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OKbare Ellis – Review

Meet the OKbare – a new barefoot brand from Czech Republic which focuses on producing barefoot shoes for adults and kids. Ellis is their ankle high leather women shoe with a classic and appealing design. Shoes feature thin and soft sole with removable cork insole for even more pleasant feeling in colder days.

OKbare is a family-runned company from Czech Republic with a long tradition in shoemaking. Using their experience and knowledge they developed the unique collection of barefoot shoes where they combined traditional shoe design with adding the barefoot characteristics to them.

They provide different styles of shoes and sandals for kids and adults. All their shoes are quality made in smaller quantities.

In this review I’m presenting you their Ellis ankle-high model in blue colour. Before, the brand was named OKbarefoot, therefore you can see that name in my photos. But now they changed their name to OKbare and I’ll be using that name here.

Disclaimer: I was sent these shoes as a gift to review, but as always, all opinions expressed here are my own and I don’t receive any compensation if you choose to buy some for yourself.

1. General

  • Brand: OKbare
  • Model: Ellis
  • Colour: Blue
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide (10.3 cm between metatarsal heads), low instep, skinny ankles with narrow heel, fin-shaped foot – see my how to measure guide and foot type

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2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

OKbare Ellis Blue is an ankle-high shoe made from a smooth leather which is available in two different colours – blue and yellow. Ellis Blue is a deep navy blue colour with the quality leather look.

Shoes have thin, round black laces which makes them look more elegant and classy. They came laced up to the third hole, but you can tie them all the way to the up.

At the side of the shoe there is an imprinted brand logo, which is not disturbing and it blends well with the rest of the shoe. On my pair you can still see their first name OKbarefoot (now they are renamed to OKbare).

Heel is reinforced with an extra layer of leather with an added pull loops at the top. The sole is stitched to the upper and what I find interesting is that is also perfumed. I haven’t seen anything like this before in a shoe.

2.2 Lining

Shoes are lined with leather, except under the tongue and around the toes where a textile is used.

The heel part is reinforced with an extra layer of leather on the inside part too.

Shoes have included 3 mm thin cork insole with perforation for better ventilation.

The leather non-removable insole is slightly padded. This gives you just a little bit more comfort when you plan to walk more on harder surfaces.

2.3 Sole

The outsole is 3 mm thick with 1 and 2 mm of profile for better traction.

The total stack height is hard to determine, but without the cork insole it is probably around 5-6 mm.

The sole is very flexible in both directions with a decent ground feel with the cork insole in. For the maximum feeling you can remove the insole and wear them without it.

Also check my video for the close-up and to see how they look on my feet.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

OKbare Ellis shoes are available in sizes 37-42. Without the insole in I measure the inside length of the shoes 27.7 cm, with the insole in 27.5 cm.

My feet are 26.3 cm long, which means I have 12 mm space inside the shoe if I wear them with the insole in. This is the space which I prefer and it is also recommended to choose.

See my post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that.

3.2. Toebox shape & width

These shoes have great toebox shape. The space inside the shoes feels quite spacious for me and my toes are not restricted in any way at all.

If you carefully look at the photo, you can see that the cork insole doesn’t match the toebox shape of the shoe well, so I wouldn’t use it for determination if the shoe fit or not. I can feel it with my hands that there is still space left around the insole inside the shoe.

The toebox shape works great for my Greek foot type (the longest second toe), but it is also suitable for Egyptian foot shape (the longest first toe).

More about different foot types you can read in my post What is my Foot Type?

Shoes are best suited for medium and wide feet (but not extra wide). I find the width similar to Groundies in the midfoot, but the toebox is even more generous and foot-shaped with a plenty of space for my big toe, therefore they feel even roomier in general for me.

They work well for my 10 cm wide feet, but they can definitely accommodate wider feet too or feet with more volume (bigger circumference around the toes) than my feet have.

3.3. Fit around the instep, heel and ankle

My feet are low volume and I can adjust shoes securely on my feet. They fit snugly around my ankles too, even if I leave them tied on a third hole.

Regarding the fit over the instep, you can see that they are wrinkling a little bit as I was wearing them without the socks and my foot didn’t fill the shoes well. But with the socks on, they fit better.

My feet are shallow and if you have normal instep they will look great on you too. Just the eyelets will be more apart.

4. Comfort

Shoes have the removable cork insole which gives you more comfort when you are walking on harder surfaces, therefore they are also appropriate for those who prefer just a little bit cushioning.

They don’t need any breaking in period. Shoes are soft and I haven’t felt any discomfort while I was wearing them.

5. How to wear them?

OKbare Ellis shoes can look fantastic with different ranges of outfits. I found them best suited for casual occasions. My favourite combination is to pair them with blue jeans and plain T-shirt or a sweater.

They can work for smart casual occasions too. These smooth leather in deep blue colour make them look more sleek and smart and I can easily see them wearing for slightly more formal appearance, like pairing them with elegant trousers and a blouse on top.

6. Price & where to buy

You will be able to buy OKBare Ellis shoes at their official website in the futire, but they are currently not there yet.

At the moment you can buy them at different retailers around the EU. Here are listed some:

  • Lavranja – this online store has OKbare models and ships to the EU too. If your desired OKbare model or size is not in stock at the moment, they can order them for you too.
  • Bareobuv – OKbare models are available here too
  • Aner – some OKbare models are available here too
  • Bosonožka – some OKbare models are available here too
  • Bose Nožky – some OKbare models are available here too

The price for Ellis model is 112 €.

7. Shipping info

Shipping is currently available only for the EU. For the shipping cost, check the retailers and their prices.

8. Where are they made?

OKbare shoes are made in Czech republic.

9. To sum up

I see a lot of potential in this new Czech OKbare brand. Their production is small at the moment, but the shoes are quality made with a classic and stylish design appropriate for everyday wear. With all barefoot characteristics the barefoot shoe should have they are a great option for medium and wide feet.

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