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Best Barefoot Chelsea Boots: 13 Styles to Empower Your Fashion

Do you love the look of classic Chelsea boots? Do you want to feel good about the way your feet look and feel, but still want to keep up with the latest trends? Then barefoot Chelsea boots are perfect for you!

They’re everything you love about classic Chelsea boots—sleek design, versatility across various styles and occasions—but with a twist: they are designed to honor the natural shape of our feet, promoting comfort and a natural walking experience.

It gives them an edge that makes them perfect for any occasion where you need a stylish boot that’s comfortable, too.

To explore the most comprehensive list of winter barefoot shoes and boots for adults, visit our Most Complete List of Winter Barefoot Shoes For Adults.

Why Using Barefoot Chelsea Boots?

When you’re wearing Barefoot Chelsea Boots, you feel like you’re walking barefoot. And that’s a good thing!

These boots are designed to promote a natural gait and healthier foot health by allowing your toes to splay naturally and encouraging a more natural walking motion. They also have a wide toe box, which allows for better balance and comfort. They’re thin, flexible, and zero-drop—meaning that your feet can be aligned with the rest of your body, reducing excessive strain on joints and muscles.

How to Get a Good Fit in Chelsea Boots

When it comes to barefoot Chelsea boots, finding a good fit is crucial. Since they lack laces, the fit over the instep and around the heel becomes particularly important. Ill-fitting boots might cause your foot to slide forward or your heel to lift, disrupting your walking pattern and causing discomfort.

To ensure the right fit, focus on how your foot sits in the boot. Avoid sizing down for a more secure instep fit and consider trying different brands for better suitability.

While adjustments are limited without laces, there are some things you can do to improve fit. Consider using insoles to fill any extra space. Insole also provice more cushioning or add some warmth if needed. Thicker socks or leg warmers around the ankle can also add volume, ensuring that your feet are snugly secured while your toes feel comfortable for all day wear! Keep in mind that additional insoles or thicker socks might reduce available length, potentially requiring sizing up in certain cases.

Enhance the fit of Chelsea boots with insoles, leg warmers, or thicker socks.

Remember: A well-fitted Chelsea Boot should allow enough room for toe movement while securing your heel—and this will help promote a balanced and natural walking experience for you!

Our Top Barefoot Chelsea Boots

Lang.S by Tikki Shoes LUNA Chelsea Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | 140€ |

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Best for: medium and medium-wide feet, low and average instep

Oh, my. The moment they arrived, these boots instantly won the top spot on our list and became one of my go-to options. Lang.S, short for “Language of the Soil” and the new face of the well-respected Tikki Shoes, truly lives up to the high expectations set by the brand. The LUNA boots, crafted from premium waxed goat leather, are exceptionally well-made. The trim around the sole’s edge adds just the right touch of casual flair to any business outfit. Both colors are stunning, with the black one featuring a hint of glitter in the elastic side inserts. The soft leather lining makes them ideal for autumn and spring wear (though in winter, thicker wool socks and a wool insole might be necessary for extra warmth).

Initially, I was concerned the sole might be stiff and reduce ground feel, but I was pleasantly surprised. The 6 mm rubber sole isn’t as thin as some others mentioned here, but its slight squishiness makes for a very pleasant walk. The boots also come with a 2 mm hemp insole (topped with leather) that’s removable for an even better ground feel.

Sizing & Fit: Lang.S LUNA boots accommodate a range from narrow to medium-wide feet, suitable for low and average insteps. I opted for size 41 with my foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm, granting me an extra 11 mm of space inside the shoe. Despite my low-volume feet, these Chelsea boots secure my feet surprisingly well. They might not be the best fit for those with high-volume feet, but sizing up could offer more volume or width. What I particularly appreciate is how they maintain ample space above the toes all the way to the end of the shoe, all while maintaining a sleek appearance.

VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi and Geo Chelsea Boots

| Women’s | leather | $190 | 185€ |

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Best for: narrow and medium-width feet, average instep

VIVOBAREFOOT presents two distinct styles of barefoot Chelsea boots: the Gobi Chelsea, which we’ve tested, and the Geo Chelsea boots, offering a sleeker and more elegant design compared to the Gobi. The Gobi Chelsea features a sporty urban look akin to the new Gobi boots. Crafted with high-quality smooth leather, the upper enhances its sleek appearance. The thin outsole, composed of a 2.4 mm sole base and 1.3 mm tread, delivers a soft and flexible feel in all directions. They stand out as some of the highest quality boots we’ve tested and are very well-made!

