15 Stylish Barefoot Sneakers That Leave Your Kicks in the Dust

If mixing comfort, health, and fashion is your thing, get ready for a thrilling find. Barefoot sneakers are changing the game, offering the perfect blend of walking barefoot’s benefits while keeping you in style. Switching to barefoot sneakers could be the breakthrough you’ve been searching for. Get ready to enter a world where your shoes are not just trendy but also enhance that natural, wonderful feeling!

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Why Barefoot Sneakers Outshine Your Ordinary Pairs

Imagine having X-ray vision for a moment. If you looked down at your feet, all cozy in those stylish sneakers, the reality might be eye-opening. Instead of a comfortable, natural alignment, you’d likely see your toes squished together, crammed into an unnatural position that could make you think twice about slipping them on again.

It’s time we put an end to sacrificing our health for looks and embrace shoes designed for our natural anatomy—barefoot sneakers.

Here’s why barefoot sneakers are the way to go:

  • Foot-shaped design – allows your toes to spread naturally, aligning with your body’s intended mechanics.
  • Flat soles – these promote proper balance and body alignment.
  • Thin, flexible soles – they enable our feet to move freely and sense the ground beneath them.

Choosing barefoot sneakers is more than just shoe shopping; it’s choosing to take care of your health and comfort. Your feet will get to experience a freedom they’ve never known, which is great not just for your toes but for your whole body’s well-being.

Why settle for less when it comes to health or style? With barefoot sneakers, you don’t have to compromise—you get the best of both worlds.

The Best Barefoot Sneakers on the Market


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | 101€+ |

Use BU10 for 10% off (valid on first purchase)

Fleeters burst onto the scene with a highly successful launch through their crowdfunding campaign, thanks to a massive amount of support. Their success can largely be attributed to the modern design of their sneakers – think leopard prints, metallic details, and the kind of stylish design that fashion-forward individuals crave in barefoot sneakers. What sets Fleeters apart is their commitment to sustainability, with sneakers made from vegan materials like corn leather. The soles are soft and flexible, though the higher edge might make them feel slightly firmer than some of the other sneakers listed here (though, this thick sole appearance is just an illusion). Some readers have mentioned initial discomfort around the top collar, but since we haven’t experienced this with our pairs, we can’t speak from personal experience. A huge plus is that they’re machine washable, making maintenance a breeze.

Sizing & Fit: Fleeters are ideally suited for medium to medium-wide feet and can be comfortably adjusted to fit narrower feet as well. There’s minimal tapering at the big toe, which doesn’t restrict toe movement, provided you choose a size with enough space in front. I wear size 42, with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm, and we’ve found the sizes on the chart to be accurate.


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | $160+ | 160€+ |

Use BUVIVO20 for 20% discount

We’re big fans of VIVOBAREFOOT sneakers, and they definitely nail the combination of style and chic in barefoot footwear! Their shoes are among the highest quality in the barefoot category and are built to last for years (just check out how I cleaned my husband’s Geo Courts to make them look brand new). Vivo offers a variety of sneaker styles. Our favorites include the Geo Court and the new Sensus, which feel like thin leather gloves on your feet and are supremely minimalistic. For those pairing with sports attire, the Lite Knit and Asana models won’t disappoint either.

Sizing & fit: Most women’s VIVOBAREFOOT shoes tend to fit best on narrow and medium wide feet. Some styles may feel slightly wider than others (I find the Geo Court to be the widest). The men’s versions are wider than the women’s, giving an extra option for anyone needing more room. If your size falls into a category where both men’s and women’s models are up for grabs, you get to choose between two different widths.

For further details, delve into our comprehensive review on VIVOBAREFOOT.


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | $104+ | 104€+ |

Oh, Feelgrounds, a first for many in the barefoot shoe journey. We’re really into the design of their sneakers, which definitely fills a gap in the market for stylish sneakers aimed at a younger audience (or young by heart). Feelgrounds sneakers are wider than those from VIVO and are unique in that they exclusively produce vegan barefoot shoes. Our personal favorites are the Original Mesh and Knit, along with the Court models. They’ve become a staple for us, always ready by the doorstep for another wear. It’s particularly great how the Mesh models can be easily tossed into the washing machine for cleaning. While the Luxe models might feel a bit warm on summer days, the Court models have a better performance thanks to their different lining.

