Wildling Shoes Pegasus and Lizard – Review

New Wildling Shoes collection is full of colours, new natural materials and it comes with a very important message: “We are responsible for every step”. And wearing shoes with such a wonderful story is a real pleasure for me.

We can’t live without our planet and how we take care of it does matter. A company so dedicated to sustainability, now took a step forward and created a collection that features a tribute to our planet’s biodiversity.

Their Eden and Api models are Wilding’s reminder ‘of how important each and every living thing is to our Earth’s ecosystem’. Orchids, mushrooms, cabbage leaves, and butterflies are combined in a beautiful print in the Eden model.

But Pegasus and Lizard, which I review here carry the same message too. The same print as in Eden is added to their lining inside the shoe.

I tributed Wildling’s message with taking photos of their shoes in the nature, near water and apiary in our beautiful country Slovenia. We shouldn’t forget how bees and insect population in general is important to our planet and how the use of synthetic pesticides can harm them.


1. General

  • Brand: Wildling Shoes
  • Model: Pegasus and Lizard
  • Colour: Pegasus – sky blue and Lizard – grey-green
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide (10.3 cm between metatarsal heads), low instep, skinny ankles with narrow heel, fin-shaped foot (see my how to measure guide and foot type) – wearing size 42

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2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

Wildling shoes from their Spring/Summer collection are made from different materials. And the material defines how they fit, for what weather they are appropriate and how they feel on feet.

Pegasus is their water-resistant model made from canvas (100% recycled cotton) in sky blue colour. On their official photo they look slightly darker and greenish than on my photo, but the colour is the same as shown on my photos.

Imagine the colour of the sky on a clear sunny day after the rain. This is the colour of Pegasus.

Laces are in the matching blue colour and edging from microfibre is in medium blue colour.

Lizard is made from the new material, which I’m trying for the first time. The material feels super thin and super light on my feet and I really like it.

This new linen weave (70% Tencel, 30% linen) with a gray-green print is according to Wildling temperature- and moisture-regulating.

(Note: Tencel is a fiber made from wood pulp and is considered to be a renewable, environmentally friendly material)

The microfibre edging is in sand colour. The lighter colour of the edging makes them more sensitive to wear, so I wouldn’t wear them in a lot of mud and dirt.

Isn’t the name for Lizard just perfect? It looks just like the skin of the lizard.

At the heel part, just like in all Wildling shoes, you can find their significant fox sign and pull loops which can be quite hady for easy on-off in mid-cuts like Pegasus and Lizard are.

2.2 Lining

Both models are lined with 100% certified organically grown cotton with beautiful ‘Eden’s kaleidoscope print’ which I already mentioned in the introduction.

The Lizard insole is not removable and it is made from hemp-flax fleece (50% hemp, 50% flax). Pegasus insoles can be removed and it is made from Lunatur (80% EVA, 20% walnut shell).

If you need to add some volume to your feet or some extra cushion, you can buy extra pairs of their insoles too.

Pegasus is the model with integrated water-resistant membrane, which means that its tongue is gusseted for extra protection.

According to my experience Wildling shoes with a membrane hold water out well for some time, but you can still use waterproofing spray for some extra protection.

2.3 Sole

All Wildling shoes have special separated “Ninja” outsoles and they are only 2.5 mm (up to size 41) or 3.5 mm (42 and up) thin. This puts them at the top of the list of shoes with the best ground feel.

Flexibility is never a question with Wildling Shoes. They can be rolled in any direction effortlessly.

Also check my video for the close-up and to see how they look on my feet.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Most questions I get about Wildling shoes are related to sizing. Take in mind that not all of their models in the same size have the same internal length. The reason lies in the material they are made from.

In all my Spring/Summer Wildling models I usually wear size 42 and in winter size 43. My foot length is 26.3 cm and you can see how my foot looks on their template for size 42.

My aim is to have 10-12 mm space inside the shoe. This is recommended to have by different studies and this is what I prefer.

See my post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that.

If the shoe is true to size, the internal length of the Wildling shoe in size 42 is around 27.2-27.3 cm. But both Pegasus and Lizard are slightly longer than that.

The internal length of Pegasus in size 42 measured with Plus12 is 27.5 cm and Lizard 27.7 cm.

When choosing your perfect Wildling size, I recommend you to use their FitKit. At the same time, check the size description for each individual model. For Pegasus model it is written that it runs a little larger and for Lizard that it runs larger, which corresponds to my measurements.

Tip for using FitKit: Make sure you print FitKit at the right scale. Fold the paper where the dashed line is and place it against the wall. Step on the paper with both feet while the heels touch the wall.

3.2. Toebox shape & width

3.2.1 Toebox shape

All Wildling shoes have good, very square-shaped and foot-shaped toebox. This makes them best suited for feet with the longest second toe or more square-shaped feet.

They can also work well for feet with the longest first toe with milder slope towards the little toe. Those with stronger slopes can wear them too, but you will have more space in front of your little toes.

More about different foot types you can read in my post What is my Foot Type?

3.2.2 Width

Regarding the width they are best suited to medium and medium-wide feet, but take in mind that the material they are made from plays a big role in how they will fit you.

The sole width is the same in all Wildling shoes, but the upper changes and in some models you have more space in the upper than in others.

For example, Lizard is made from very thin material which gives my shallow feet a lot of space inside the shoe. If your feet are narrow or shallow, I definitely recommend you to add an extra insole in them. I can wear Lizard sockless with no problem too, but my foot fills out the shoe better with an extra insole in and with socks on.

This model can work well also for medium-wide feet with more volume. Also, if you prefer a lot of space above your toes, here you will get this for sure.

Pegasus is not so spacious in the toebox area and it can fit well also those with narrower feet. If you need more space above your toes, you can remove the insole.

Wildling shoes have super a soft upper amd some models allows a lot of spreading to the sides. Always take care that your toes stay on the sole while walking, even though the upper can spill over the sides.

3.3. Fit around the instep, heel and ankle

Over the instep both fit well to different heights of the insteps, but if your feet are narrow with low volume and low instep, Lizard will fit you better with an extra insole in.

I can securely fix them on my skinny ankles and heel, but I notice small baginnes at the sides in the Lizard model, due to thin material. But this is not visually disturbing to me.

4. Comfort

Have I ever complained about Wildling shoes not being comfortable? No? Well, I won’t now either. Nothing can beat them in comfort.

5. How and when to wear them?

Lizard and Pegasus can be worn with anything casual. I like pairing them with blue jeans and T-shirts, but they can work well also with a casual skirt or just wear them with a pair of black leggings to your walk to the store. Wear them whenever you want to feel relaxed.

6. Price & where to buy

Wildling shoes can be bought only from their official Wildling website. The price for both models is the same – 119 €.

7. Shipping info

Shipping costs for Germany are 4,90 € and for international orders 8,90 €. Free shipping is for all orders above 200 €. Wildling offers free first returns and you can arrange your return through DHL.

For ordering I recommend you to use Paypal and you can use their free return service.

8. To sum up

Wildling shoes impressed again with their collection. Not only that the message they sent to the world is great, I also love their new material used in Lizard (and also Eden) and new colours. Choosing the right size can sometimes feel a little overwhelming for a first time buyer, but I’m sure I gave you all the details in my review.

Are you ready to step into the new adventures in your Wildling shoes?


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