The Best Everyday Barefoot Boots You’ll Love Wearing

You read the title right—there’s no need to sacrifice the magical feeling of walking around barefoot when boot season arrives! Stylish barefoot boots that won’t compromise your foot health or natural gait and movements do exist. In this blog post, we have collected our personal favorite barefoot boots, tested over the years, and handpicked each pair for the comfiest styles that will make you want to switch up your winter footwear.

For the most complete list of barefoot winter boots for adults, a complete kids’ winter selection, and a lineup of the best Chelsea boots, head over to our comprehensive lists. Now, let’s dive into the world of the best barefoot boots designed for your everyday fall and winter adventures.

How to Choose the Right Barefoot Boots for You

Finding the best everyday barefoot boots for cold weather can be a challenge. There are so many styles, brands, and features to choose from. It can make your head spin! It spurs countless questions in your mind: Will my boot be warm enough? Will it fit well? What other features do I need? How long will they last me?

When it comes to barefoot boots, the perks go beyond the surface. If you’re concerned about staying warm in barefoot boots during winter, worry not. Barefoot boots come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs tailored for different activities. Those suitable for the coldest winter days are typically lined with plush wool and boast slightly thicker soles for enhanced thermal protection. For additional warmth, you can always add thick wool socks or toe socks and insert an extra wool or sheepskin insole to keep your feet cozy.

These cozy barefoot boots are also foot-shaped and feature a flexible, zero-drop sole, allowing your foot muscles to work and toes to splay, promoting warmth, bolstered circulation, and enhanced foot health. Bid farewell to squeezed toes and welcome improved balance and posture with each step.

Are you wearing boots that squish your toes and feet?

Before making a purchase, ask yourself about the materials you prefer, the styles you like, and how and where you plan to wear them. Most importantly, check your foot shape and width, measure your feet, and ensure there’s enough space in front of your toes. The key lies in finding the perfect match for your foot type and style.

We cover everything you need to know about barefoot shoes and foot health in our online courses. This includes topics such as choosing the right fit, transitioning to barefoot shoes, using toe spacers, and performing essential foot exercises. Learn why selecting the right shoes and transitioning effectively are crucial to avoiding further problems.

Now, let’s help you navigate through this array of choices.

Peerko Barefoot Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | EU 37 – EU 45 | From 154€ |

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Best for: Medium-wide feet, average instep, average ankles, and heels

Why We Recommend:

  • Peerko offers very lightweight leather and vegan barefoot boots.
  • They boast some of the most stylish barefoot winter boots you’ve ever seen.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Some styles may not be the best choice for skinny ankles and heels, as the laces cannot be tightened enough.

Peerko won our heart the moment we bought their first pair of canvas sneakers. Their collection of winter boots is incredibly stylish, featuring some of the most beautiful barefoot combat boots and knee-high boots out there! Most of their boots are available in leather, and this year, they’ve added some impressive vegan options too. If you’re a fan of vegan leather, Peerko’s vegan boots stand out as some of the highest-quality options we’ve tested. Their boots are also very lightweight, and most are easy to slip on (Go and Breeze) with adjustable laces that accommodate different calf widths and they also offer two different calf widths.

Sizing & Fit: Peerko barefoot boots are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet. If you need some extra width, sizing up can provide more available width. Sizing up is also advisable in their winter boots with thicker wool lining if you plan to wear them with thicker socks and you are already on the width limit. Their boots are perfect for average volume feet with average ankles and heels, and they can work well for higher instep and wider ankles and heels too. If you have skinny ankles and heels, you might find it a bit challenging to fully adjust the laces since they tend to come together entirely before allowing you to tighten them fully.

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Wildling Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan – textile and wool | EU 18 – EU 48 | From 119€ |


Best for: Narrow and medium-width feet, average instep height

Why We Recommend:

  • Wildling Shoes offers some of the softest and most comfortable barefoot boots available, providing a true barefoot feeling.
  • They are known for their innovative designs and commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly materials.
  • The wool models are surprisingly warm, making them suitable even for snowy conditions.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Their look may not be as mainstream, having a more casual appearance, making them easier to style with a more casual wardrobe.
  • Higher lace-up boots may take more time to put on.

