The Ultimate Fall Wardrobe Essential: Be Lenka Mojo Chelsea Boots

Step into the season with Be Lenka’s Mojo, a pair of low-cut barefoot chelsea boots designed to conquer the ever-changing autumn weather. Available in both All Black and Dark Brown, these boots blend premium Nappa leather with a touch of knitted fabric above the ankle, creating a versatile and urban look suitable for any occasion.

As we delve into the details of the Mojo boots, we’ll explore their unique materials, sizing and fit, and where you can snag a pair for yourself. So, whether you’re strolling to the office or venturing into the crisp fall air, let’s find out if the Mojo is the perfect fit for your autumn wardrobe.

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The Be Lenka Mojo chelsea boots boast a uniquely crafted design, marrying high-quality Nappa leather for the upper with a knitted fabric collar. This combination gives them a casual, urban look that effortlessly transitions from a day in the office to a night out on the town.

Lined with thin fleece, these boots are an ideal choice for the brisk days of autumn and spring. However, it’s worth noting that they may not provide sufficient warmth for extended outdoor activities during the winter. For a short walk or a commute to the office, though, they make an excellent and stylish choice.

Be Lenka offers a variety of sole options for their shoes, and the Mojo model features the new rubber outsole named Ergogrip. This sole is not only nicely flexible but also equipped with deeper lugs, enhancing traction on slippery surfaces. Whether you’re navigating city streets or countryside paths, the Ergogrip sole ensures you can step confidently in various conditions.

Sizing & Fit

The Be Lenka Mojo stands out with a slightly different shape and fit compared to their other models. They’re a perfect match for:

  • Narrow and medium-width feet.
  • Feet with the longest big toe and a stronger slope towards the pinky toe.
  • Average instep height and average ankle widths (though they may not fully grip narrow ankles and heels).

These shoes feature a less pronounced bean shape, which could lead the big toe to make contact with the side of the shoe for those with a more prominent bean shape to their feet. In my experience, even with sizing up, I could feel my big toe touching the side of the shoe.

In general, we strongly recommend sizing up with Mojo boots for all foot types. The overall shape and fit of the shoe can make them feel shorter than the actual internal measurement, so we recommend choosing more than 12 mm of space in front of the toes to ensure adequate room. For reference, I’m wearing size 43 with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

Where To Order

The Be Lenka Mojo is available for purchase on the official Be Lenka website and can also be found at various local barefoot footwear retailers worldwide.

Be Lenka caters to customers worldwide with international shipping. Please note that shipping costs vary based on the destination country, ensuring a fair and transparent process for their global community.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, Be Lenka’s Mojo chelsea boots are a stylish and comfortable choice for navigating the autumn terrain. With their unique design and thoughtful features, they cater to a specific foot profile, so make sure to size up for the best fit. Whether you’re a barefoot enthusiast or a chelsea boot lover, the Mojo might just become your go-to companion for this season’s adventures.

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