VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Court – Review

Can I tell you a secret? Vivobarefoot Geo Court shoes are my husband’s first barefoot shoes. In the past four years I tried to convince him many times. But he always said that he don’t like how they look. Until he saw those and immediately changed his mind.

It has been four years now since I transitioned to barefoot shoes. My first two pairs of barefoot shoes were from Vivobarefoot. Since then I just couldn’t find a perfect fit with this brand anymore. The width and the toebox shape were just not perfect for my feet.

But when Vivobarefoot released these new Geo Court shoes I decided to give them one more chance. They looked so nice that I just couldn’t resist to try them. And it was such a relive when I found out that Vivobarefoot actually fit me at last.

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1. General

  • Model: Geo Court
  • Colour:
    – women – bright white colour in smooth leather
    – men – zinc colour in nubuck leather
  • Tested on:
    – woman – medium-wide feet, 26,3 cm long and 10 cm wide, low instep, skinny ankles
    – men – 27,5 cm long and 10,5 cm wide, low instep

2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

Geo Court shoes are available in smooth or nubuck leather in three different colours. Light grey colour is made from nubuck leather and bright white and white/blue/red colour from smooth leather.

All colours are available in men and women version. I decided to try bright white colour and my husband light grey colour named zinc.

Shoes have a very modern, clean and simple look that makes them look just awesome on foot. Even those contrast heel cap look fantastic on them.

At the side of the shoes, there is significant Vivobarefoot brand logo, which is usually used in their sport sneakers and I find this brand logo really appealing. It doesn’t stand out to much to be disturbing and on the other hand it is just perfectly emphasised to make the shoes stand out of the plain zone.

The laces are made from organic cotton. They slide through the holes a little bit harder and you need to pull the laces through each hole when you put them on.

Metal eyelets are hidden and are fixed only on the inside part of the shoe.

Regarding the creasing, smooth leather creases quite fast and I got visible signs of wear almost immediately.

My husband nubuck version is much less likely to crease and they still look like new after few weeks of wearing.

2.2 Lining

Geo Court shoes are lined with a premium quality leather only at the back part of the shoes. Front part is lined with a mesh material, of which I do not know the exact name.

The shoes have inserted ‘bio-based Bloom EVA insole’ and I always wear my Geo Court shoes with the insole in as my feet are quite shallow.

I usually prefer leather shoes than shoes from recycled PET materials as the leather breathe better. I tried to wear Geo Court shoes with and without the socks on and I prefer to wear them with socks. Without them I started to feel that my feet are getting a little bit hot and sweaty and the socks helped with the situation.

2.3 Sole

The sole used in Geo Court is Vivobarefoot everyday hexagonal-textured rubber sole, which is only 3 mm thick.

The hexagonal pattern is visible even at the sides, which make shoes look even more pleasant for the eyes.

Shoes can be rolled in a bun, but you still need slightly more pressure to do that. Shoes are a little bit more compact than what I’m used to wear lately.

With the insole in I have a good ground feeling, but the feeling is still a little bit more cushioned and I feel less grounded as in some others models or brands.

I’m always surprised how easily Vivobarefoot soles can be cleaned. So far, I managed to clean all the dirt from the sole with no problem. But I’ll see how will they hold up when they get even dirtier. Colours and materials used in Geo Court shoes are still a little bit more sensitive and harder to clean.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Shoes are available in sizes 35-43 for women and in sizes 40-49 for men.

My feet are 26,3 cm long and 10 cm wide and I decided to get a women size 42 with the inside length of 27,5 cm. This size always felt a little long for my feet in Vivobarefoot shoes, but in this model, it works good for me.

I wish I had a little bit less space in front of my big toe, but because of the toebox shape, smaller size is not an option for me (I’m left with no space for my little toes, although for the big toe size 41 is ideal).

My husband foot length is 27,5 cm and he wear size 44 with inside length 28,9 cm. He has the same problem as I do. Smaller size is not working for him either, because of the foot shape, which is similar to mine.