Sizing & Fit: Most Feelgrounds sneakers cater well to medium and medium-wide feet, but usually can accommodate narrower feet too. They’ve recently updated their size chart to reflect the insole width rather than the shoe width, making the shoes appear a bit narrower. However, from our experience, the Mesh and Knit models are about 3-4 mm wider, and the Court models 1-2 mm wider than what’s indicated on the size chart. The internal length matches the size chart accurately, and I wear size 42 (with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm) in all Feelgrounds sneakers. They’re also quite adaptable to different foot volumes, which is a big plus.

Lang.S by Tikki Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | 120€ |

Use BOSENOGICE10% for 10% off

Lang.S, short for “Language of the Soil,” might be a new name on the scene, but it’s actually the rebranded identity of the well-known Tikki Shoes. Under this fresh moniker, they’ve launched their first models for kids and adults, including the ZEN sneakers. True to the brand’s reputation, you can expect top-notch quality here. The sneakers feature a high-quality, soft leather upper and a natural rubber outsole. The collar isn’t overly padded, so if your skin is particularly sensitive, you might want to start off wearing socks with them. The sole strikes a perfect balance in thickness – not ultra-thin but not overly thick either, providing just enough cushioning and shock absorption. Plus, the hemp insole is removable, offering the option to enhance ground feel by taking it out.

Sizing & Fit: Lang.S sneakers are slightly wider than the previous Tikki models, notably offering more space around the big toe. Their shape is quite universal, with a gentler slope towards the pinky toe, accommodating a variety of foot shapes. They’re ideally suited for medium-width feet but also accommodate narrow and medium-wide feet, as well as low and average foot volumes well. If you’re in need of a bit more space, sizing up one size is an option. The shoes align with the size chart, and I wear size 41, matching my foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, vegan | 119€+ |

Use BOSENOGICE10 for 10% off

Peerko sneakers might not sport the classic kicks appearance, but they are the perfect choice if you’re in search of sneakers that can double as part of a semi-formal outfit. They’re available in several different colors and materials, including many vegan options added this year! Additionally, they’ve recently launched a new canvas sneaker called Origin, which we’re confident you’re going to love. These are seriously some of the softest and most comfortable barefoot shoes we’ve ever worn, perfect for anyone seeking a barefoot alternative to their Allstars.

Sizing & Fit: Peerko offers very detailed size charts, and their shoes align well with these measurements. I wear size 42 in all my Peerko sneakers (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm). In terms of width, they’re ideally suited for medium-wide feet. The Classic model may feel even wider, with its upper design contributing to it being the most spacious. They’re optimally fitted for average foot volume and heel size, but they also accommodate high-volume feet quite well. However, some people with skinny heels might notice more gapping around the ankles in certain styles.

For a detailed review of Peerko, check out our comprehensive review.


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, vegan | 129€+ |

Use BOSENOGICE5 for 5% off

Shapen’s sneakers really stand out with their broad selection of colors and models. Whether you’re into glitter, or metallic colors, they’ve got you covered. They also offer some very classic styles in more neutral colors, as well as options for men. While their vegan alternatives may be slightly less breathable than leather, they look just as good as their leather counterparts.

Sizing & Fit: Shapen sneakers are a great choice for both medium and wide feet, and the great news is they adjust quite well to narrower feet too. The fit across different styles is very consistent, mainly differing in the upper design. The toe box is exceptionally roomy, providing plenty of space for your toes to move freely. If you have low-volume or narrower feet, you might notice some creasing near the front part, just before where the laces start, but this doesn’t result in any discomfort while moving and you can always add an insole to minimise that. All their shoes adhere to the size chart accurately, so it’s a good idea to consult it before making a purchase. Personally, I aim for 10-12 mm of extra space in front of my toes in their sneakers.

For a detailed review of Shapen, check out our comprehensive review.


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, vegan | 90€+ |

Use BU15 for 15% off (valid until 12th April 2024)

Groundies is currently serving up an impressively extensive collection of barefoot sneakers that are right on trend with the latest fashion, yet fully embrace the barefoot ethos. They offer a variety of styles in different materials, featuring various sole types and designs. It’s crucial to ensure you’re picking the right model for your needs (be aware that they also carry some non-barefoot, regular sneakers). While their sneakers may be more affordable than others on this list (and keep an eye out for their regular sales throughout the year), it’s worth noting that some leather sneakers might start to show wear more quickly than the pricier options mentioned.

