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Wildling Shoes Review: Is This Your New Favorite Shoe?

They say that the best things in life are those you don’t even notice that you have, and this is particularly true when it comes to your shoes. The softness and flexibility that Wildling Shoes have to offer is just unmatchable. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without […]

Wildling Shoes Slip-on Talas – Review

Wildling Shoes Talas – a shoe reduced to the minimal. A slogan that beautifully describes the brand new, fresh and so different model of this popular barefoot brand. Due to their ease of wear, slip-on shoes are one of the most popular shoe designs. Wildling Shoes has taken on this […]

Wildling Shoes Spring/Summer 2022 – Review

Spring brings a new era at Wildling Shoes. A new logo, a new website, new designs and a new slogan ‘We are part of the RE:GENERATION’. Regeneration – an idea that brings a change at Wildling Shoes. A word that symbolises not only the regeneration of feet and body that […]

Wildling Shoes Panther, Blackbird, Elderberry, Fir and Marten- Review

This year’s Autumn/Winter Wildling Shoes collection also offers a diverse range of natural materials, different shoe heights and colors. Monochrome models predominate, there are fewer patterns and a lot of warm autumn tones. This fall my whole family is testing Wildling Shoes. For testing, we chose different models to make […]

Wildling Shoes Tanuki – Review

Paper shoes? Yeah, you heard right. Wildling Shoes Tanuki are made of paper and are such breathable shoes that you can easily wear them even in the hot summer. Once you put them on, you realize that there is no lighter, more comfortable and more breathable closed-toe shoe like this. […]

Wildling Shoes Feather Sandals – Review

Did you know that the names for Wildling shoes are not chosen randomly? They all have a special meaning, which connects them to the plant or animal whose name they have. This year, the name for Feather Api sandals brings a very important message. Namely, Apis in Latin means bee. […]

Wildling Shoes Pegasus and Lizard – Review

New Wildling Shoes collection is full of colours, new natural materials and it comes with a very important message: “We are responsible for every step”. And wearing shoes with such a wonderful story is a real pleasure for me. We can’t live without our planet and how we take care […]

Wildling Shoes Crow & Winter Heath – Review

If anyone knows how to make the softest shoes you can imagine (and this means every single model), this is Wildling. After you find out what a pleasure it is to wear them, you just don’t want to take them off anymore. And my kids could not agree with me […]

Wildling Shoes Crane – Review

There is something special about Wildling shoes. Something, that makes me feel like these shoes have an invisible magnet built in that pulls me towards them and refuses to let me go… When Wildling shoes started their business, their goal was to develop a ‘shoe that protects feet from injuries […]