Wildling Shoes holds a very special place in our heart. We’ve been wearing their shoes for many years, and they are among the softest boots you can imagine. With Wildling Shoes, you get as close to a barefoot feeling as ever possible with a shoe. I love wearing them and put them on whenever we can. Their winter barefoot boots, Crow, has been at my doorstep for the fourth year in a row. All their boots are made from textile or wool and share a similar design. Each year, they experiment with different colors and materials. The warmest models are the high wool boots, perfect for winter, but we recommend adding wool insoles for extra coziness.

Sizing & Fit: Wildling models are best suited for medium-wide feet, but their winter boots may feel narrower compared to their spring/summer models made from thinner materials. For winter models, we highly recommend sizing up by one size, especially if you want to add wool insoles or if your feet are not on the narrow side. The overall fit depends on the model, but in winter models, Wildling has added some volume to the shoe (while keeping the sole width the same), so you may notice more creasing of the material if your feet are low-volume. We recommend wearing thicker socks and adding wool insoles for extra comfort.

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| Men’s, Women’s | Leather – Textile – Cork | EU 36 – EU 48 | From 160€ |

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Best for: Narrow and medium-width feet, average instep

Why We Recommend:

  • Mukishoes offers super lightweight and flexible barefoot boots.
  • They use suitable and eco-friendly materials.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Their stock is limited, and they usually don’t restock during the season as they prioritise sustainable and mindful production.
  • Some models may appear baggy around the ankles as they are made from very soft materials and are not additionally reinforced around the ankle.

Mukishoes is another brand that provides an amazing barefoot feeling. While their boots have a more mainstream appearance, they offer incredible softness, lightness, and flexibility. Their winter boots are mostly made from leather, occasionally incorporating natural vegan materials like cork and textile. They typically restock their models and release new ones at the beginning of the season (for winter, this is September and October). However, they usually don’t restock shoes, so if you love a pair of Mukis, you may need to act fast; otherwise, you may need to wait another year for them to come back.

Sizing & Fit: Mukishoes tend to fit narrow and medium wide feet the best. The sole is very soft and allows some stretching to the sides, but sizing up may be necessary for extra width. I usually size up in all their winter models as I don’t find their boots wide enough for me in my usual size. They fit the best for average foot volume and can accommodate higher volume feet as well. Their Chelsea boots fit better for slimmer calves and ankles, as the ankle opening is not as big. If you have low volume feet, adding the insole can significantly improve the fit. Adding an insole is also recommended for extra warmth, as they may not be warm enough for winter without some additional protection, given the extra thin sole.

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Koel Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | EU 20 – EU 47 | From 94€ |

Why We Recommend:

  • Koel offers a vast selection of winter barefoot boots for both men and women, featuring different linings.
  • They provide a more affordable price range considering the quality of their products.

Consider Before Buying:

  • These shoes are highly desired and may sell out very quickly.
  • Koel sells several different models, and not all of them are available on their official website. They have various retailers, each offering different Koel models.

We first purchased Koel shoes for our kids when they initially released their barefoot shoes. Since then, they have expanded their range to include an amazing collection of barefoot shoes for adults too. Their boots come with different soles; the ones used in their sneakers are very soft and flexible, while their winter soles tend to be stiffer with less ground feel but offer good protection and traction in winter conditions. They also provide different linings, with our personal favorite being the sheepskin lining, offering extra softness and coziness for cold winter days. Some styles are available with different linings (leather, felt, or wool/sheepskin), depending on the level of protection you desire.

Sizing & Fit: Koel shoes are the best choice for narrow and medium-width feet with low to average instep. Sizing up can accommodate medium-wide feet as well. I usually size up in all winter boots from Koel to ensure enough width and space for thicker socks, and they fit extremely well with my low-volume feet, skinny ankles, and heels. If you have high-volume feet, they might not be the best choice for you.


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather – Textile | EU 36 – EU 47 | From 159€ |

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Best for: Narrow and medium-width feet, average instep; men’s models are slightly wider

Why We Recommend:

  • VIVOBAREFOOT offers some of the most stylish and trendy barefoot shoes.
  • They use high-quality sustainable and eco-friendly materials
  • Their leather is of an amazing quality

Consider Before Buying:

  • The price point might be higher compared to other brands. However, the quality and craftsmanship justify the investment.
  • Most styles are best suited for narrower feet, so they might be too narrow for a lot of people.
  • Their winter boots may not feel as warm as you are used to with other barefoot boots.