Sizing & fit: Gobi Chelsea boots are most suitable for individuals with narrow and medium-width feet, especially those with toes sloping stronger towards the pinky toe. They’re slightly narrower than Gobi boots and may not be ideal for those with medium-wide feet (my pinky toe already feels somewhat restricted). However, they are perfect for those with average instep height and average ankle size. Feet with skinny ankles and a low instep may face challenges achieving a perfectly secure fit. For reference, I wear size 42, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

For further details, delve into our comprehensive review on VIVOBAREFOOT.

Shapen Divine and Ivy

| Women’s | Leather | EU 35 – EU 44 | From 139€ |

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Best for: Medium and wide feet, low-average instep (Ivy) and average instep (Divine), providing more volume in the midfoot (Divine model).

Shapen offers some of the softest and most stylish barefoot Chelsea boots with a wide toe box. They provide two distinct styles: Divine and Ivy. Divine presents an elegant Chelsea boot made from smooth leather, available in three fashionable colors. These boots are lined with ‘Microline’ material, while chic ankle straps add to their stylish and unique appearance. Ivy, on the other hand, serves as a stylish winter Chelsea boot, standing out as one of the most sophisticated options in the barefoot Chelsea boot category. Ivy is lined with felt, and to enhance warmth during winter, adding wool insoles is recommended.

Sizing & Fit: Both boots are suitable for those with medium and wide feet, along with average ankle and heel widths. The toe box gently slopes towards the pinky toe, accommodating more square-shaped feet. Divine offers more midfoot volume compared to Ivy due to its thinner lining and is particularly well-suited for average instep height. If you have low-volume feet, Divine boots may not be the ideal fit, but Ivy works well with my low-volume feet. To address heel slippage in Divine, adding extra insoles can help with the fit. You can also attempt to adjust Divine’s ankle straps, although they are primarily decorative and offer minimal adjustment. Since the boots don’t share the same size chart, it’s advisable to review the dimensions before placing an order. For reference, I wear size 42 in Divine and size 43 in Ivy, with foot measurements of 26.3/10 cm.

For a detailed review of Shapen, check out our comprehensive review.

Mukishoes Chelsea and Minho

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 48 | From 160 € |

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Best for: narrow and medium-width feet, average instep, skinny and average calves and ankles

Mukishoes offers some of the softest Chelsea boots you’ll find. They feel incredibly lightweight and gentle on your feet. The brand presents two different styles of Chelsea boots: ‘Classic’ Chelsea boots available in Caramel and Black chrome-free leather and taller Minho boots. While all the boots are lined with wool, the black boots have a thicker wool lining. Regardless of the style chosen, it’s advisable to use their wool insoles for winter wear. However, a slight concern is that the ankles can look a bit ‘baggy’ due to the soft material, which folds to the sides, creating this look from the top or front view.

Sizing & Fit: Mukishoes’ barefoot Chelsea boots are best for narrow and medium-width feet. To accommodate extra width, consider sizing up by about one size (allowing approximately 15-17 mm space inside the shoe). The toe box shape gently slopes towards the pinky toe, catering well to more square-shaped feet. Both styles are ideal for those with skinny to average ankles and calves. The Minho might feel tight around thicker calves. They fit best in terms of average instep height, but with an added insole, they can suit those with shallower feet. For reference, I wear size 43 with foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm.

Angles Fashion NYX and Nemesis Ankle Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 37 – EU 46 | From 163 € |

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Best for: narrow and medium-width feet, low instep, skinny ankles

When it comes to choosing the best Chelsea boots for low-volume feet, my personal favorites are these boots from Angles Fashion. They provide an impeccable fit for those with low volume feet and skinny ankles, feeling like a second skin. Available in two designs, NYX and Nemesis, and three different colors (black and two shades of brown), you can order them in lined or unlined versions. Opting for the ‘winter’ lined version provides the warmest Chelsea boots as it has the thickest lining of all the available options.