Sizing & Fit: Groundies provides several different sole types to cater to a range of foot widths, covering almost any size from narrow to extra wide. Just make sure to select the width that’s right for you. All their styles are true to the size chart, and I typically wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm), except in the GX1 sole, which feels a bit shorter and less foot-shaped.

For further information about Groundies, explore our in-depth review.


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | 99€+ |

Use UNIVERSEMUKI for 10% off

Imagine the softest and thinnest sneakers you can possibly find. Those would be Mukishoes. This brand is celebrated for its ultra-minimalist design, offering one of the closest second-skin-like feelings among barefoot sneakers on the market. Their strong commitment to sustainability and waste reduction is evident, as they exclusively use natural materials like hemp, cotton, or leather. Each year, alongside their staple styles, they release a few colorful options for the new season. It’s worth noting that some styles may initially cause a bit of discomfort around the ankles, but from our experience, the materials always soften up nicely (a few wears with socks should do the trick). Since they produce their shoes in a mindful manner, some styles might sell out quickly and not be restocked within the season, so if you see a style you like, it’s wise to act fast rather than wait.

Sizing & Fit: Mukishoes are ideal for narrow and medium-width feet. Thanks to the sole being so thin and soft, you can gain a bit of extra width by sizing up, as the sole will spread out to the sides. Most styles are true to size, although the leather styles might feel a tad shorter, and I prefer to size up in the high-tops, which feel shorter due to their upper design. For all other styles, I wear size 42, with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

For a detailed review of Mukishoes, check out our comprehensive review.


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, vegan | 99€+ |

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Koel is a brand to which I’ve remained truly loyal since they first launched their barefoot sneakers for kids. Since that initial release, I’ve consistently bought them for my two older kids, who are now wearing adult sizes. I’ve also acquired a few styles for myself, and Koel has never disappointed. They offer a vast selection of styles and colors, and since their primary focus is on selling through retailers, not all styles may be available on their official website. Instead, you might need to search through different retailers if you’re looking for a specific color or style. All their sneakers usually feature their thinnest sole, which is incredibly thin and flexible, becoming even softer with wear. Additionally, they’re quite durable. We’ve only experienced some loss of color on the kids’ sneakers, but considering my oldest son is particularly tough on shoes, I don’t fault them for this.

Sizing & Fit: Koel sneakers are a great fit for medium-width feet, low to average instep. If you need a bit more room, sizing up can easily provide that extra space, making them suitable for wider feet as well (though not extra-wide). The toe box shape is very universal (milder slope towards the pinky toe), accommodating a variety of foot shapes well. In their sneakers, I wear size 42, matching my foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | 157€+ |

Use BU10 for 10% off

Bahé is a new barefoot brand that is stepping into the barefoot world with their first Revive sneakers and it is already making an impression. Their Revive running sneakers, have a very modern, urban look and do a great job of concealing their wide toe box. Even if you are not yet accustomed to the look of wide toe box and foot-shaped shoes you will probably found those pleasing in appearance.

Crafted with a mesh water-resistant upper, the sneakers are available in four different colors. While they might show wear faster than some others on this list, their standout feature is their status as one of the first barefoot grounding or earthing shoes with the same electrical conductivity as human skin, achieved by incorporating several layers of conductivity material inside the sole. The overall thickness of the sole is slightly thicker, but not excessively so. The sole still maintains good flexibility in one direction. This combination of sole thickness and design makes them perfect for beginners as well. If you prefer more ground feel, you have the option to remove the insoles, allowing you to wear them in both ways.

Sizing & fit: Bahé shoes are perfect for medium and wide feet, but not for extra wide feet. Their lacing system allows for a good adjustment for narrow feet as well. They are best suited for those with low and average instep. When choosing your size, make sure to check their size chart, which provides recommended foot lengths. If your foot length is 2-3 mm above the recommended size, you can consider sizing down, unless your feet are on the wider side. For example, I’m wearing size 42 with a foot length of 26.3 cm. Size 42 is recommended for feet that are 26 cm long.

Wildling Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | 109€+ |


I fell in love with Wildling shoes the moment I got my first pair a few years ago. They skip the usual sneaker look for something much more unique and eye-catching. Their amazing comfort and feel are exactly why they’ve made it onto this list. Whether it’s their breezy summer shoes or snug winter boots, every Wildling shoe feels like a second skin, making you forget you’re even wearing shoes. If you’re used to a bit of padding, the level of connection with the ground these shoes offer might feel a bit much, but for those who crave that earth-under-the-feet sensation, Wildling shoes are a game-changer. The brand maintains some staple styles available throughout the year, complemented by new styles and colors introduced seasonally that are only available for a limited period.