VIVOBAREFOOT doesn’t provide an extensive selection of everyday barefoot boots, but they do have two very popular styles, the Gobi boots and Chelsea boots, which received a small makeover this year. These boots are synonymous for quality and are very well-made. The new autumn Gobi boots are a real bliss and feel amazingly soft on the feet. The winterized versions of Gobi and their Chelsea boots may feel slightly firmer initially but soften with wear. Keep in mind that their winter boots may not be as warm as some other boots mentioned on this list. VIVOBAREFOOT also offers an extensive range of sportier-looking barefoot boots for those in need of something more practical and hard-wearing.

Sizing & Fit: Most VIVOBAREFOOT models fit best for narrow and medium-width feet. Men’s models are slightly wider than women’s and have more volume in the midfoot and around the ankles. If you fall into the ‘overlapping sizes,’ you can choose between men’s and women’s models, depending on your needs. I always wear my usual size 42 in all VIVO models as they are consistent with sizing.

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Shapen Barefoot Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | EU 35 – EU 47 | From 139€ |

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Best for: Medium and wide feet, average instep, providing more volume in the midfoot

Why We Recommend:

  • Their selection of barefoot boots is perfect for those who prefer fancier and more stylish options.
  • Shapen uses super soft materials, with the white lining in Urbaneer and LYNX being one of the softest linings we have seen.
  • The toe box is roomy and wide, providing ample space for toes to splay.

Consider Before Buying:

  • The outsole may not be optimal for snow and hiking.
  • Given the thin sole, these boots might not provide sufficient warmth for harsh winter conditions.

If you’ve struggled to match your style with barefoot shoes, Shapen ensures that this is going to change. They create some of the most stunning barefoot boots for women, and this year, they’ve added a model for men too. The boots are wide, roomy, and incredibly soft—like being hugged with a soft cloud. The thin and flexible sole gives them an amazing feel on your feet, though keep in mind they might not be the best choice for hiking or winter adventures on slippery mountain terrain.

Sizing & Fit: Shapen is a perfect fit for wide feet and can even accommodate extra-wide feet, but in some cases, sizing up may be necessary. Most of their winter boots also have higher volume in the midfoot and fit wider ankles and heels. For those with low volume feet, narrow ankles and heels, or narrow feet, most styles with laces can be easily adjusted, but you may notice more creasing of the material or experience a little heel lifting in some boots (we recommed adding an extra insole or using thicker socks). Their styles are true to the size chart, but for models like Cozy and Urbaneer, sizing up is preferred.

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Be Lenka Barefoot Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 47 | From 159€ |

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Best for: Medium and wide feet, low and average instep, average heels (depends on the model)

Why We Recommend:

  • Impressive variety of barefoot boots for almost any occasion and activity.
  • High-quality materials with durable soles ensure both style and resilience.

Consider Before Buying:

  • The soles offer good protection and traction, but they may feel a little more robust than what you are used to with barefoot boots

When it comes to winter barefoot boots, Be Lenka has it all. Their selection, ranging from lace-up boots to chelsea boots, knee-high boots, waterproof boots, and hiking boots, is extensive, making it almost challenging to choose just one pair. Notably, they boast the broadest range of barefoot boots for men. We appreciate that their shoes are crafted with quality materials, including durable soles and TEX membrane. Be Lenka makes it easy to find a model for almost any activity, offering various linings from wool to thinner felt or leather to suit your needs. Keep in mind that their soles might feel sturdier than what you’re used to with barefoot shoes.

Sizing & Fit: Be Lenka boots come in different shapes, but most are ideal for wide feet with an average instep. Winter models are not the best choice for high-volume feet, but sizing up can provide more width/volume. Thicker-lined models may feel snug and short, so sizing up is recommended for winter boots, leaving around 17 mm of extra space according to their size chart. Overall, they are quite versatile and easily adjustable even for narrower feet.

