Zero Drop, Maximum Style: The Best Barefoot Combat Boots

Hey there! Excited to dive into the the world of barefoot combat boots? We’ve got your back on this fantastic journey. Imagine a boot that’s not just about the tough, edgy look, but also about giving your feet the freedom they deserve. We’re talking lace-up boots with a wide toe box, ensuring your toes have all the space they need to move naturally. It’s all about comfort meeting style in the best way possible.

Looking for more? We’ve got a treasure trove of options. For the most complete list of barefoot winter boots for adults, the best picks for everyday barefoot boots, a full range for kids’ winter boots, and the coolest lineup of barefoot Chelsea boots, make sure to check out our comprehensive lists. We’ve gathered everything to keep your feet happy, no matter the occasion.

Now, let’s dive into the world of the best barefoot combat boots designed for your everyday fall and winter adventures. Whether you’re hitting urban pavements or embarking on outdoor escapades, these boots are your ideal companions. Let’s find that perfect pair of barefoot combat boots for you!

Feet First: The Truth Behind Traditional Combat Boot Design

Delving into the world of footwear, it’s crucial to look beyond the surface – especially with traditional combat boot designs. Standard combat boots, with their chunky heels, narrow toe boxes, and rigid soles, are a staple in many wardrobes. However, they often overlook the fundamental needs of your feet. In contrast, barefoot combat boots present an innovative, foot-friendly alternative. These boots are designed with a completely flat, zero-drop sole that supports a more natural foot movement, mirroring the way your feet are naturally meant to function.

The real game-changer in barefoot combat boots lies in their anatomically shaped toe box and flexible sole. This design allows your toes to spread naturally, enhancing stability and balance. Plus, the flexible sole moves with your foot, encouraging active foot muscles and better circulation. Personally, we can’t recommend enough the immediate comfort and benefits they bring. It’s not just about the comfort you feel today; it’s about taking care of your feet to ensure you stay mobile and strong for years to come. Every step in these boots is more than just a fashion statement — it’s a commitment to better health, from your toes to your posture, impacting how your whole body feels and moves.

Our Favourite Barefoot Combat Boots

Dive into our curated selection of barefoot combat boots, featuring our personal favorites! Each style is unique, and we encourage you to find the one that suits your needs and foot shape the best. Understanding your foot type is crucial for the perfect fit, so don’t forget to refer to our detailed guides on selecting the right size and fit for maximum comfort and support.

Peerko Go & Breeze

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | EU 37 – EU 45 | From 156€ |

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Best for: medium-wide feet, average instep, average-wider ankles and heels

Peerko Go and Breeze are among our favorite barefoot combat boots. They have a timeless look that can be paired with many different styles. Available in smooth leather or vegan materials and various colors, they can serve as an excellent barefoot alternative to Dr. Martens. The only difference between the Go and Breeze models is in the lining. While Go is lined with thin fleece, Breeze is a non-insulated version lined with breathable microfiber. These boots are very light and easy to put on, thanks to the side zipper. The sole is thin and highly flexible (the side rubber edge is just an optical illusion, and the sole is not that thick).

Sizing & Fit: Peerko Go and Breeze are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet. They fit well on medium and wider ankles and heels. In the case of narrower ankles and a lower instep, you will need to tighten the laces completely. They are also a good fit for wider ankles and heels and feet with a higher instep but not for feet with an extra-wide forefoot (though sizing up can provide a few extra millimeters if needed). I’m wearing size 42, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm.

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VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi Boot & Gobi Boot Winterised

| Women’s | Leather | $190 | 185€ |

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Best for: narrow and medium-width feet, low and average instep

We adore the fresh new design of Gobi Boots. Crafted from buttery soft leather, these boots are not only stylish but also well-made. The upper part of the Gobi boots is entirely unlined, revealing the raw side of the leather. This design choice ensures the boots are exceptionally soft and lightweight, preventing any ankle restriction or discomfort. The Winterised version feels more structured than the thinner Gobi Boots, featuring a faux shearling lining—ideal for milder winters. In harsh winter conditions, consider swapping the insole for a warmer one. While not as soft as their Autumn Gobi counterparts, these boots still provide good softness for winter wear, becoming even more supple with use. One thing to note is when tying the laces; ensure they are turned the right way to fit into the speed hooks.