Sizing & Fit: Wildling Shoes are most compatible with narrow and medium-width feet. Their spring collection can also accommodate medium-wide feet, but not extra-wide feet. Some of the newer styles come with added volume, which might result in a looser fit for those with narrower feet. However, because this increase is in volume rather than sole width, they won’t suit wider feet well, even if you can manage the extra space. I consistently wear size 42 across all my Wildling sneakers, matching my foot measurements of 26.3/10 cm.

For a detailed review of Wildling, check out our comprehensive review.


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | 25€+ |

Use BU15 for 15% discount

Saguaro is often the go-to brand for those dipping their toes into the world of barefoot sneakers, largely because of their affordability. This makes them a popular choice for newcomers unsure about how barefoot shoes will fit or feel. It’s important to note that all Saguaro shoes are vegan, constructed from synthetic materials. So, if your priority is natural and sustainable materials, Saguaro might not meet your criteria. However, if you’re in the market for sneakers that are easy to care for, machine washable, and wallet-friendly, they’re definitely worth considering. Saguaro continuously updates their lineup, offering a variety of styles and regularly introducing new designs and colors based on customer feedback.

Sizing & Fit: With a wide range of styles, each featuring different sole shapes, thicknesses, and toe box designs, selecting the correct size from Saguaro’s extensive catalog can sometimes be challenging. After testing several of their styles, we’ve found it helpful to size up when dealing with thicker shoe materials or soles that appear slightly pointy in photos (indicating that some models are more foot-shaped than others). Their size chart includes foot length recommendations for each size; for me, that’s size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm). However, depending on the model, I opt for either size 42 or 43.

For a detailed review of Saguaro, check out our comprehensive review.


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | 149€ |

Use 10BU for 10% discount

Realfoot sneakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for plenty of room for their toes, offering one of the most spacious toe boxes of all the sneakers we’ve looked at here. They have a timeless design and come in a wide array of colors, making it easy to find something that matches your style perfectly.

Sizing & Fit: Realfoot sneakers are a great fit for those with medium-wide, wide, and extra-wide feet, providing ample room for the pinky toe and a gentler slope towards it, which suits a range of foot shapes well. While they can be adjusted for narrower feet, keep in mind that a lower foot volume may result in more creasing of the shoe. The midfoot and heel areas are a bit narrower compared to other brands, which might make them feel snug for those with very wide feet in these areas. The sizing across their range is reliable, and I consistently wear a size 42 in all their shoes, with my foot measurements being 26.3/10 cm.

For a detailed review of Realfoot, check out our comprehensive review.


| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | 129€+ |

Use BU10 for 10% discount

Bohempia sneakers are a standout choice for anyone seeking a barefoot alternative to classics like All Stars or Vans. Their dedication to being eco-friendly is clear, with every pair of sneakers made from natural materials found nearby, including a mix of hemp upper and natural rubber for the soles. They have a wide variety of colors, from bright and bold to soft and neutral, making sure there’s a style for everyone.

Sizing & Fit: Bohempia caters to diverse foot shapes by offering their barefoot models in two widths: ‘regular’ and ‘wide’. It’s interesting to note that smaller sizes are designed to accommodate wider feet compared to the larger sizes; for instance, a ‘wide’ width in size 36 is intended for extra wide feet, whereas size 44 is best suited for merely wide feet. In my experience, I wear a size 42 across all Bohempia models (with a foot length of 26.3 cm), opting for the ‘wide’ option in warmer winter models, as the ‘regular’ width is just on the cusp of being wide enough for my 10 cm wide foot. It’s worth mentioning that the internal length of the shoe tends to be about 3-4 mm longer than the values listed in the size chart.

Ohne Project

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | 159€ |

Use BU10 for 10% discount

Ohne Project is a fresh face in the world of vegan barefoot sneakers, offering designs that have a mainstream appeal sure to captivate many, especially the younger demographic. Their initial launch, following a successful crowdfunding campaign, saw their first batch of sneakers sell out within minutes, indicating a high demand. While there might not be many sizes currently in stock, the brand is already preparing for the release of new colors and an additional batch soon. Compared to other barefoot sneakers mentioned here, Ohne Project’s sneakers may feel more structured, particularly around the heel area, making them a suitable option for those who prefer a bit more cushion. They come with different insoles, allowing for easy customization of the cushioning level to meet individual preferences.