Sizing & Fit: Angles Fashion’s barefoot Chelsea boots suit those with narrow and medium-width feet, low instep, and skinny ankles. Ideal for accommodating the longest big toe with a stronger slope towards the pinky toe. (If your slope is milder, you might need to add more space inside the shoe.) Keep in mind that the thicker lining reduces some space, necessitating a likely need to size up, especially if you are on the width limit or need more space over the instep. Sizes 41 and 42 are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, with men’s models offering more volume at the ball of the foot and midfoot. For your reference, I wear women’s size 42, the winter version, with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

Groundies Camden and Sienna

| Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 43 | From 139 € |

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Best for: narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet (depends on the model – more widths available), average instep

Groundies offers two distinct barefoot Chelsea boot models that cater to different foot types. The Camden is a stylish Chelsea boot, available in both a higher and mid style, featuring various trendy colors that make it a versatile choice for both casual and formal attire. With large pull loops and elastic side inserts, these boots offer easy slip-on functionality.

On the other hand, Groundies Sienna boasts a more edgy look with a soft suede and rubberized smooth leather upper that makes it stand out. Lightly lined, these boots are best suited for autumn or early spring wear as they might feel too chilly during winter.

Sizing and fit: The Camden model is available in two options: Groundies Barefoot and Barefoot+ fit. The Barefoot+ model, seen in the photo, offers an extra-wide toe box, accommodating wider feet while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance. These boots are suitable for individuals with low to average instep height and skinny to average ankles. For those with low volume feet, adding a thin insole could resolve the problem. The toe box design caters to wide and extra-wide feet. As a reference, I wear size 42, with a foot length of 26.3 cm.

Sienna boots feature the Groundies GS1 sole, which tends to feel somewhat snug in width. They are most appropriate for those with narrow and medium-width feet. Despite wearing size 42, my foot measuring 26.3/10 cm feels a bit constrained at the big toe and pinky toe, even when worn with bare feet. These boots complement individuals with an average ankle width and instep height. However, individuals with shallow feet and skinny ankles might face challenges in keeping them on, particularly if the forefoot is narrow.

For further information about Groundies, explore our in-depth review.

Koel Fila

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 45 | From 109 € |

Best for: medium-width feet, low-average instep

Koel Fila is another fantastic addition to ankle boots that deserves a place here. Crafted from smooth black Nappa leather or Hydro leather in various colors, these boots feature an elasticated insert on the outside and a zipper inside for easy on-off wear. The smooth Nappa leather presents a dressier option, while the Hydro leather is perfect for casual wear. Lined with chrome-free leather, they are ideal for Autumn/Spring. In the winter, adding wool insoles is recommended.

Sizing & Fit: Koel Fila barefoot ankle boots are perfect for medium-width feet, low-average instep, and average instep. The boots are around 4-5 mm wider than the measurements indicated in their size charts for sizes up to 42. For sizes 43 onwards, the width measurements are more accurate. The toe box shape has a milder slope towards the pinky toe, suitable for square-shaped feet as well. Sizing up may provide additional width or volume if needed. For reference, I’m wearing size 42, but I’d consider sizing up next time as my foot tends to slide forward a little, and I’d prefer more space in front of the toes.

Ahinsa Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 36 – EU 44 | From 209 € |

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Best for: medium and wide feet, low-average and average instep

Ahinsa Chelsea boots are another example of quality craftsmanship – super soft and extremely lightweight Chelsea boots. Constructed from high-quality vegan materials, these boots showcase remarkable resistance to scratches and creases. With three different color options available (we opted for the beige shade) and offered in both ‘Barefoot’ and ‘Comfort’ versions (the comfort version features an insole with a small heel rise), these boots cater to diverse preferences. While they are not heavily lined inside, making them more suitable for autumn/spring, we highly recommend purchasing their winter insoles for added warmth during winter.

Sizing & Fit: Ahinsa Chelsea boots are best suited for medium and wide feet, low-average, and average instep. They accommodate shallow feet well, especially when paired with winter insoles. However, they may not be the optimal fit for high instep or feet with high volume. In 2023, the size chart was updated, so we highly recommend checking it before ordering, as it may vary between models. Here, I’m wearing size 43 with foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm.

Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 35 – EU 49 | From 142 € |

Best for: medium and medium-wide feet, low-average and average instep

Feelgrounds’ Chelsea model is an ankle boot ideal for everyday wear. With a slightly thicker 10 mm sole, it offers more cushioning and less ground feel, providing enhanced thermal protection. Despite the thickness, the sole maintains decent flexibility, making it suitable for beginners or anyone seeking additional cushioning. Crafted from water-repellent vegan materials available in various colors and lined with microsuede, the slip-on design offers easy wear.

