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Freet has undergone a great development in recent years and become a recognizable barefoot brand for wider feet. After one of their first vegan split-toe sport shoes, they expanded the range with new models, where the choice of each material and design was carefully considered. Today you can find several different styles and models for all kinds of occasions.

This UK barefoot brand is runned by two very lovely people, Sarah and Andrew. You rarely meet people with so much positive energy and they are not hiding that they are creating their shoes with so much passion and joy.

In recent years their shoes have become very popular and I can definitely see why. They are perfect for outdoor activities, hikings and for all nature lovers. They are also very easy to maintain and not as expensive as some other barefoot shoes.

Freet review won’t be the same as my typical review which I usually do. My family and I have so many different models of Freet shoes that I decided to include all in one review, so you can have a direct comparison of all models in one place.

All the shoes I bought myself, but some pairs I bought with a discount. Not all shoes in the photos are mine, but I tested all of them (except Mudee) and now my family members are wearing them.

Disclaimer: I’m also a Freet affiliate and I may receive a small commission if you use my discount code or link for Pedterra at no additional cost to you. Thank you for all your support ♥

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1. General

  • Brand: Freet
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide, low instep, skinny ankles with narrow heel, fin-shaped foot (see my how to measure guide and foot type)

| UK brand, shoes are made in China | Adult, junior | Vegan and leather | Ship worldwide |

2. Toebox shape & width

Freet shoes have a very good natural and healty shape for your toes. The line for big toe is perfectly straight, they are wide and roomy. Their toebox shape is best suited for foot type 1, 2 and 5, but their general shape is very universal and they can fit to a lot of different foot shapes if you choose optimal space in front of your toes.

More about different foot types you can read in my post What is my Foot Type?

In the photo below you can see my foot in Freet Flex model. All their insoles have the same shape and their insole can be a good indicator of the toebox shape, but shoes are wider than the insole width is.

Freet shoes fit my foot shape the best if I choose 12 mm space inside the shoe and sometimes even more. Usually the problematic part is my longer 3rd toe which touches the end of the shoe in some models. Those with foot type 3, 4 and 6 should take this in mind when choosing the right size.

Freet shoes are best suited for medium and wide feet, but not all their shoes fit the same. Some fit better to wider feet with more volume, others can be adjusted well also on narrower feet. Check the description under each model for more info about that.

3. Sizing

Choosing the right size can be trickier for Freet shoes. Their sizing is inconsistent and the internal lengths of different models are not the same in each size. My usual size in most barefoot shoes is size 42, but in most Freet shoes I wear size 43 (for foot length 26.3 cm) but still not in all.

See post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that.

In Freet winter models I prefer more space for thicker socks or sometimes I need to size up if my 3rd toe is touching the end. If your feet are on a wide side, removing the insole or sizing up can be helpful too. Space up to 2 cm inside the shoe shouldn’t cause you any problems if your feet are wide with high volume.

I prefer to check the internal lengths of Freet shoes at Freizehn who measure the shoes with Plus12 measure.

Freet also has their own size chart, but it is not always accurate.

4. An overview of Freet models

In this section you will find an overview of Freet models which my family currently wears. Freet also has some other models, but I haven’t tried them yet or I have them, but they are discontinued.

Bootee M

The Bootee M is one of the most versatile Freet models for me and it’s the model I’ve had for the longest time. I like to wear the Bootee M at home when working around the house, and it is also great for easier hiking. Due to the water-repellent material, your shoes will not get wet in an instant, but it can happen that the shoes have poorer water repellency over time than they had in the beginning.

  • Material: water repellent BreatheMesh material
  • Colour: black
  • Sole: MultiGrip outsole, removable 2.5 mm thick insole, stack height: 6.5/7mm with insole; 4mm without insole
  • Sizing: I wear size 44 with an internal length 28 cm. The smaller size didn’t suit me when I wore shoes with thicker socks
  • Fit: they are best suited for wide feet, but due to their design they also fix well on narrower feet and narrower ankles. They fit well different foot volumes.
  • Price: 110€

You can read a detailed review of the Bootee M model here.


The big advantage of Citee is that the water-resistant microfibre upper is very easy to clean and you can wear them for a lot of different occasions.

They fit the best to feet with wider ankles and heels or feet with more volume in general. If you have lower instep and skinny ankles, those are not the shoes for you. With inserted insoles they will be great also for those who prefer minimal cushion and shock absorption.

