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Tikki Shoes NIDO – Review

It’s all about details. And Tikki knows this well. Each tiny part of their shoes is carefully crafted with so much care. Even if is just a small detail changed in the toebox or a small butterfly gently settled on the shoe. Caring for details…yes, this is Tikki.

Tiki Nido shoes are a new addition to Tikki shoes for kids. They came in two different styles – as shoes and in a more opened version as sandals. New Nido shoes and sandals are actually an updated and improved version of their previous shoes and sandals for kids and they can be used as indoor or outdoor shoes.

My kids wear their old version of sandals in kindergarten as slippers and we couldn’t be happier with them. I couldn’t find any flaw about them and I constantly choose this model for my kids to wear.

My first son wore them the whole first year in school too and they were holding extremely well. At the end of the school year I washed them in the washing machine and they still looked perfectly fine. Can’t tell you how sad he was when he outgrown the biggest size.

Although we are extremely satisfied with previous version, Tikki find the way to make them even better for our kids.

Disclaimer: Tikki sent me these shoes for review, but as always, all opinions expressed here are my own and I don’t receive any compensation if you choose to buy some for yourself.

1. General

  • Brand: Tikki
  • Model: Nido
  • Colour: Wave (size 24N) and Candy (size 30N)
  • Tested on: boy (feet: 15 cm long and 6,5 cm wide), girl (feet: 18,5 cm long and 7,2 cm wide)

2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

Tikki Nido shoes are available in 9 different colours for boys and girls. I decided to choose Wave model in light blue colour for my son and my girl picked Candy model in soft rose colour as she really loves this colour. So, it was an expected choice 🙂

The upper in Nido shoes is made from a soft premium quality vegetable tanned leather, which really has a high-quality feel.

At the front part of Nido shoes rubber toe cap is sewn, which is super-resistant to wear. According to Tikki this rubber toe cap ‘allows leather to naturally take the shape of the growing feet, while avoiding frontal wear and tear marks’. Well, you must admit that it also looks quite adorable, right 🙂

In this new version Tikki also changed the detail at the heel part. As stated by Tikki ‘two newly designed small leather add-ons keep Nido’s heel in its original shape and make putting them on much easier.’

My daughter didn’t have any problems with previous version, but this change will definitely help little kids to put on their shoes more easily too.

I love how much attention Tikki pays to the details. This small butterfly is so cute.

2.2 Lining

Inside the shoe there is a 0,8 mm thick textile insole which has replaced the old leather insole, to prevent foot sliding and excessive sweat.

My kid’s feet don’t sweat in old model (but they wear sandal version), but this is a positive change for kids whose feet are likely to sweat more.

New Nido shoes are multi-purpose shoes which can be worn all the way from spring until autumn. I wouldn’t recommend them to wear in a rain. They can hold some water out from the shoe, but water will still get inside the shoe through the frame seam.

For colder days I definitely recommend getting their 2 mm thick felt insole made from 90% wool to add some additional thermal protection to little feet.

2.3 Sole

The sole of Tikki Nido shoes is extremely flexible and it is only 2 mm thick.

Including 0,8 mm thick textile insole the total stack height is only 2,8 mm and this is probably one of the thinnest soles that you can get on the market.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Tikki Nido shoes are available in sizes 19N-32N. I chose size 24N and size 30N for my kids. Their shoes are true to size.

My youngest sons’ feet are 15 cm long and I chose a size 24N with inside length measurement of 15,8 cm. This gives him an 8 mm space in front of his toes. The next size with 16mm of space would definitely be too big for him, but at his current size he no longer has room to grow. The size is not ideal for him.

My daughters’ feet are 18,5 cm long and I chose size 30N with an inside length of 19,8 cm. This means 13 mm of extra space in front of her toes.

Nido shoes are one of the few shoes where my kids have less space inside the shoe. The main reason is extremely generous toebox, which is also quite square-shaped. This allows all the toes to have enough space to spread even with a slightly less space. I would only prefer a little more space for my son, as this would give him room to grow and the possibility of wearing the shoe for a longer period of time.

My kids ’feet aren’t extremely wide and they also have skinny ankles. However, if your children have wider feet and a higher instep, then a little more space will be a much more appropriate choice.

3.2. Toebox & width

New Nido shoes have an improved toebox shape in comparison to older version, which is now as foot-shaped as it can possibly be.

The toebox is square shaped and it fits the best to the kids with Greek foot-shape or to the kids more square-shaped foot.

But Egyptian foot shape can fit in them nicely too. I just would go for a lot of space in front of a big toe as they will end up with quite a lot of space in front of their small toes.

3.3. Fit

Shoes can be adjusted really well with the velcro strap. My kid’s feet are quite shallow and they have skinny ankles too and with a strap I can make them really secure on feet to prevent their feet to slide forward while walking.

Shoes allow good adjustment to different foot volumes. My kids have quite a lot of space left in the instep area, but if your kid’s feet are chubby and if the shoes fit a bit snug in the middle part, take in mind that a leather will stretch over time.

3.4 Comfort

I don’t think that any kid will complain that the shoes are not comfortable. Probably the only thing that could happen is that they will just forget that they have anything on their feet at all 🙂

4. Difference between the old and new model

Here you can see the difference between the old and the new model. Nido sandals and Nido shoes are designed in the same way (the same is with the old sandals and shoes).

Tikki improved the toebox shape to make them even less tapered, they also added rubber toe caps, changed the leather insole with textile and added the leather add-ons to keep the heel shape.

5. How to wear them?

Tikki Nido shoes fit just to any kids’ clothes.

They can wear them as casual shoes or even with more formal clothes. Girls can wear them with a dress too.

6. Price & where to buy

Tikki Nido shoes can be bought directly from their website. Full price for Nido model is 32,86 € for sizes 19N-23N and 36,90€ for sizes 24N-29N.

You can buy Tikki Nido shoes at different retailers too. Some of them can be found here.

7. Shipping info

Shipping costs depend on the shipping country and the number of items you order. They are calculated during the checkout. For orders over 250 € shipping is free of charge for any country in EU.

8. Where are they made?

Tikki shoes are handmade in Timisoara, Romania by footwear crafters Maria and Adrian and their team.

9. To sum up

Tikki Nido shoes are definitely the shoes that I would recommend to all kids. They are one of the most barefoot shoes you can possibly get for your kids on the market.

These are the shoes with a super thin and flexible sole and with a soft upper which is not restricting the toes in any way. I wouldn’t consider choosing more structured and compact barefoot shoes for first walkers and small children. Tikki will give you an excellent quality for a reasonable price.

Once again, Tikki made a great job and I definitely remain their loyal customer.


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