Sizing & Fit: Feelgrounds’ Chelsea boots are marginally narrower than their sneakers, best fitting medium and medium-wide feet, low-average and average instep height, and average heel width. Sizing up is recommended, especially for those who plan to wear thicker socks or for those reaching the width limit (note: the brown color may feel slightly shorter than the cream in the same size, as the cream aligns more accurately with the size chart). In the cream color, I wear size 42, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm.

Lems Shoes Minimalist Chelsea Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | US W6.5 -US M15 | From approx. 142 € |

Best for: medium and wide feet, average instep

Lems Shoes’ Chelsea boots are minimalist boots with a thicker and stiffer, yet zero-drop sole, offering a more robust and chunkier appearance. This sole minimizes ground feel, but serves as an excellent choice for those seeking added cushioning and thermal insulation during the cold, slushy, and wet winter season. Their wide toe box shape allows your toes to splay naturally. The boots are available in a waterproof version in oiled leather and with a waterproof membrane. Keep in mind that the waterproof version might feel too hot during warmer days due to less breathability, unlike the regular suede leather version, which is slightly softer and more pliable. Additionally, they feature large pull loops on the front and back parts of the ankle opening, making them easy to pull on.

Sizing & Fit: Lems Chelsea boots are an excellent choice for medium and wide feet, designed for those with an average instep. They can also work well for low-volume feet and skinny ankles if your feet aren’t overall narrow with low volume. The wide toe box exhibits a milder slope towards the pinky toe, accommodating various foot shapes effectively. Selecting the correct size with Lems can sometimes be a bit tricky; but we recommend sizing up by half a size or a full size. For reference, I’m wearing size M10.5, with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

Magical Shoes Lupino and Lupino Spring

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | EU 35 – EU 47 | From 129 € |

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Best for: narrow and medium-width feet, low-average instep

Magical Shoes presents super lightweight and flexible Chelsea boots with an exceptional ground feel. Their Lupino ankle boots are available in a lighter spring version with perforated leather details in the front part and a thinner mesh lining, as well as a regular winter version lined with felt. To enhance warmth during winter, adding wool insoles is recommended, as they might feel a bit chilly without it. The boots come in an incredible variety of colors in suede leather and a vegan version.

Sizing & Fit: The Magical Lupino boots are ideal for narrow and medium-width feet. Their design, with a milder slope towards the little toe, is quite universal, fitting various foot types well. Sizing up can provide more width. For reference, I’m wearing size 44, with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

To learn more about the Magical Shoes Lupino, check out our in-depth review.

Bohempia Rola Ankle Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 36 – EU 47 | From 139 € |

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Best for: narrow, medium, and wide feet (two widths available), average instep, average heels

Bohempia Rola Chelsea boots emanate a casual vibe, featuring an upper made from vegan suede material available in various neutral colors like black and brown, as well as edgier tones like red or forest green. While the material is not waterproof, it can be impregnated. The outsole is crafted from natural rubber, offering good flexibility. The rubberized edge on the sole creates the appearance of a thicker sole, although it’s softer than it looks, providing a comfortable wearing experience.

Sizing & Fit: The Bohempia Rola Chelsea boots offer two different widths—regular and wide. These boots generally have a wider fit in smaller sizes and accommodate narrower feet in larger sizes. For instance, the regular width in larger sizes suits narrow and medium-width feet, while the wide option caters to wider feet. In smaller sizes, even the regular width can work well for medium-wide and wide feet. In all Bohempia shoes, I wear size 42, and their sizes are quite consistent. However, it’s important to note that the internal lengths of the shoes are approximately 4 mm longer from the values listed in their size charts.

Be Lenka Entice 2.0, Diva and Mojo

| Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 43 | From 159 € |

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Best for: medium and wide feet (depends on the model), average instep, average heels

Be Lenka offers various styles of barefoot Chelsea boots – Mojo, Diva, and Entice 2.0. Mojo and Diva share a very similar fit and design, differing only in the ankle design, while Entice 2.0 stands out with a distinct shape and sole. These boots from Be Lenka are a great choice for those seeking slightly more robust soles during winter, offering more protection and slightly more cushion. They might not be the lightest or most flexible barefoot Chelsea boots available, but they strike a good balance between flexibility and winter protection.

