc.). The shoes are fully lined with breathable textiles and are comfortable to wear even barefoot. The toe collar is additionally padded for even greater comfort.

The sole is type 1, which is more bean-shaped. The slope towards the pinky toe is stronger, so the model is best suited for feet with a dominant big toe, but other foot types can also wear them if you choose enough space in front of the toes.

The Champ is best suited to wide feet with low to average volume, but can also be worn by high-volume feet (a slightly shorter laces may be a problem). They are very wide and roomy in the toebox area, and also have an above-average amount of space above the toes.

I wear a size 42 in this model and the shoes are 9 mm longer than my foot. With socks I feel my third toe a little, without socks the length is still adequate for me due to the generous toe section.

You can read a detailed review of the Be Lenka Champ model here.

Be Lenka Brooklyn

| Adults | Leather | 36-46 | 119€ |

The Brooklyn is a new, trendy sneaker made from smooth Nappa or Nubuck leather. They are lined with a combination of leather and textile that is comfortable to wear even on bare feet.

The shoes have a new sole design (type 3) and are suitable for wide feet with more added width on the outside of the foot (at the pinky toe). The slope is milder, so the design covers a wide variety of foot shapes well. They are best suited for average ankles and average hight of the instep. For very narrow ankles you may notice a looser fit around the ankles, but in my case this does not affect the fit of the shoe.

With the Brooklyn model, I wear a size 42 (10 mm longer than my foot) and there is plenty of space in the shoe for wearing them on bare feet or thin socks. However, I have to pay enough attention to the lacing when putting on the shoe so that my foot doesn’t slip forward, reducing the space in front of my toes.

The laces are longer and can be almost a little too long in the case of a low instep. The tongue extends higher and may feel a little firmer at first – but the material softens extremely quickly with wear.

Be Lenka Prime

| Adults | Leather | 33-47 | 129€ |

The Prime has undergone some minor changes in the upper construction in 2022 (the biggest difference is the padded collar and slightly wider laces). The sneakers are made of smooth leather and are available in a wide range of colours. The interior is lined with leather, and textiles are used in the toe area.

The Prime is one of the widest sneakers on the market. They are suitable for wide feet, with average space above the toes. They are made on a type 1 sole, so they have a more pronounced bean shape and a very generous space for the big toe.

The Prime fits well different foot volumes and different heights. In case your foot does not completely fill the shoe at the point before the laces starts (foot is not as wide as the shoe/has less volume), you may notice a more noticeable creasing of the shoe.

You can read a detailed review of the Be Lenka Prime model here.

Be Lenka Icon

| Adults | Leather | 36-47 | from 109€ |

The Icon is one of the most popular Be Lenka models and it is released in new colours each year. It’s a model that can be worn for most of the year thanks to its design. The Icon is made of smooth or suede leather, which is pleasantly soft and very high quality.

In Be Lenka Icon I wear a size 42 with an inner length of 27.2 cm. For my foot length this means 9 mm of space in front of the toes, which is less than recommended. On bare feet and on thinner socks, the length is still suitable for me due to the very generous toe area, but ideally I would need a few mm more.

The Icon has a stronger slope towards the pinky toe and is best suited for feet with the longest big toe. It is suitable for wide feet but with less volume. The model does not have as much room above the toes as e.g. the Champ model, and the circumference over the toes is smaller, so they feel a little narrower than e.g. the Champ and Prime models.

In the midfoot area (just before the laces start), the shoes are best suited for a lower to medium-height instep. In the back part of the foot (near the ankle), the laces can be adjusted better to a slightly higher instep and wider ankles.

You can read a detailed review of the Be Lenka Icon here.

Be Lenka Eazy

| Adults | Leather | 36-47 | from 109€ |

Eazy is a model available in both leather and vegan textile versions. I love this model because it is extremely comfortable on the foot and very easy to put on.

The Eazy has a stronger bean-shaped form and is suitable for wide feet. There is enough room above the toes (somewhere on average compared to other brands).

With my foot length of 26.3 cm, I wear a size 42, which means that the shoes are 9 mm longer than my foot. Because of the extremely generous toe area and the reason that I wear the shoes barefoot, this shoe length suits me, even though I have a little less room in the shoe than usual. The model is suitable for wide but less voluminous feet. They will be best suited to low to medium height instep, but those with higher instep will find them too tight.

You can read a detailed review of the Be Lenka Eazy model here.

Be Lenka Promenade

| Adults | Leather | 36-43 | 89€ |

The Promenade model has been available from Be Lenka for a few years now and every year a new colour is released. The model is made entirely of leather and the way the straps are fastened allows the sandals to be properly fixed to the foot.