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Zeazoo Dingo Boots

| Women’s | Leather | EU 35 – EU 42 | From 99€ |

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Best for: Medium-width feet, average foot volume

Why We Recommend:

  • Zeazoo offers super soft sheepskin boots that we love! They are one of the most comfortable and warm barefoot boots, easy to slip on.
  • Perfect if you need something to quickly slip on for running errands.
  • You can use them as slippers too.

Consider Before Buying:

  • They are not waterproof, and the boots are suitable for dry winter days.
  • The sheepskin does stretch a little with wear.

Zeazoo only produces one barefoot boot for adults, and we felt the need to include them on the list as they are a must-have in our winter capsule wardrobe. They serve as a perfect barefoot replacement for Ugg boots, being very soft, cozy, and easy to slip on. While we wouldn’t recommend them for long hikes, they are perfect for quick errands in town, taking kids to school, or going to the store. Keep in mind that they are not waterproof and will get wet in wet winter snow or heavy rain.

Sizing & Fit: Zeazoo Dingo is best suited for medium-width feet with average volume. They can also fit medium-wide feet, but in case you have wide feet, your foot may hang over the sole (which is not recommended, as you need full contact with the ground for the sole of the shoe). For choosing your size, we recommend checking their size chart. I’m wearing size 41, which corresponds to the internal length of size 42 in most other brands.

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Angles Fashion & Crave Barefoot Boots

|  Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 37 – EU 46 | From 163€ |

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Best for: Angles: narrow and medium-width feet, low instep, skinny ankles; Crave: wide feet, average volume

Why We Recommend:

  • Wide selection of classic everyday styles for women and men.
  • High-quality materials with different linings (leather or wool).

Consider Before Buying:

  • Both brands are run by the same company, but they have different fits.
  • Crave brand is currently only sold through the Naboso website.

We’ve included Angles Fashion and Crave brand in the same category as both originate from the same company. Angles Fashion focuses more on classic styles of barefoot boots for fall and winter for men and women, while Crave has sportier, urban styles catering to a younger audience. Both brands feature nicely soft and flexible soles. Most Angles Fashion fall and winter boots are available with regular leather lining or winter wool lining. Most styles are also available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Crave is currently only sold on their Naboso shop website, while you can purchase Angles Fashion shoes on their official Angles Fashion website or at Naboso. Please keep in mind that this year’s Crave collection of barefoot boots is slightly limited.

Sizing & Fit: Angles Fashion boots and Crave boots have slightly different fits. Angles boots are a perfect choice for narrow and medium-width feet. Their Chelsea boots are an ideal fit for skinny ankles and low-volume feet. They can also work for medium-wide feet, but in lined winter models, it is recommended to size up (I choose 16-19 mm extra space). Men’s models have more volume in the midfoot and ball of the boot, but they are not wider at the tip of the toes. The toe box shape of Angles Fashion boots has a stronger slope towards the pinky toe, while Crave shoes have a more square-shaped toe box and are more suited for wider feet with average volume. They can also work for higher volume feet.

Groundies Barefoot Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 47 | From 139€ |

Use BU15 for 15% off (valid until 12th April 2024)

Best for: Narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide feet (depends on the model – more widths available), average instep

Why We Recommend:

  • Very stylish and mainstream-looking barefoot boots.
  • Different widths and outsoles available, making it easy to fit to different foot widths and needs.

Consider Before Buying:

  • They have three different toe box shapes: Barefoot+, Barefoot, and Regular fit. Regular fit doesn’t have an optimal toe box shape, so make sure you choose between Barefoot or Barefoot+ fit.
  • For most models, it is advisable to add a wool insole, as they may not feel as warm without it in harsh winter conditions.

Groundies has several different stylish everyday barefoot boots to choose from. They are made on different sole types, but our personal favorite is the GO1 sole, which is the softest with the best ground feel. GX1 is more rugged and stiff but provides more protection during cold winter days. Since most of their boots come with thinner lining, we highly recommend adding extra wool insoles to keep your feet warm during the winter.

Please be aware that Groundies models are available in 3 different fits with different toe box shapes: Barefoot+, Barefoot, and Regular fit. We recommend you only choose models from Barefoot and Barefoot+ fit as only those are foot-shaped.

