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ZEAZOOkids Freya – Review

ZEAZOOkids Freya are pretty enought to be worn to a wedding and at the same time casual enough to be worn with your everyday clothes. Due to their design with a strap over the toes, they will also suit those who do not like anything between the toes. ZEAZOOkids have […]

Zeazoo YETI Kids – Review

It’s winter and it’s snowing outside. Probably your children are already tempted to go playing in the snow, making a snowman and go sledding. But what to put them on their feet? They need a warm winter boot, but still soft, with enough room for their little toes to spread.Here […]

Zeazoo Dingo NEW 2020 design – Review

‘Your wish is ours too’ states Zeazoo on their website. And you know what this means? Well, meet the new Zeazoo Dingo slip-on boots. With improved, even better foot-shaped toebox, made from cozy and warm sheepskin leather. How great is that 🙂 There are not so many companies that would […]

Zeazoo Siren Sandals – Review

Zeazoo Siren – feminine and sleek sandals made from buttery soft leather. They are available in many lovely shades and they can be great dressier shoes for wearing on every occasion. No doubt that they will be pleasant to your eyes and your feet. Zeazoo is a family-run barefoot brand […]

Zeazoo Dingo Boots – Review

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a barefoot version of your beloved Ugg boots? Well, I did. But transitioning to barefoot shoes doesn’t always means that you have to forgot all about your favourite boot styles you loved to wear. Zeazoo is one of the rare barefoot brands that […]