Peerko – Brand Review

Due to the modern design and quality of workmanship, Peerko shoes are gaining great popularity among barefoot shoe users. After the great success of their first canvas model, they quickly became famous beyond national borders and today they can proudly show off a big range of exquisite barefoot models.

Peerko is a Czech brand of barefoot shoes, developed in collaboration with physiotherapists, designers and leading shoe manufacturers, so all their models have excellent barefoot characteristics. Their shoes are ethnically produced in Europe, where they use only high-quality materials.

Their shoes do not compromise on the space for toes, but at the same time they hide their width very well due to the excellent design. Also, the name for their brand Peerko is carefully chosen. Namely, Pírko in Czech means feather, which perfectly describes the lightness of their shoes.

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1. General information

1.1 General

  • Brand: Peerko
  • Sizes: 37-45 (depending on the model)
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide, low instep, skinny ankles with narrow heel, fin-shaped foot (see my how to measure guide and foot type) – wearing size 42

1.2 Materials

Peerko models are made of smooth or suede leather. The leather is good quality, medium thickness and does not get a creased look the moment you put them on for the first time. Therefore, their shoes will keep a nice, smooth look for a long time.

The type of leather they use depends on the model (some models are available only in smooth, others in suede leather, and some in both variants), which is presented in more detail for each model below.

1.3 Sole

All Peerko models have the same 3.5 mm thick thermoplastic rubber outsole with an added 1.5 mm thick profile. Such a sole is suitable for use in an urban environment.

The sole has a distinctive Peerko design with feathers. The sole is sewn and glued to the upper part of the shoe. Due to the raised side edge, the sole looks thicker, but this is only a visual effect. Peerko shoes are nicely flexible in both directions, but the way the sole is made (‘wall’ design) they don’t allow for much adjustment to different widths by spreading the sole on both sides.

The ground feel is good and is comparable to other barefoot brands, which has similar thickness of the sole.

1.4 Length

On Peerko website you can find size charts for each model which will help you choose the right size. The lengths and widths of the shoes in size charts are the same for all models, but some other useful information is added for some models (e.g. shaft circumference for Empire and Regina boots).

The inside lengths listed in the size charts correspond to the actual inside lengths of the shoe and all models are true to size. But there can be some differences in how the shoe width feels (due to the lining, the design of the upper, etc.), which is described separately for each model.


In all Peerko shoes, I wear a size 42 with an inside length of 27.5 cm, regardless of the model. My feet are 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide, which means I have 12 mm of extra space in all Peerko models. This is also an ideal internal length for me.

See post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that.

1.5 Toebox shape & width

The toebox shape of Peerko shoes is best suited for foot types 2, 4 and 5. With foot type 1, there may be a little more space left in front of the smaller toes. How disturbing this is also depends on the width of the foot. With distinctly square foot shapes, you may run out of space in front of the smaller toes, so it is necessary to choose even more space in front of the toes for these foot shapes.

More about different foot types you can read in post What is my Foot Type?

The line for the big toe is straight to the end and they have enough space above the toes. The amount of space above the toes can also vary from model to model and you can have less space in lined models.

Peerko shoes are best suited for people with medium and medium-wide feet. Some models also fit well to wider feet (but it may require to get more space in front of the toes), but not extra wide.

The width of the sole is the same for all models, but there may be minor differences in the feeling of width between individual models, mainly due to the warm lining or the way the upper part is made.

1.6 Fit around the instep, heel and ankle

Perko shoes are best suited for a medium high instep, and a medium-width ankle and heel. Narrower and shallower feet may have problems with some models with proper fixation around the ankles to prevent the heel from slipping. For cases like this, you can try using an extra insole or leg warmers (winter models), which can add some of the necessary volume to the foot.

Most Peerko shoes also fit well to higher instep, but some models can feel snug in the midfoot if foot has more volume there.

2. Overview of Peerko models

Peerko Petite

| Czech Republic | Women | Leather | 100,38€ |

The Petite ballet flats for women are a new addition to the Peerko shoe collection. They feature a new outsole and upper design that sets them slightly apart from the rest of the Peerko shoe lineup. The upper is crafted from leather in various colors, with the ‘Twinkle’ color shown in the photo. The sole is thin and flexible, offering a comfortable walking experience.