Sizing & Fit: As Groundies models are available with different toe box shapes and different sole types, the fit is very specific and depends on which sole type is used and which toe box shape. But all Groundies shoes in Barefoot+ are perfect for wide and even extra-wide feet with average foot volume (but most models work well for low and high volume feet too). The width and fit of models from Barefoot fit can differ more with the type of sole used, but most models are suitable for narrow and medium-width feet. With GX1 sole, we advise you to size up as they feel shorter and their toe box is not the most optimal. Other models are more consistent width sizes (Barefoot+ models are slightly longer, but I wear them in the same size as Barefoot fit models).

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| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 35 – EU 49 | From 142€ |

Best for: Medium and medium-wide feet, average instep

Why We Recommend:

  • They have a very mainstream and stylish look.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Their winter styles have a thicker and stiffer sole, which doesn’t provide a lot of ground feel.
  • Vegan materials may feel less breathable.

Feelgrounds also offers a few barefoot boots to choose from. Their fall and winter boots are all vegan and can be a good choice for those seeking a vegan alternative to leather boots. The Patrol model is available in a thicker winter lining and a lighter Autumn version. Their winter boots also have an integrated membrane. Due to the membrane and thicker sole (providing more thermal insulation but less ground feel), they can feel stiffer than what you are used to with barefoot boots. This is why we consider them more like minimalist barefoot boots, perfect for those who seek minimalist boots with a wide toe box and more cushion.

Sizing & Fit: Feelgrounds boots don’t feel as wide as their sneakers and are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet, average volume, and average heel widths. In winter boots, there is also a small tapering at the big toe side, so make sure you choose enough space in front of the toes. For the winter Patrol model, it is recommended to size up one size (I choose 18 mm extra space); sizing with Chelsea boots may not be consistent (one color felt bigger than the other in the same size).

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Ahinsa Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 36 – EU 47 | From 159€ |

Use BU10 for 10% discount

Best for: Wide feet, low-average foot volume

Why We Recommend:

  • One of the softest and lightweight vegan barefoot boots available.
  • Quality made with very durable materials.
  • Available in ‘barefoot’ and ‘comfort’ lines.

Consider Before Buying:

  • They only offer vegan shoes. While their vegan boots are exceptionally crafted, super light, and flexible, it would be great to see the same style options for those who prefer leather.
  • Combat boots without a zipper take more time to put on.
  • Two different shapes available – the new shape (in Tara sneakers) is narrower and less ‘bean-shaped’.

Ahinsa Shoes stands out as one of the best vegan barefoot boots in the market. These boots are extremely lightweight, super soft, and flexible, providing an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience. The vegan upper material is of high quality, resistant to creasing, and maintains a new look even after extensive use. It’s wear-resistant, and the sole shows no visible scuffs. The thin and flexible sole also offers good slip-resistance. Ahinsa offers various winter boots, with the Jaya boot being a personal favorite, available in both regular and thicker winter lining options, featuring a convenient side zipper for easy wear.

Sizing & Fit: Most Ahinsa boots are an ideal choice for those with wide feet and low-average foot volume. In 2023, Ahinsa has introduced a new size chart to align their sizes more closely with other barefoot brands and also introduced a new sole shape. The new shape, which you can see in white Tara sneakers, is narrower than other Ahinsa models and also less ‘bean-shaped’. The toe box shape is slightly narrowing towards the tip of the toes, so I had to size up to get enough space for my big toe (I have 2 cm extra space). I must confess that the old shape, which you can see in Chelsea boots and Jaya combat boots, is still my favorite (even though the new shape might be more pleasing to some eyes) as it is the most foot-shaped.

I typically wear my usual size 42 in Ahinsa shoes, but for lined winter styles, I decided to size up. Tara sneakers feel slightly longer than other two styles, but the extra length doesn’t bother me in winter styles (gives me space for thicker socks). Most of their styles are available in both ‘barefoot’ and ‘comfort’ editions, with ‘comfort’ models featuring insoles with a slight heel rise for those who prefer additional support on their barefoot journey.