Sizing & Fit: Gobi boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Women’s sizes are well-suited for narrow and medium-width feet, with a low to average instep, accommodating various ankle and calf sizes. Unlined Gobi Boots feel slightly wider than the Winterised version and are a touch broader than most VIVO models in women’s sizes. The sizing remains consistent with other VIVOBAREFOOT models. For reference, I wear size 42, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

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Koel Shoes Faro & Florence

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 45 | From 130 € |

Best for: medium and medium-wide feet, low-average instep

Koel offers two impressive combat boots— the higher model, Faro, and the lower model, Florence. Both boast a leather upper with a matte finish, giving them a casual appearance. Florence comes with a choice of leather or lambswool lining, while Faro is exclusively available with lambswool lining, making them exceptionally warm. The side zipper ensures easy wearability. The super-soft and flexible sole provides an excellent barefoot experience. One minor concern is that, in Faro, the tongue tends to slide to the sides a little while walking.

Sizing & Fit: Koel shoes are an excellent option for narrow and medium-width feet with low to average instep height. Sizing up accommodates medium-wide feet, and for winter boots from Koel, sizing up ensures ample width and space for toes and thicker socks. They fit exceptionally well with my low-volume feet, skinny ankles, and heels. In the unlined Florence, I didn’t size up, but I would prefer more width for my toes. For reference, I wear size 43 in Faro and Florence Lambswool, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm. If you have high-volume feet or wider calves, these boots may not be the best choice for you.

Realfoot Farmer

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 47 | 179 € |

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Best for: medium and wide feet, low and average instep, average calves and ankles

Realfoot Farmer boots come in Winter and Spring versions, each tailored for different weather conditions. We tested the Winter version with a thicker lining and waterproof membrane, providing excellent water resistance. The removable insole offers good thermal protection for temperatures around 0°C, but for harsher winter conditions, we recommend swapping it for a thicker one and pairing the boots with thicker wool socks or toe socks. The exceptionally soft leather and well-made appearance add to the appeal. The thin and flexible sole provides good ground feel.

Sizing & Fit: Realfoot Farmer boots stand out as one of the widest barefoot combat boots on the market, boasting an exceptionally wide and roomy toe box. Despite their width, they accommodate various foot widths and volumes well and can be adjusted to different foot volumes and ankle widths. I wear size 42 with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

Ahinsa Shoes Jaya

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 36 – EU 44 | From 189 € |

Use BU10 for 10% discount

Best for: medium and wide feet, low-average and average instep

Ahinsa Jaya stands out as another excellent combat boot on this list. Crafted from high-quality vegan materials, these boots exhibit remarkable resistance to scratches and creases, along with easy cleaning and high water resistance. The super-thin and soft sole makes them one of the softest barefoot combat boots available. The boots are offered in both ‘Barefoot’ and ‘Comfort’ versions, with the latter featuring an insole with a small heel rise. Various editions come with thicker or thinner lining, and with or without a side zipper. For winter wear, the lined version or an additional insole for the lighter version is recommended.

Sizing & Fit: Ahinsa Jaya boots are an excellent fit for medium and wide feet with low and average foot volume. They provide good fixation on different calf and ankle widths, accommodating both narrower and wider calves. In 2023, Ahinsa introduced a new size chart to align their sizes more closely with other barefoot brands. I chose size 43, the same as in my old Ahinsa models. However, note that the new size 43 is slightly longer than in previous models and I could fit well in size 42 too. For reference, I wear size 43 with foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm.

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Mukishoes Igneous II & Alentejo

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 48 | 170 € |

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Best for: narrow and medium-width feet, average instep, average calves and ankles

Mukishoes stands out as a brand offering some of the softest leather barefoot combat boots, providing an amazing ground feel. Their boots excel in softness, lightness, and flexibility. Both combat boots, Igneous II and Alentejo, are crafted from chrome-free smooth leather. The light brown Alentejo is lined with deadstock cotton flannel and lacks a side zipper, featuring speed hooks in place of top eyelets—ideal for autumn and spring. Igneous II, lined with felted wool, is better suited for winter, and despite its super-thin sole, adding their wool insole is recommended for extra warmth. Igneous II features an added side zipper for easy on-off.