Sizing & Fit: Diva and Mojo feature a new Be Lenka shape with a stronger slope towards the pinky toe. Ideal for narrower and medium-width feet, these shoes have a more straight-shaped big toe, which reduces some available width for the big toe. They suit an average instep height and average heel width but might not fully grip narrow ankles and heels. For low-volume feet with narrow heels, there might be a tendency for the heel to lift or the foot to slide forward slightly while walking. We highly recommend sizing up one full size as they appear shorter based on the values in the size chart. For context, I wear size 43, and my foot measures 26.3/10 cm.

Entice, on the other hand, is wider than Mojo or Diva and is best suited for medium and wide feet but not for those with very voluminous feet. If your foot is wider and has more volume, these shoes may feel too snug over the instep and metatarsal joints, so sizing up might offer relief. These shoes have a milder slope towards the pinky toe and provide more width on the outside of the foot at the pinky toe. In the image, I’m wearing a size 42, but I recommend sizing up for this model to ensure optimal space in front of the toes (I would need a 43). Due to the heel shape, warmer lining, and a tendency for the foot to move forward when walking, some length is lost, leaving space at the heel.

For more details about Be Lenka, check out our in-depth review.

More Barefoot Chelsea Boots

Here are a few more options that we haven’t personally tried, but they are worth checking out!

Bär Shoes

| Women’s | Leather | EU 35 – EU 44.5 | From approx. 199€ |

High-quality shoes with a variety of Chelsea boots available. Some models feature a zero-drop sole, while others have a thicker sole (not all models are zero drop!). An excellent choice for those seeking a shoe with a wide toe box, minimal cushion, or heel rise during their transition.

Use BU15 for 15 discount


| Women’s | Vegan | US 5.5 – US 10.5 | From approx. $45 |

The most affordable Chelsea boots on Amazon, crafted from vegan materials. Certain models might feature thicker soles and toe spring.

Xero Shoes

| Women’s | Leather | US W5 -US W12 | EU 35.5 – EU 41.5 | From approx. $134 |

Informal barefoot Chelsea boots suitable for medium-width feet.


| Women’s | Leather | EU 37 – EU 44 | From approx. 101€ |


| Women’s | Leather | EU 35 – EU 42 | From approx. 68€ |

Leather Chelsea boots at an affordable price, ideal for narrow and medium-width feet, though they might feel shallower over the toes.

Use BU5 for 5% off at Naboso


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 47 | From approx. 187€ |

Use BU5 for 5% off at Naboso

Zapato Feroz

| Women’s | Leather, Vegan | EU 36 – EU 42 | From approx. 99€ |

The Drifter Leather

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | Custom made | From approx. 145€ |


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 36 – EU 48 | From approx. 155€ |

Lisbeth Joe

| Women’s | Leather | US 6 – US 12 | From approx. 70€ |

Use BU5 for 5% off


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | EU 36 – EU 50 | From approx. 159€ |


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 35 – EU 48 | From approx. 89€ |

Side-by-Side Chelsea Boots Comparison

The first thing we look at when we try on shoes is the toe box shape and width of the barefoot shoe. We ordered our list of barefoot chelsea boots from narrowest toe box to widest, so that you can easily compare the different brands we’ve tested. Keep in mind that some models have similar width, but they might differ in toe box shape and volume. Use this information as a guide.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the barefoot Chelsea boots. We understand that there are a lot of options out there and it can be difficult to know what’s right for you, but we hope we’ve been able to help you get an idea which are a good fit for you.

If you’ve got any questions or comments about our reviews, feel free to leave them below! Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi,
    I have narrow midfoot and ankles, but I like to splay my toes. I tried Magical, which is a close fit, but I have only 0.5 cm in the front, and it’s short, and I am afraid, sizig up would be too wide at the midfoot and ankles…I have Protetika now, great lenght and toe splay, but very baggy midfoot and ankles.I use heel pads and insoles, but I am still looking for my perfect chelsea boot.I wonder of barefoot+ Groundies are baggy at the ankles?I think the normal version is not wide enought at the toes.Also, the Angles looks perfect from this review.

    • The best fit for my narrow ankles and low instep is the Angles Fashion NYX Winter version. They really hold my feet well. Also, the Groundies Camden in Barefoot+ is not bad at all, but you might want to add a winter insole for an even more secure fit. They don’t look baggy at all; in fact, they look very nice, considering how much space they offer for your toes too!

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