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Luks Barefoot Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 35 – EU 48 | From 193€ |

Use BU10 for 10% discount

Best for: Medium and wide, low volume feet

Why We Recommend:

  • We adore Luks barefoot boots for their exceptional materials. The leather is remarkably soft, giving the feeling of wearing luxurious leather socks.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Keep in mind that these shoes are crafted on order, resulting in a longer delivery time of approximately 6-8 weeks. Planning in advance is advisable, especially if you want to have them in time for the winter season.
  • It’s worth noting that the price point may be higher when compared to other brands.

Luks barefoot boots truly exemplify top-notch leather craftsmanship. The irresistibly soft leather and impeccable craftsmanship make them a top choice. They offer a variety of fall and winter styles, and personally, I purchased the Primavera and Invierno boots, both of which have been delightful and received ample wear. Primavera, lined only with leather, is recommended to have wool insoles added for extra warmth.

Sizing & Fit: Luks boots are ideally suited for medium and wide feet. Winter-lined models fit slightly more snugly and can also accommodate narrow feet. They are particularly well-suited for those with a low instep, although the soft leather allows for a bit of stretch if the boots feel too snug in that area.

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Magical Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, vegan |  EU 35 – EU 47 | From 129€ |

Use BOSENOGICE for 10% off

Best for: Narrow and medium-width feet, low-average instep

Why We Recommend:

  • Magical Shoes offers super flexible and soft barefoot boots.
  • There are several different colors to choose from, allowing for personalized style.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Due to their extra-thin sole, the winter boots from Magical Shoes may not provide sufficient warmth for harsh winter conditions. It’s recommended to add an extra wool insole for added insulation.

Magical Shoes presents super lightweight and flexible barefoot boots that offer an exceptional ground feel suitable for all genders. The boots come lined with wool or thin fleece, available in suede, smooth leather, or a vegan version. While these boots deliver an amazing ground feel, for colder winter days, enhancing warmth with a wool insole is advisable.

Sizing & Fit: Magical boots are designed for narrow and medium-width feet, with the vegan boots being slightly narrower than the leather ones. The universal design, featuring a milder slope toward the little toe, accommodates various foot types. If planning to wear them with thicker socks or adding a wool insole, sizing up can provide extra width and toe space. It’s important to note that Magical Shoes uses a slightly different size chart compared to most barefoot brands. For instance, what is typically a size 42 in other brands equates to a size 44 here.

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| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, vegan | EU 36 – EU 47 | From 159€ |

Use BOS10 for 10% discount

Best for: Medium and wide feet, average volume

Why We Recommend:

  • Perfect for those looking for more practical barefoot boots.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Their vegan boots are less breathable

Freet also offers a few winter styles that my husband and I frequently reach for at home, for housework, hikes, or any outdoor activities where you might encounter mud and wet conditions. The boots come in both leather and vegan materials, but we’ve noticed that the vegan boots tend to be less breathable.

Sizing & Fit: Most Freet styles are well-suited for medium and wide feet. However, it’s essential to note that the fit can vary among Freet models, with more lined models feeling narrower. In these cases, I prefer to size up to ensure more comfortable accommodation for thicker socks and additional width for my toes.

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Lems Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | US W6.5 – US M15 | From approx. 142€ |

Best for: Medium-wide feet, average instep

Why We Recommend:

  • Ideal for those in search of zero-drop sole, boasting a wide toe box for minimalist boots with added cushioning and protection.
  • The toe box is generously roomy, offering ample vertical space.

Consider Before Buying:

  • The boots might ask for a brief break-in period. Initially, styles like Boulder boots could feel a tad stiff around the ankles, a sensation that gracefully softens with wear.
  • Keep in mind, not all Lems models are zero-drop, and some feature a thicker, more cushioned sole.
  • Sizing may present a bit of a puzzle.

Lems Shoes tops our recommendations for beginners and is an excellent choice for those desiring added cushioning and thermal insulation in cold, slushy, and wet winter conditions. These minimalist winter boots feature a thicker and stiffer, zero-drop sole (note that not all styles are zero-drop). They are designed with a robust and chunkier appearance while maintaining a mainstream look. The boots come in different widths, with some having a wider toe box than others.