Sizing & Fit: Mukishoes Igneous II and Alentejo are most comfortable for narrow and medium-wide feet with average ankles. The very soft sole allows for some stretching to the sides, but sizing up may be necessary if you need some extra width. In their winter variants, I typically opt for a size larger than my usual, as my regular size doesn’t quite provide the needed width. For context, my go-to size is 43, aligning with foot dimensions of 26.3 cm in length and 10 cm in width. They are best suited for average foot volume and can accommodate higher volume feet. For those with low volume feet, adding the insole significantly improves the fit.

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Groundies Salzburg

| Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 43 | 149,90 € |

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Best for: medium-width feet, average instep

The Salzburg boots boast a classic style with a sleek and simple design suitable for various occasions. Featuring a popular big lace look and large eyelets, they exude a sporty yet feminine appearance. The side zipper makes them effortless to put on. Available in soft velour in beige or dark brown, or smooth black leather, these boots are crafted on the GO1, Groundies’ softest sole and a personal favorite. Lined with soft velvet textile and microfiber lining, it’s advisable to pair them with an extra insole for added warmth during winter.

Sizing and Fit: The Salzburg model is ideal for individuals with medium and medium-wide feet, low to average insteps. Offered only in the Barefoot fit version, they may not be suitable for wide and extra-wide feet. They can accommodate narrower feet, but adding an extra insole is recommended for those with low-volume feet. For reference, I wear size 42 (foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm).

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Saguaro Ambition II

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 36 – EU 46 | From 99€ |

Use BU15 for extra 15% discount

Best for: medium and medium-wide feet, low-average instep

Ambition II marks Saguaro’s first foray into designing combat boots for winter, offering an affordable option in the realm of barefoot footwear. Crafted from vegan suede microfiber upper and lined with faux fur, these boots are available in black and soft pink (note that the black color may attract dust more quickly). The round laces are easily adjustable, with the black laces being sturdier and less prone to “falling down” than the pink ones. The side zipper ensures effortless wearability, and the thin, flexible sole provides just the right amount of cushioning.

Sizing & Fit: Ambition II, available in sizes up to 43, aligns accurately with the size chart. I wear size 42, the recommended size for my foot measurements of 26.3/10 cm. Ideal for medium and medium-wide feet with low to average instep height, consider sizing up for more width or volume, especially if planning to wear thicker socks.

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Angles Fashion Orpheus

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | EU 37 – EU 46 | 183 € |

Use BU5 for 5% off

Best for: medium-width feet, low and average instep, skinny and average ankles

Angles Fashion’s Orpheus boots, crafted from high-quality smooth leather, offer various options, including those with or without a side zipper and different linings. For winter wear, we highly recommend the Winter models, featuring a thick wool lining—one of the most significant linings among all the barefoot boots on this list. The noticeable pull loop on the back, designed with flair, adds to the boots’ ease of wear.

Sizing & Fit: Orpheus suits the best to individuals with narrow and medium-width feet, low and average instep, and skinny and average ankles. Given the availability of both lined and unlined versions, note that the lined models feel slightly narrower. It’s advisable to size up unless your feet are narrow. The toe box shape is designed to accommodate the best the longest big toe, with a more pronounced slope towards the pinky toe. If your slope is milder, consider adding more space inside the shoe. Sizes 41 and 42 are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Men’s models offer more volume in the midfoot and ball of the boot but are not wider at the tip of the toes. For reference, I wear men’s size 42 in the winter version, with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

Shapen Cozy & Urbaneer

| Women’s, Men’s | Leather | EU 35 – EU 44 | From 139€ |

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Best for: Medium and wide feet, average instep (Divine), wider ankles and heel, providing more volume in the midfoot

Cozy and Urbaneer are perfect everyday winter barefoot combat boots available in various colors. Crafted from hydrophobic nubuck leather or smooth leather, these boots are fully lined with wool for maximum warmth. While Cozy and Urbaneer look very similar, there are some differences between them. Urbaneer exudes a sportier vibe and comes with thicker round laces, in contrast to Cozy, which features thinner round laces for a more elegant and soft look. An interesting feature distinguishing them is the elastic collar at the top, present in Urbaneer but not in Cozy boots. Cozy has a side zipper for easy on-off, while Urbaneer has no zipper. Both boots are lined with very soft and cozy wool, but the wool’s thickness in Urbaneer is greater than in Cozy. They feel incredibly soft and light when worn.

