Freet Bootee M – Review

With Freet is like this – you have to try it to love it. The picture online usually does not show all their fantastic features and and I’m really glad I tried them. Otherwise I would miss a really good shoe.

Freet shoes usually don’t look so appealing at first sight just from the picture. That was probably the reason I hadn’t try them sooner. But luckily this barefoot brand is now available also in our country. My friend went to try them and recommend them to me. And I said why not?

They immediately became one of my favourites shoes.

Freet footwear in general make two different styles of barefoot shoes. Their 4+1 split toes models have a separate pocket for the big toe and others, as my Bootee M model have more traditional shoe look with all toes together, but still with really great barefoot characteristics.

Shoes came in Freet 100% recyclable shoe box.

Disclaimer: I bought two pairs of Bootee M shoes. The first pair I bought at our local online store Vitababy and the second pair I bought directly from Freet footwear with a discount.
I’m also proud to be a Freet Footwear ambassador and I may receive small commission if you make a purchase using my discount code BOS10 for 15% off.

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1. General

  • Brand: Freet
  • Model: Bootee M
  • Colour: black
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26,3 cm long and 10 cm wide, low instep, skinny ankles

2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

Bootee M shoes are made from vegan materials. They are available in black colour with black&white conventional laces.

The upper is made from a special mesh material named BreatheMesh, which can be used for ‘broad range of activity’. Freet states that their BreatheMesh is ‘durable, ultra-breathable, water resistance and with a good temperature control’.

On ‘high wear areas’ of an upper a ‘protective TPU overlay’ is applied.

At the back of the boots pull loops are attached that can be helpful in sliding the boots on.

The mesh upper is also very easy to clean. I just put them under the water and swipe the dirt off. Completely dry inside and clean on the outside.

2.2 Lining

According to the Freet website the lining is a ‘highly breathable water-resistant membrane’ and the shoes can be ‘worn with or without the socks’.

I must say that I’m really satisfied with how breathable and water-resistant the shoes are. I was standing in the puddle with them and my feet stayed completely dry.

2.3 Sole

For the sole Freet MultiGrip 4 mm thick performance outsole is used. The sole is super flexible and gives you a good ground feeling. According to Freet this multi-purpose outsole is ‘superb every day and light trail use’.

I found the grip of the shoe really good. I wore them on the wet grass and even in the woods on wet leaves while walking down the hill and they handled it with no problem.

For an extra protection at the front part of the shoe the sole is curved up as in a lot of Freet shoes. At first I was not a big fan of this look, when I saw the picture online, but I must say that this detail is less noticeable in real life as on the picture. It actually works really well with the rest of the shoe and surprisingly it doesn’t bother me when I wear them.

The shoe came with the 3 mm thick Ortholite insole. According to Freet website this insole aid in ‘shock absorption whilst ensuring excellent ground connectivity’.

Shoes can be worn with or without the insole. I tried both versions and I liked that despite the insole I still had a good ground feeling and plenty of space for my toes.

Total stack height of the shoe with the insole is 7mm and without insole 4 mm.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Freet Bootee M shoes are available in sizes 37-48. Their size chart gives you the inside length (last length)/width of the shoe.

For Freet shoes you need to go at least one size up regarding your usual shoe size. I’m usually a size 42 with foot length 26,3 cm, but with Freet I ordered a size 43 and at the end even a size 44.

According to the Freet size chart size 43 is 26,6 cm long, but I measured it 27,4 cm and size 44 is 27,3 cm, but according to my measurements is 28 cm. Therefore, the shoes are longer as listed in the table. I definitely suggest you to check inside length measurements also at different retailers before buying them. Some of them made an independent measurement which can be really helpful. Some of them are listed here.

3.2. Toebox & width

Bootee M shoes have a great foot-shaped toebox. The toebox shape of the Bootee M boots is best suited to people with the longest great toe, as the toebox has more significant slope down towards the little toe. But they fit really well also to other foot types, you just need to consider the amount of space you need.

I have a Greek foot type and in size 43 my little toes were touching the end of the shoe when I was wearing thicker socks, although my feet look quite ok on an insole of a size 43. Therefore, I decided for a roomier fit and I get myself a size 44 with inside length 28 cm which fits me much better with thicker socks.

I also tried Freet Motus model in size 43. The insole width and length of the Motus model is the same as Bootee M model, but the shoe feels roomier inside and I wouldn’t decide to size up with Motus model.

The insole width for a size 43 is about 10.4 cm and in size 44 about 10.6 cm. Plenty of space for my toes regarding the width.

And a size 43 got a proud new owner – my mum 🙂

3.3. Fit

Freet Bootee M shoes are designed to fit really well to different foot types and volumes. My shoes have been tried by four different people – two men and two women (yes, luckily, we all have very similar foot length) and we all get a good fit with them. They fit really well to wide feet, but there is no problem with the fit even with narrow feet.

They also fit well to my low instep and skinny ankles. Top two eyelets allow very easy customization to different foot volumes.

At the beginning they could feel just a little bulky (but not stiff) around the ankles and tongue, but not much. They completely softened just after a few wears.

4. How to wear them?

Freet Bootee M shoes have such a versatile look. I like wearing them at home with my sport leggings or joggers, but you can wear them also with jeans trousers for a sportier look.

They are really practical shoes and they look much better in real life than I have expected. I really love that they don’t look big on my foot, although I have big feet for a woman. And they look ok with my skinny legs and long feet.

They also did a good job in warmer and colder weather conditions. I would say that the shoes are the most appropriate for colder days in autumn and spring and milder winter days, but I also wore them on a hot autumn day (as I really wanted to test them) with thick socks and even though I was hot, my feet were not sweating at all. I’m really surprised how comfortable my feet feel in them. And so far, my feet were never cold in them.

5. Price & where to buy

Freet shoes can be bought directly from their website or at different retailers. Full price for Bootee M model is 104,25€.

You can also get 15% discount on their shoes with my affiliate code BOS10.

6. Shipping info

Shipping cost for the UK are 3,5 €, for Europe and USA 11,66 € and rest of the world 14 €. Refunds or exchanges are available. Freet shoes are also sold at different retailers.

7. Where are they made?

All Freet shoes are designed and developed in the UK and manufactured in China. According to Freet they have ‘long term relationships with smaller, family run factories where we can discuss and agree what is acceptable in terms of quality, cost and worker terms and conditions’.

8. To sum up

I must say that I’m really pleasantly suprised with these shoes. I haven’t expected such a great shoe when I saw them online. They are really great boots for walking and hiking. And they can be used for bigger kids too. Isn’t that great. One of the best shoes to use for playing with your kids outside or taking your dog for a walk when days are colder and wetter.

I’m really happy that I decided to try them. They will definitely get a lot of wear.

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