Sizing & Fit: Lems Boulder Boots are crafted on their ‘Wide’ last, which is foot-shaped, though not the widest among all Lems models. It is best suited for medium-wide feet. For more width or to accommodate thicker socks, we strongly recommend sizing up by half a size or a full size. Lems Chelsea boots are an excellent choice for medium and wide feet, designed for those with an average instep. They can also work well for low-volume feet and skinny ankles if your feet aren’t overall narrow with low volume. Selecting the correct size with Lems can sometimes be a bit tricky; we recommend sizing up by half a size or a full size, especially if you plan to wear thicker socks.


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 36 – EU 46 | From 59€ |

Use BU15 for 15% discount

Why We Recommend:

  • Saguaro offers several barefoot winter boots at an affordable price.
  • Perfect for anyone who would like to try barefoot shoes without spending a fortune.
  • They also provide styles with more cushion for added comfort.

Consider Before Buying:

  • The materials used are vegan and plastic, which may not be the most sustainable option.
  • While they often have discounts, it’s worth noting that most styles sell out quickly.

Saguaro is known for being one of the most budget-friendly options in the barefoot shoe market. They frequently run sales, but due to high demand, their shoes tend to sell out rapidly. Saguaro is an ideal choice for individuals intrigued by the concept of barefoot shoes but hesitant to make a significant investment. They offer several affordable vegan boots.

Sizing & Fit: Most Saguaro models are well-suited for medium and wide feet with average foot volume, although the fit may vary from style to style. While most styles align with the size chart, there can be some differences between models. While most models boast a fully foot-shaped design, some styles may benefit from improvements in the toe box shape and space for the big toe.

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Xero Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | Water-resistant options | EU 35.5 – EU 48 | From approx. $130 |

Best for: narrow and medium-width feet, average foot volume

Why We Recommend:

  • Xero Shoes offers a variety of styles, catering to different preferences and activities.
  • Compared to some other minimalist and barefoot shoe brands, Xero Shoes is often considered more affordable.

Consider Before Buying:

While we haven’t personally tested many of their barefoot winter boots, most Xero boots have a sportier appearance. They do, however, offer a few styles for casual everyday wear. We tested two models, Alpine and Ridgeway, and their soles may feel firmer and less flexible compared to some of their other models. However, they provide more thermal insulation and cushioning for those who prefer slightly thicker soles. Xero Shoes is also known for being a more affordable brand and usually runs different sales throughout the year.

Sizing & Fit: Xero Shoes are available in two widths for men’s and women’s sizes. Women’s sizes are slightly narrower than men’s and are best suited for medium-width feet. If your feet are slightly wider, opting for a larger size can provide extra millimeters in width. Many of their models also offer ample space above the toes. Men’s shoes are slightly wider, featuring more volume at the ball of the foot and midfoot than women’s, making them an excellent fit for medium-wide feet. If your size falls within the range where both models are available, you can choose between men’s and women’s shoes based on your foot width.

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Bär Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 47 | From 159€ |

Use BU15 for 15€ discount

Best for: medium and medium-wide feet, average volume

Why We Recommend:

  • Exceptional quality boots that endure for years.
  • A wide array of styles to choose from, featuring different sole types, designs, and widths.

Consider Before Buying:

  • Only a few styles are zero-drop; most have a foot-shaped design but not a fully barefoot sole.

Bär Shoes, introduced in 1984, pioneered the concept of foot-shaped shoes. Renowned for top-notch quality, their footwear stands the test of time. While all their styles boast a foot-shaped design, only a select few offer a genuinely barefoot sole. Most soles are thicker with a slight heel rise. If you’re after a roomy toe box with extra cushioning, these are perfect. However, if you’re a fan of a truly barefoot sole, explore other brands on this list.

Sizing & Fit: Bär Shoes come in half sizes, making it a breeze to find the perfect fit for various foot lengths. Ideally suited for medium and medium-wide feet, men’s models provide a touch more volume above the toes and in the midfoot. I typically go for size 8 in Bär Shoes, but for winter models, I prefer to size up by half to ensure ample space for thicker socks.


Alright, that wraps up our barefoot boot journey! We’ve seen there’s a lots of cool barefoot boot options to choose from. Just remember, the key is to pick the ones that match your foot shape and what you plan to do in them. Don’t forget to check out more info on our website for extra tips. Happy walking!

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