Petite ballet flats are best suited for those with medium-width feet, but you can achieve some extra width by sizing up. The elasticized trim ensures a secure fit, even for those with skinny ankles. It’s essential to note that, like most barefoot ballet flats, the foot is minimally pushed forward while walking. Thus, it’s crucial to choose a size that provides enough space in front of the toes. For your reference, I wear size 42, although size 43 also remains snugly in place on my feet (measuring 26.3 cm in foot length).

If you’re in search of stylish ballet flats that combine a new design with comfort and flexibility, the Petite flats from Peerko are an excellent choice. Take into consideration the sizing recommendations, and you’ll be ready to step out in style!

Peerko Celebrate

| Czech Republic | Adults | Leather | 127,59€ |

Celebrate is a special edition of Peerko Classic model. It is available in two leather colors – black and white. They have special satin ribbons instead of laces, but ordinary laces are also included with the shoes.

In terms of size and fit, they are identical to the Classic model – see the description at Peerko Classic for details.

Peerko Classic

| Czech Republic | Adults | Leather | 111,60€ – 115,60€ |

Classic was the first leather Peerko model and all subsequent leather models were derived from this model. It is available in many leather colors (both smooth and suede leather). The laces are thin or flat, so you can pair them with different clothes for a casual or more elegant look.

The Classic model is one of the most spacious Peerko models at the toes and will also fit nicely on slightly wider feet, but not very wide. For feet with very narrow ankles and narrower heels, this model may be too loose around the ankles, but other feet will have a good fit there. Classic can also adapt well to different heights of the instep.

You can read the detailed review here.

Peerko Empire

| Czech Republic | Women’s | Leather | 183,60€ – 187,60€ |

Empire boots are available in two colors (black and chestnut) and are made of smooth leather. They are lined with a thin fleece lining inside the whole boot and are suitable for wearing even in winter due to the warm lining. For very low temperatures, I recommend using an additional wool insole.

In terms of width, they are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet. For putting them on you use a side zipper and the laces enable an optimal fit to different calf circumferences. For my skinny calves (34 cm), laces are tighten as much as possible.

The boots are best suited for average heel widths, in the case of very narrow heels and foot with less volume, I recommend using an extra insole in the shoe to prevent the heel from slipping.

You can read the detailed review here.

Peerko Flo

| Czech Republic | Adults | Leather | 147,60€ – 151,60€ |

Flo are made from a combination of leather and 3D mesh, making them particularly suitable for the warmer months when you want more breathability from your shoe. They are available in 4 different colours and my husband is wearing black and yellow combination called Flo Bee. The laces supplied are round and thin (the same ones are used on their Classic model too).

The Flo model has very similar characteristics to the other Peerko models. The sole is 3.5 mm thick (5 mm including the profile), is flexible in both directions and has the characteristic wall sole design that can also be found on all other Peerko models.

The models are unisex and are available in sizes 37-45. My husband wears one size smaller in this model than in the other Peerko models – they felt longer in his regular size because of thinner material (even though the outer sole length is unchanged).

Peerko Frost

| Czech Republic | Adults | Leather | 147,60€ – 151,60€ |

Frost is the warmest Peerko model, available in a variety of colors. It is lined with wool, and top three eyelets are replaced with speed hooks.

They fit the best to medium and medium-wide feet. Due to the thicker lining around the ankles, the narrower ankles and heels can get a better fit here than in other models.

You can read the detailed review here.

Peerko Go

| Czech Republic | Adults | Leather | 139,60€ – 143,60€ |

Go is one of the most popular Peerko models and is available in many leather colors. They are lined with a thin fleece lining and putting them on is super easy (added side zipper).

They are best suited for medium- and medium-wide feet. They fit best on medium width ankles and heels. In the case of narrower ankles and a lower instep, you will need to tighten the laces completely. If extra space remains between the ankles and the heel, the tongue may slip to the side while walking. They also fit well to wider ankles and heels and feet with higher instep.

You can read the detailed review here.

Peerko Regina

| Czech Republic | Women’s | Leather | 167,60€ |

Regina tall boots are made of suede leather, with the addition of smooth leather on the heel and an elastic part on the back of the boot. They are available in two different colors – brown and black.