3.2. Toebox & width

The shape of the toebox in Vivobarefoot Geo Court shoes is best suited to Egyptian foot-shape (the big toe is the longest). Both me and my husband have Greek foot type (the second toe is the longest) and therefore we need a little bit more space in front of the toes to make Vivobarefoot shoes work for us.

In smaller size with less space in front of the big toe, our little toes don’t have enough space anymore. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend Vivobarefoot shoes for square-shaped feet as the toebox shape is really not ideal for that foot type.

Vivobarefoot improved the shape of the toebox quite a lot since last year (see the photo of the insoles below) and Geo Court shoes are definitely wider than the Vivobarefoot styles I own or I have tried in the last years. They fit fine to my medium-wide feet.

My big toe can be perfectly straight in them and I don’t feel the side of the shoe touching it, but regarding the space above the toes I would say that they are not super spacious. The leather is thicker and more compact; therefore, you can feel more pressure at the toes at the beginning if your toes are closer to the end than mine.

I must say that I don’t have a problem with that as I have quite a lot of space left in front of my big toe, but if your toes are more at the end of the shoe, you can find this disturbing.

3.3. Fit

Geo Court shoes wraps quite high around my ankles. They fit my shallow feet really well. I didn’t have to tie the laces a lot and I just left them as they came out the box, what is not usual for me.

They could still work well for feet with more volume, although they could feel a little low in the toebox area. But you can still remove the insole and get some extra space in them.

3.4 Comfort

When I first tried them on, they felt a little bit stiff and more compact than what I’m used to wear.

What really concerned me at the beginning was this collar which came quite up high around my ankle and it was pressing directly to my ankle bone. My husband had exactly the same problem.

But I must say that the leather softened really fast and when I wore them for a while, I totally forgot that this even bothered me at the beginning.

4. Comparison to different brands

Here you can see a comparison to Groundies and Muki shoes (all are white leather sneakers). Vivobarefoot Geo Court shoes definitely have the least tapered toebox shape and my big toe is not touching the side of the shoe at all. Although I have more space above my toes in Muki and Groundies shoes and Groundies and Muki shoes are also softer with a better ground feeling. Vivobarefoot shoes work the best for Egyptian foot shape and Groundies and Muki Shoes fit better even to those with Greek foot shape or square-shaped feet.

5. How to wear them?

The colours and the design of Geo Court shoes is just timeless and you can pair them with just anything. Of course, not with an evening gown, but they work really well with a lot of different casual clothes 🙂

You will look fashionable in them even with plain leggings.

But, of course, you can wear them with your jeans too.

6. Price & where to buy

Vivobarefoot Geo Court shoes can be bought from their official website or from different retailers. Full price for Geo Court model is 135€.

You can buy them with 10% discount with using my affiliate code BUVIVO20.

7. Shipping info

Shipping costs depends on the country you are from. For most of the countries shipping is free for orders above 100 €. Returns are free only for some countries.

8. Where are they made?

Vivobarefoot is currently ‘in the process of moving their main production lines from China to Vietnam. They have offices in Ethiopia and Portugal too.’ All their shoes are made with sustainability in their mind. Their goal is a sustainable design with zero impact on the environment.

9. To sum up

Geo Court shoes are so far my favourite shoes from Vivobarefoot. They are not the softest ones on the market, but definitely one of the best designed and I absolutely love how nice they look on foot. I was definitely surprised by the width of those shoes as they are wider than some other Vivo models I tried, but I would still say that they won’t suit those with extra wide feet.

These are my husband’s first barefoot shoes and they are probably a perfect choice for soft transition to barefoot shoes. And he is almost matchy-matchy with his wife 😛

But when Vivobarefoot released these new Geo Court shoes I decided to give them one more chance. They looked so nice that I just couldn’t resist to try them. And it was such a relive when I found out that Vivobarefoot actually fit me at last.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed review! It’s very nice to see the wider toe box! I’m definitely getting a pair!

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