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Feeling like it’s time to let your feet be free and enjoy walking without tight shoes? Well, you might want to do a little checking around. Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you! Right here, you can find a big list of barefoot shoe brands from all over the world.

Our extensive list features over 150 companies crafting and offering barefoot shoes. They’re all arranged alphabetically, and we regularly update the list with new additions, so you’ll always be in the loop.

If you’re new to the idea of barefoot shoes and aren’t quite sure what they are, or if you’re wondering how to start wearing them comfortably, don’t fret! Our user-friendly guides are here to walk you through everything.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re looking for specific recommendations for different occasions, be sure to check out our handy shoe lists. And for the best deals on barefoot shoes, visit our discount page for some fantastic offers on barefoot shoes.

Keep in mind that while some barefoot shoe brands are exclusively available online through their official websites, others can be found at retailers near you. Our list of barefoot retailers will point you in the right direction for finding these comfortable shoes in local stores too!

So get ready to step into the world of barefoot shoes – your feet will thank you for it!

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(EU sizes)
(EU sizes)
Aborigen sandals/36-46Adults, Sport SandalsSpain
Affenzahn21-37/Kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsGermany
Ahinsa Shoes*/36-48Adults, Vegan, Boots, Sneakers, SandalsCzech Republic
Anatomic24-3536-45Adults, Kids, Affordable,Czech Republic
Angles fashion/35-49Adults, Leather, Boots, Sneakers, Ballet Flats, SandalsCzech Republic
Antal/36-42Women, sneakersSlovakia
Avo Sandals37-46Adults, Sport sandalsAustria
Aylla35-43Adults, Boots, Ballet flatsCzech Republic
Babilu Kids19-28/KidsSpain
Baby bare shoes21-33/Kids, Shoes, BootsSlovakia
Bahé*36-47Adults, Sneakers, Beginners, Grounding, only some models are barefootUK
Ballop Shoes25-3236-48Adults, Kids, Affordable, SneakersGermany (made in Korea)
Bär Shoes36-48,5Adults, Shoes, Boots, Sneakers, Sandals, Ballet flats, Beginners, not all models are zero dropGermany
bar3footKids, AffordablePoland
Barefoot Pals*/36-46Adults, LeatherUK
Bearfoot3 M / 4.5 W - 16 MAdults, low-cut shoes, BootsUSA
Barebarics*36-47Adults, Beginners, Stylish sneakersSlovakia
Beda boty20-3536-44Kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsCzech Republic
Bedrock Sandals/W5 (22 cm) - M14 (32 cm)Adults, Sport sandalsUSA
Be Lenka Barefoot*36-46Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsSlovakia
BGreater Shoes151-237 mm/Kids, Shoes, AffordableUK
bLIFESTYLE20-3037-46Adults, Kids, Shoes, boots, SandalsGermany
Bobux18-33/Kids, only some models are barefootNew Zealand
Bohempia *36-47Adults, Vegan, Sustainable, Different widthsCzech Republic
Bosky28-3635-48Adults, Kids, SandalsCzech Republic
Bundgaard18-25Kids, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, only some models are barefootDenmark
Canyon Sandals/from 22,2 to 29,1 cmAdults, SandalsIndia
Carets40-47Adults, Dress ShoesUSA
Chala sandals*22-3536-49Kids, Adults, SandalsGermany
Crave23-3637-45Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsCzech Republic
Curious Red35-46Adults, Sport SandalsChina
D.D. step/Kids, only some models are barefoot.Hungary
Deliberate Life AdventureMade to measure.Adults, Sandals, Custom-madeUSA