  • Materials: vegan, water resistant microfibre upper which is very easy to clean
  • Colours: black
  • Sole: MultiGrip outsole, removable 2.5 mm thick insole, stack height: 6.5/7mm with insole; 4mm without insole
  • Sizing: the man in the right photo (foot length 26.3 cm) is wearing size 44 (internal length 28.3 cm). His feet are very wide and so much extra space doesn’t bother him. They fit him well around the ankles. They won’t fit perfectly around the ankles to low volume feet (left foot). They are also available in Junior sizes.
  • Fit: Citee fits the best to feet with higher instep and wider ankles and heels. Feet with not enough volume will be almost lost in them. In the front part they fit well to wide feet, but not extra wide (for men on the right photo are still slightly too narrow at the ball of the foot)
  • Price: 95€


Flex is one of my favourite models from Freet. It is a great affordable option for anyone who is looking for a sport shoe, for everyday wear, for running or for gym. It is appropriate for dry weather and me and my husband are usually wearing them at home. They can be washed in the washing machine with no problem at all.

  • Materials: vegan, BreatheMesh suitable for dry weather
  • Colours: black and navy blue
  • Sole: AllRound performance outsole, Stack height: 6.5/7mm with insole; 4mm without insole
  • Sizing: I’m wearing size 43 (internal length 27.5 cm) for my foot length 26.3 cm and they are a perfect fit. They are also available in Junior sizes.
  • Fit: one of the most versatile models from Freet. They can be adjusted well to low and also high instep (but high instep with narrow heels is not a perfect combination). Toebox part is generous with plenty of space to move. Suitable for wide feet.
  • Price: 75€

Ibex in Tundra

The Ibex and Tundra models are designed for hiking and outdoor activities. Both models have the same design and sole, differing only in price and the material used for the upper. Ibex is made of quality smooth brown leather, which is also very pleasant to the touch. The Tundra is a vegan model made from hydrophobic microfiber. Both models are very easy to clean and care for.

Shoes feel narrower due to the thicker lining, so more attention should be paid to choosing the right size.

  • Material: Ibex -leather, Tundra – microfiber – both materials are water repellent
  • Colour: Ibex – dark brown, Tundra – black
  • Sole: HillGrip sole has a bigger tread, developed especially for more demanding routes. It also has a very good grip when walking on steep slopes and wet leaves – proven! Walking on asphalt can cause the sole to wear faster than their Multigrip sole, but this sole is great for walking on natural surfaces.
  • Sizing: I wear size 44 with an internal length of 28.5 cm. The shoes are more than 2 cm longer than my foot, but the extra length while walking don’t bother me. Namely, some space in the shoe is also lost due to the shape of the heel cup, which causes some empty space in the shoe to remain behind the heel. More extra space for toes is also a bonus for me when walking down the hill.
    This model feels narrower than the other Freet models, so I would not recommend it for very wide feet. Choose your normal space in front of your toes if you have narrower to medium wide feet. In the case of slightly wider feet, choose a a size bigger.
  • Fit: the shoes can fix very well on the narrower ankles and heels, and are also suitable for average ankles and instep heights. They are not best suited for high volume feet. The heel cup may seem a little harder at first, but it softens with wear.
  • Price: Tundra 140€, Ibex 200€


Kidepo is a new Freet model which was just released this spring. It is a hiking boot suitable for dry weather, but it can also be worn as an everyday shoe. Ankles are only partly covered to allow proper movement of the ankle joints. The mesh material makes them very breathable and those shoes can be a great fit also for narrower feet with narrow heels and ankles.

  • Materials: FlyKnit upper made from 100% recycled coffee grounds
  • Colours: coffee brown
  • Sole: MultiGrip performance outsole, stack height: 6.5/7mm with insole; 4mm without insole
  • Sizing: I wear size 43 which is 2 cm longer than my foot. I don’t actually feel this disturbing while walking, but also size 42 would be fine for me
  • Fit: Kidepo is a perfect fit for shallow feet with skinny ankles and heels and wide front part. It can be adjusted well to wider ankles and heels too. Toebox part is wide, but if your feet are wide with a lot of volume around the ball of the foot, they are not the best models for you.
  • Price: 105€


Mudee is the model I haven’t tried personally, but my son is wearing his third pair already. They are suitable for colder days, but my son uses them also for hikings in spring and autumn. For summer I would recommend you to try their Kidepo model. They are not the best shoe for snow as they are low and snow can get inside from the top very fast, although they have an amazing waterproofness.

They are made from vegan material which is very easy to clean and maintain. They have a good grip and with the inserted insole you get a minimal cushion too.

At the beginning, they can feel a little bukly around the ankles and over the instep, but when the material softens, they feel much better to wear. Untying the laces while walking is the only complaint my son has.