Sizing & Fit: Ohne Project sneakers are versatile, accommodating a range from narrow to medium-wide feet, with a design suited for low to average foot volumes. The choice of insole can significantly affect the overall fit; for instance, the thickest and most cushioned insole option might reduce the available space inside the shoe. Thus, it’s important to consider this when selecting your size. The shoes are true to the size chart, and I wear size 42, which offers me a comfortable 14 mm of extra space inside the shoe, aligning well with my foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

Xero Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, vegan | $75+ | 75€+ |

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Xero Shoes often sport an athletic look, but they’ve also got a nice lineup of casual styles that go great with jeans for everyday wear. Their shoes are made from either vegan materials or leather, making them a bit more wallet-friendly compared to other brands we’ve talked about (especially during their sales). A lot of their sneakers have a bit more padding, which is perfect for those just starting with barefoot shoes or anyone who likes a bit more cushion.

Sizing & Fit: Xero Shoes come in two widths: men’s and women’s. The women’s sizes are a tad narrower than the men’s, fitting medium-width feet best. But if your feet are on the wider side, going up a size might give you the extra width you need. Their shoes also tend to have plenty of room above the toes. The men’s versions are designed to be wider, especially around the ball of the foot and the midfoot area, making them well-suited for individuals with medium-wide feet. If you find that your shoe size is available in both men’s and women’s options, this gives you the freedom to choose based on the specific width needs of your feet.

The fit can vary across their range, so this is my go-to strategy for picking my size, and it usually works out pretty well. For the models made with thicker materials, I tend to go up half or a full size.

For a detailed review of Xero Shoes, check out our comprehensive review.

More Barefoot Sneaker Styles

Bär Shoes

These sneakers rank as some of the highest-quality barefoot options available, built to last. With a broad selection of sole thicknesses, from super thin to more padded and cushy, there’s something for everyone.

Use BU15 for 15 discount

Lems Shoes

Lems minimalist sneakers sport an athletic look, equipped with thicker soles for added cushioning. Perfect for anyone who loves the minimalist style but also wants extra comfort and support, these shoes offer the best of both worlds: functionality and a sharp, sporty look.

Use BFUNIVERSE for 5% discount

Angles Fashion

Angles fashion sneakers are made with soft leather and feature a microfiber lining. Offered in classic black and white, they’re ideal for anyone who values timeless design combined with the comfort of modern materials.

Use BU5 for 5% discount


These budget-friendly sneakers from Amazon are designed to suit various tastes and wallets. Some models come with a thicker sole and a slight toe spring.


Tolos super lightweight and flexible unisex sneakers are our favorite for casual wear, thanks to their unique design that features no tongue for a sock-style fit. As of now, they’re only available for shipping within the US.

Use BAREFOOTUNIVERSE for 10% discount

Magical Shoes

Magical Shoes sneakers are designed to provide a barely-there feel while still offering protection. They are ultra-flexible and thin, making them an ideal choice for anyone with medium-width feet.

Use BOSENOGICE for 10% discount


Ahinsa high-quality vegan sneakers are soft and flexible, available in a Barefoot line for a natural feel and a Comfort line with a slightly raised heel insole.

Use BU10 for 10% discount

Sambas The Bambas

Sambas the Bambas vegan sneakers are made from plant-based materials, offer a wide array of bright colors and unique patterns, and are perfect for those seeking both sustainability and style.

Use BOSENOGICE for 7% discount

Side-by-Side Barefoot Sneakers Comparison

Here, we’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of various barefoot sneakers, paying extra attention to the shape of their toe boxes and their width. This allow you to easily see how they differ and what they have in common. This setup aims to simplify your search, helping you find the perfect barefoot sneaker that fits your feet perfectly.


Choosing barefoot sneakers goes beyond following a fashion trend; it’s about moving towards having feet that are not only healthier but also happier, all without giving up on looking good. By opting for barefoot sneakers, you’re picking comfort, the freedom of natural foot movement, and overall wellness. So, explore our lists, find your perfect pair, and walk into spring with confidence and ease. Your feet deserve the best, and with barefoot sneakers, that’s exactly what they’ll get.

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