They have a zipper on the inside part and are lined with a thin fleece lining that is added all over the inside of the boot, except in the back part in the shaft, where elastic material is added. Due to the smaller amount of lining, they are not as warm as the Empire model.

They are available in two shaft circumferences – narrow and regular. I’m wearing narrow model (calf circumference 34 cm, boot circumference 37.5 cm). If the boots are tighter around the calves, some adjustment is allowed with the added elastics on the back of the boot.

They are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet. The heel part feels a bit narrower than in the other Peerko models. They are best suited for low-medium high insteps. Not suitable for high instep. If the boots will be too loose in the instep area, your foot may slip forward a little while walking. In this case, you can use leg warmers that will add some volume around the ankles.

You can read the detailed review here.

Peerko Rex

| Czech Republic | Adults | Leather | 147,60€ |

Rex ankle boots are made of suede leather in three different colors. The laces allow the perfect adjustment on different foot volumes, but you only need to adjust them once as they also have a side zipper for easy on-off.

They are lined with leather, and for colder days, I recommend using the wool insoles that come with shoes as a gift. Take in mind that the insoles can reduce the amount of space for your toes in the shoe.

They are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet. Since the toebox part feels a little less spacious (added decorative edge at the toes), I would not recommend them for wide feet. They are best suited tor average width ankles and heel, but they also fit nicely on a slightly narrower or wider ankles.

Peerko Smart

| Czech Republic | Men’s | Leather | 131,60€ |

Smart is a male version of the Peerko Classic model, so the fit for this model is very similar to the Classic model. It is available in three different leather colors – brown (great as a business shoe), black and gray, which are great for pairing with casual clothes.

Peerko Street

| Czech Republic | Adults | Leather | 111,60€ |

Street is a more youthful version of the Classic model. The shoes are made of suede leather in different colors. The toebox part, similar as in Rex model, feels a little narrower than in the Classic model due to the design of the upper.

They are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet. Since the toebox part seems a little less spacious, I would not recommend them for wide feet. They are best suited for average width ankles and heels, average height instep.

You can read the detailed review here.

Peerko Terra

| Czech Republic | Adults | Leather | 89,79€ |

Textile sneakers were the first model launched by Peerko and they have been a huge success. So much so that Peerko barely covered the local demand. In the meantime Peerko has released a number of leather models and in 2022 they are back with a completely redesigned textile model called Terra.

Terra is available in 4 different colours and in the photo you can see the Opava (beige) and Ostrava (black) models. The Opava model is a sample that I received for testing some time ago, and the Ostrava is the final version of the Terra model, so there are some differences between them. The final model has wider laces and the logo sewn on the tongue as you can see in my black model.

All Terra models are made from a textile that is a mix of cotton and durable microfibres. The interior is lined with a 3D mesh material. A cork insole is included. The shoes are breathable even at higher temperatures and are perfect for wearing barefoot.

The sole is the same as all other Peerko models and they have the same sizing. I wear a size 42 in this model as in other Peerko models, but the Terra are approx. 1-2 mm longer due to the thinner material. The special feature of this model is the deeper cut-out around the ankles.

3. Price & where to buy

You can buy Peerko shoes on the official website, but you can also find them at various retailers.

My readers from US/Canada can buy them at PedTerra* (10% off on your first order at PedTerra with BOSENOGICE *)

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4. Shipping info

Shipping costs depend on the shipping country and where you are ordering from, so I recommend you to check their websites for that info.

5. To sum up

It is not always the easiest to find barefoot shoe models that are so easy to pair with different clothes and at the same time nicely fit many different foot types. Peerko offers a wide range of colors and models, which in combination with excellent design and quality materials, created a great barefoot shoe.

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  1. Hi
    I bought the Peerko Frost. They fit perfectly BUT I bought these because nearly all photos of them seen on their and other websites, the colour is shown as more in the mauve/pale purple,lilac, cornflower blue range. They are in fact an ordinary boring navy blue and so the patterning on the leather doesn’t show. I was so disappointed as I was really excited to having a pair of boots that were a little bit ‘different’.

    • Hi Jane, we’re sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the colors. We truly try our best to show the true colors of all the shoes we review, without adding any filters to the photos, and we are sure Peerko strives to do the same.

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