Dodo Shoes18-35/Kids, Sandals, Shoes, BootsRomania
Earth Runners*US K12-336-47Adults, Kids, Sandals, GroundingUSA
Enix Sandals23,5-30,7 cmAdults, SandalsSpain
Fare28-3536-40Kids, Adults, Shoes, Sandals, Boots, only Fare Bare collection is barefootCzech Republic
Feelbarefoot by Aintap34-50Adults, Shoes, Boots, LoafersTurkey
Feelgrounds*24-3736-49Adults, Kids, Vegan, Sneakers, Boots, SandalsGermany
Feelmax22-3435-48Adults, Kids, Shoes, BootsFinland
Feet of Tomorrow/35-44Adults, SneakersBrasil
FeetsutraUS6-11Adults, LoafersUSA
Filii Barefoot20-32 (35)37-47Kids, AdultsGermany
Fleeters/36-47Adults, Sneakers, Vegan, SustainableFrance
FreetEU *
FreetUS *
FreetUK *
29-3936-49Adults, Bigger Kids, Shoes, BootsUK
Froddo17-4036-42Kids, Smaller adult sizes, Shoes, Boots, SandalsCroatia
Gaucho Ninja36-47Adults, Custom-madeUK
Gea Soles/34.5-46Adults, Dress shoes, 4 different widthsSpain
Geniale Sandale/35-49Adults, SandalsAustria
Gogsig20-30/Kids, Shoes, BootsDenmark
GoSt-Barefoots/34-50Adults, Metal shoesGermany
Grecian sandals36-42Adults, Sandals, only some are barefootGreece
Groundies*22-3436-47Adults, Kids, Shoes, Sandals, BootsGermany
Groundz36-47Adults, Slip-ons, GroundingUSA
High Feels/35-43Women, SandalsEstonia
Icarus *36-47Adults, SneakersUSA
Jack & Lily16-24Kids, Toddlers, Shoes, BootsCanada
Jenon Leather36-46Adults, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Custom-madeCzech Republic
Joe Nimble28-3436-48Adults, Sport shoes, Beginners (thicker sole)Germany
Jonap/Jampi19-3636-41Adults, Kids, ShoesCzech Republic
JUURI */34-48Adults, SandalsSlovakia
Kinis Barefoot/XS-XXL"Socks" shoes.USA
Kiuu*20-3536-48Adults, Kids, Vegan, Shoes, BootsGermany
Koel Shoes19-3536-47Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, Sneakers; Leather, VeganPortugal
Labky SandalsAdults, Custom-madeSlovakia
Laboo leather *35-43Adults, SandalsHungary
Leguano22-3334-47Adults, Kids, Shoes, BootsGermany
Lems Shoes*/36-48Adults, Shoes, Boots, Beginners (thicker sole)USA
Lisbeth Joe35-44Women, Ballet flats, Loafers, Boots, SandalsUSA
Lonnie Sandals36-43Women, SandalsGermany
Lukshoes27-3436-46Adults, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, MoccasinsCzech Republic
Luna sandals*US K12-3US 4 (W) - US 13 (M)Adults, SandalsUSA
Lurchi22-32Kids, Shoes, Boots, only some models are barefootGermany
Magical Shoes27-3536-54Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsPoland
Merrell29-3435-51Adults, only some models are barefootUSA
Manitobah13 cm-21,6 cm22,8 cm-26,7 cmAdults, Kids, not fully foot-shaped, alternative for cold daysCanada
Monk sandals/37-46Adults, SandalsPoland
Mukishoes24-3536-48Adults, Kids, Shoes, Sandals, Boots, Vegan, SustainablePortugal
Muris20-27/Kids, Vegan, Sustainable, Shoes, Boots, SandalsSpain
NalluAdults, Sandals, Slippers, Custom-madeCzech Republic
Nanga shoes18-34up to size 52Adults, Kids, SlippersAustria
Naturino17-25Only 3972 series is barefoot.Italy
No(N)s37-44Adults, Shoes, Boots, Custom-madeEstonia
Nörd Republic*/Adults, SandalsSpain
Okbarefoot23-3436-46Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsCzech Republic
Origo Shoes *24-3635-47Adults, Kids, Shoes, SustainableUSA
Panta sandals32-3637-47Adults, Kids, Sport sandals, Custom-made optionNetherlands
Paperkrane17-3536-42Adults, Kids, Shoes, BootsAustralia
Pathik shoes25-3036-50Adults, Boots, Ballet flats, veganCzech Republic
Paulis shoes20-37Kids, ShoesGermany
Peerko37-45Adults, Shoes, Boots, Ballet flats, Dress shoesCzech Republic
Pegres Shoes17-3435-46Adults, Kids, only some models are barefootCzech Republic