  • Materials: vegan, hydrophobic micro fibre material
  • Colours: black, brown
  • Sole: GripPus performance outsole, Stack height: 7mm (4mm without insole)
  • Sizing: runs small, I would need size 44 (internal length 27.8 cm) in this model
  • Fit: great fit for different foot volumes and widths. They can be adjusted well on skinny ankles and narrower feet
  • Price: 130€


Pace is the model with the most cushion from all Freet shoes. Total stack height, including the insole is 10 mm. This makes them suitable also for those who prefer more cushion or you can use them as a transition shoe. For me they are almost too thick with the insole in, but without it they have too much volume for my foot. They are vegan shoes, suitable for dry weather.

  • Materials: CoffeeFlyMesh (SCafe) upper made from 100% recycled coffee grounds
  • Colours: black, charcoal
  • Sole: MultiGrip performance outsole, Stack height: 10mm with insole; 4mm without insole
  • Sizing: runs small, I need size 44 (internal length 27.5 cm) in this model
  • Fit: they fit well to different foot volumes, but if your feet are shallow you won’t be able to wear them without the insole. If your feet are high volume, removing the insole can help you get some extra space you need.
  • Price: 100€


Richmond is a new all-year leather unisex shoe released this spring. It fits the best to those with wider ankles and heels and it is not suitable for shallow feet and skinny ankles. In the toebox area it is suitable for wide feet, but it is not as roomy as some other Freet models.

  • Materials: full grain leather upper
  • Colours: brown
  • Sole: MultiGrip performance outsole, stack height: 6.5/7mm with Flexile insole; 4mm without insole
  • Sizing: runs large, in these shoes I would need size 42 (both feet on the photo are the same length and they are wearing size 43)
  • Fit: Richmond fits the best to foot with higher instep and wider ankles and heels. Feet with not enough volume will be almost lost in them. The volume in the front part is not as generous as in some other Freet models.
  • Price: 130€

Talus 3

Talus 3 is Freet’s multipurpose slip-on shoe. This is the shoe I keep by the door to I take out the trash, pick the mail or when I just prefer to wear something for easy on-off around the house. I still have their Talus 2 (see photo below) model which is now updated with Talus 3 model which has even more space for the toes.

  • Materials: ultra breathable BreatheMesh upper
  • Colours: black (blue on the photo is old model)
  • Sole: Grippy rubber EasyGrip outsole, Stack height: 5mm with insole; 2.5mm without insole
  • Sizing: I’m wearing size 42
  • Fit: good for low and normal height instep, wide at the toes with plenty of space to move
  • Price: 65€


Tanga is Freet’s most minimalist shoe. The upper is made from a single piece and putting them on it feels like putting on your socks. They also feel very light on feet.

They are suitable for dry weather and you can wear them as your everyday shoe, in a gym and for all kinds of sport.

  • Materials: CoffeeFlyMesh (SCafe) upper made from 100% recycled coffee grounds
  • Colours: navy
  • Sole: MultiGrip performance outsole, stack height: 6.5/7mm with insole; 4mm without insole
  • Sizing: as this is mum’s pair, I’m wearing size 42 on the photo (27 cm internal length), but I would need size 43 (27.7 cm). Also available in Junior sizes.
  • Fit: They can be adjusted well to different heights of the instep, but they are best suited for normal instep. Shallow feet can have some extra material left when tying the laces. If you find tied elastic laces uncomfortable to wear, you can swap them with regular laces, which are included in the box.
  • Price: 90€

Also check my video for the close-up of different Freet models.


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5. Price & where to buy

You can buy Freet shoes at their official website, but you can also find them at different retailers. A lot of them can be found on my list here. Use code BN10 for 10% off on their official website.

My readers from US/Canada can also buy them at PedTerra (10% off on your first order at PedTerra with BOSENOGICE), but not all Freet models are available there.

6. Shipping info

Freet is a UK brand, but they ship worldwide. All EU orders are shipped from EU warehouse which is located in the Czech Republic. So the price you pay is the final price (no extra taxes or customs for you). Also, all returns are made to Czech warehouse. Shipping costs are 5€ – 15€ (depending on country).

US customers can order them directly from their website, but the shipping costs are higher. Some models are also available at Pedterra and you can order them from there.

7. To sum up

Freet shoes are one of the more affordable brands on the market. Their wide range of unisex shoes made from leather or recycled vegan materials will impress both – vegan and leather fans. Also, their shoes come with a removable insole which provides some cushion and shock absorption and can make your transition to barefoot shoes easier. This is unquestionably a brand that I’m happy to recommend.