I tried both size 41 and 42 on this model, but in the end I went for size 42 (14 mm longer than my foot). This is because the position of the foot in the sandal is determined by the point of attachment of the strap between the toes, which means that my long toes in size 41 were hanging over the sole. Size 41 did not suit me in terms of shape (steep slope – not an ideal shape for squarer feet) and width (too narrow). Size 42 is adequate, and I do not mind the extra length because it is present at the heel (it does not affect my gait and I don’t trip because of it).

The important thing about this sandal model is that it holds your foot very well over the instep. There is no additional tightening possible, but minimal adjustment is possible using the elastic at the sides. They are best suited for lower to medium height and medium high instep.

Be Lenka ballet flats – Sophie & Harmony

| Women’s | Leather, textile | 36-43 | 109€ and 129€ |

Sophie ballerinas are made of smooth or suede leather in different colours. The ballet flats are well made and the leather is of excellent quality. The sole is 4 mm thick and initially feels a little more compact. The included 2,5 mm thick insole adds minimal cushioning.

The ballet flats have a different size chart than the other Be Lenka shoes and here I’m wearing a size 42 (inside length 27.7 cm, foot length 26.3 cm). I chose the larger amount of space in front of the toes to avoid a little tapering at the toe and to get enough width.

Ballet flats are best suited for narrower and medium wide feet with less volume. The upper elasticated trim of the Sophie model grips the foot properly so that the ballet flats do not slip off the foot when walking.

If you have a lower instep, the trim of the ballet flats may extend right to the start of your ankle, which can be less comfortable when walking barefoot. With wear, the material softens and the trim becomes more comfortable. In this case, I recommend wearing tights at the beginning.

The Harmony model is made of smooth leather or textile. In terms of size and width, it has very similar characteristics to the Sophie model, but the overall upper feels a little softer.

Harmony is designed to cover more of the foot above the toes than Sophie, so the extra elastic running along the top edge is not needed on this model. The trim at the ankle, compared to the Sophie model, is not distracting and feels pleasantly soft. This model is also suitable for feet with less volume, and the decorative elastic above the toes allows some adjustment.

In some colours of ballet flats, the logo stamped inside on the insole can be erased more quickly.

Be Lenka Trailwalker

| Adults | Leather | 36-47 | 149€ |

The Trailwalker is one of the lightest, softest, yet hard-wearing barefoot hiking shoes available. It is suitable for lighter trails, and the thin and extremely soft sole gives a very good ground feel. It is made of suede leather and the bottom edge is protected by rubber on the sides of the shoe.

I wear the Trailwalker in size 42, which is 10 mm longer than my foot. The size is adequate, but I would still advise few mm more for hiking, as your foot can slip forward a little when walking downhill (which can be annoying if you don’t want your toes to touch the end of the shoe when you walk).

They are suitable for wide feet and fix well to different heights of the instep. The space above the toes is also very generous.

You can read a detailed review of the Be Lenka Trailwalker here.

Be Lenka Kids

| Kids | Leather | 25-35 | from 55€ |

In addition to adult models, Be Lenka also has a wide variety of kids models. So far, my kids tested the Play, Panda and Snowfox models.

The children’s models are made of leather – smooth or suede. We have had mixed experiences with the durability of the materials here – some colours of leather are extremely hard-wearing and durable, while we have seen faster signs of wear in others.

Children’s models are suitable for wide feet but with less volume. In particular, they lower faster in the midfoot, so they are not suitable for kids with a lot of volume in this area.

The sole is firmer and more difficult to flex, especially in the longitudinal direction, but with wear, the sole softens. My kids always love wearing the Be Lenka shoes and have had no complaints about the comfort.

3. How and when to wear them?

With such a wide range of designs and colours, it’s easy to find shoes for all occasions and tastes. Here is just a small selection of the combinations of Be Lenka shoes with my clothes.

4. Price & where to buy

Be Lenka shoes can be purchased on the official website and can also be found at various local barefoot footwear retailers around the world.

With the code BOSENOGICE you can buy all Be Lenka shoes with a 5% discount (non-affiliate).

5. Shipping info

Be Lenka ships all over the world. Shipping costs vary depending on the country. For selected EU countries, Be Lenka also offers free returns.

6. To sum up

There is hardly a situation for which Be Lenka would not offer us a barefoot shoe model. Barefoot winter boots, sandals, sneakers, hiking boots, ballet flats, etc., are available in a wide range of colour combinations, materials and soles that have been thoughtfully selected for the intended use. These are just a few of the many options offered by this brand.

Be Lenka is definitely a brand whose growth is extremely beautiful to watch. Few brands adapt so much to the needs of their customers and offer different widths and shapes of their shoes. Be Lenka is an definitely an excellent barefoot brand for wide feet, whose high quality shoes and excellent range should certainly not go unnoticed.