PeraclesCustom madeAdults, Sandals, Custom-madeAustralia
Peunu Barefootwearcustom madeAdults, Sandals, Custom-madeSpain
Pies Sucios36-47Adults, SandalsSpain
Poppis24-35/Kids, Shoes, SandalsSpain
Posh PandaAdults, Kids, Moccasins, SandalsCanada
Proalp36,5-47Adults, Shoes, Sandals, Boots, only some models are barefootSlovenia
Protetika19-35Kids, Shoes, Sandals, only some models are barefootCzech Republic
Pyopp Fledge36-45Adults, SandalsIndonesia
RachellMade according to your size.Adults, Custom-made, Ballet flats, Sandals, Moccasins, BootsCzech Republic
Realfoot *38-45Adults, Shoes, BootsCzech Republic
Reima US *
22-40Kids, only some models are barefootFinland
Runnin Pad36-47, custom madeAdults, Custom-made, SandalsGermany
Ruth Emily DaveyAdults, Custom-madeUK
24-3637-48Adults, Kids, Affordable, Sneakers, Boots, water shoesChina
Saltic36-47Adults, Shoes, Boots, Climbing ShoesCzech Republic
Sambas the Bambas*26-3536-45Adults, Kids, Vegan, Sustainable, ShoesSpain
SandalAdults, DIY sandalsCzech Republic
Senmotic Shoes36-47Adults, Ballet flats, Sneakers, BootsGermany
Shamma Sandals*18 cm - 22 cm23 cm -31 cmSandals for kids and adults.USA
Shapen20-3536-43Adults, Dress Shoes, Sneakers, Boots, SandalsSlovakia
ShavanasDIYAdults, DIY sandalsSpain
Skinners36-47, XS-XXLAdults, Sock shoes, SneakersCzech Republic
Snuginewborn-3536-43Adults, Kids, SlippersSlovenia
SoftStar Shoes*2-12
(US sizes)
Adults, Kids, Leather, only some models are foot-shapedUSA
Sole Runner25-3536-48Adults, Kids, only wide and extra wide models are barefootGermany
Splay Athletics*23-35Adults, Kids, Sneakers, AffordableUSA
StonzKids, only booties for little kids are barefoot.Canada
Superfit21-35Kids, only some models are barefootAustria
Tadeevo31-3635-47Adults, Bigger kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsPoland
Tara Soles*Made to measure.Made to measure & sandard sizesAdults, Kids, Sandals, Custom-madeGermany
Télito36-47Adults, ShoesFrance
The Drifter LeatherAdults, Custom-madeGreece
Tikki Shoes19-3236-43Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slippers, ToddlersRomania
Tip Toey Joey14-32/Kids, Shoes, ToddlersBrazil
Toetem Sandals*W6-M13Adults, Sport sandalsUSA
Tolos *36-48Adults, SneakersUSA
Tough Little PiggiesUS 1-12.5US 1-12.5Kids, Adults, SlippersUSA
Uhuru BotyAdults, Custom-madeCzech Republic
Zauri/37-47Adults, Sport sandalsSpain
Unshoes*21-35US 5 - US 13Adults, Sandals, ShoesUSA
Vibram/36-47Adults, Five fingers shoesItaly
20-3535-49Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Running shoes, Hiking shoes, etc.UK
Vulkan Shop37-45Adults, SandalsGermany
Whitin US *
Whitin DE *
Whitin ES *
37-47Adults, Shoes, Affordable, Beginners, only some models are barefootMade in China
Wildling Shoes*
Wildling Shoes US *
18-3536-48Adults, Kids, Vegan, Sustainable, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, SlippersGermany
Wyde*37-45Adults, SneakersSweden
Xenet Sandals18,3 cm-24,2 cm21,3 cm-29,8 cmAdults, Kids, SandalsSpain
Xero Shoes US *
Xero Shoes EU *
K12-Y435-48Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Ballet flats, SlippersUSA
ZapatoferozS-XL, 24-31Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, ToddlersSpain
Zauri37-47Adults, SandalsSpain
Zaqq*37-48Adults, Shoes, Boots, SandalsGermany
Zeazoo16-3435-47Adults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsBulgaria
ZKAMAAdults, Kids, Shoes, Boots, SandalsCzech Republic
ZlaTushMade to your measurements.Made to your measurements.Adults, Kids, Custom-madeSlovakia