Sizing & Fit: Cozy and Urbaneer are ideal for individuals with wide feet and average volume. They may feel more spacious for those with narrow, low-volume feet, but they are versatile enough to accommodate various foot volumes. In the case of skinny ankles and heels, you might notice a slight heel rise, which can be mitigated by adding thicker socks, an extra insole, and adjusting the laces. For reference, I wear size 43, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm.

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Willding Shoes North Wolf & Crow

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan – textile and wool | EU 18 – EU 48 | From 139€ |


Best for: Narrow and medium-width feet, average instep height

We’ve worn Wildling barefoot combat boots for many years, and they are among the softest combat boots you can imagine. With Wildling Shoes, you experience a barefoot feeling as close as possible with a shoe. Here, we feature their North Wolf model, part of their permanent collection, but each year, they experiment with different colors and materials. The warmest models are the high wool boots, perfect for winter, but we recommend adding wool insoles for extra coziness.

Sizing & Fit: Wildling models are best suited for medium-wide feet, but their winter boots may feel narrower compared to their spring/summer models made from thinner materials. For winter models, we highly recommend sizing up by one size, especially if you want to add wool insoles or if your feet are not on the narrow side. The overall fit depends on the model, but in winter models, Wildling has added some volume to the shoe (while keeping the sole width the same), so you may notice more creasing of the material if your feet are low-volume. We recommend wearing thicker socks and adding wool insoles for extra comfort.

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Lems Shoes Boulder Boots

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather | US W6.5 -US M15 | From approx. 142 € |

Best for: medium and medium-wide feet, average instep

The Lems Boulder boots are among the top choices if you’re seeking minimalist combat boots with a wide toe box that are simultaneously lightweight and comfortable, providing you with slightly more cushion. Lems Boulder boots come in several variations, including a fully waterproof version and an anti-slip sole. They are exceptionally durable, easy to clean, and built to last. The material around the ankles may initially feel slightly stiff but softens with wear, making them a perfect choice for beginners or anyone looking for more cushion under their feet.

Sizing & Fit: Lems Boulder Boots are constructed on their ‘Wide’ last, which is foot-shaped, though not the widest among all Lems models. It is best suited for medium-wide feet. If you require more width or wish to accommodate thicker socks, we strongly recommend sizing up by half a size or a full size to provide additional space. For reference, I wear size US M10.5, with foot dimensions of 26.3/10 cm.

Feelgrounds Partol & Partol Winter

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan | EU 35 – EU 49 | From 142 € |

Best for: medium and medium-wide feet, low-average and average instep

Feelgrounds barefoot combat boots are crafted from vegan materials, offering a stylish vegan alternative to leather boots. The Patrol model comes in a thicker winter lining as Patrol Winter and a lighter Patrol Lite version. The Patrol boots feature an integrated membrane, providing more thermal insulation but less ground feel, making them feel stiffer than typical barefoot boots. They are considered minimalist barefoot boots, ideal for those seeking a wide toe box and more cushion.

Sizing & Fit: Feelgrounds boots are not as wide as their sneakers and are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet, average volume, and average heel widths. In Patrol boots, there is a small tapering at the big toe side, so ensure you choose enough space in front of the toes. For the Patrol Winter model, sizing up one size is recommended (I opted for 18 mm extra space), while I wear my regular size 42 in Patrol Lite.


| Women’s | Leather | EU 38 – EU 42 | From 105 € |

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Best for: narrow and medium width feet, low and average instep

Froddo, well-known for their high-quality kids’ shoes, has expanded their range to include adult models. We tested their new combat boots, an excellent option for those seeking a good-quality barefoot boot at a more affordable price. The upper is crafted from quality smooth leather and lined with wool. The reinforced heel cup may feel slightly firmer initially. The added side zipper enhances ease of putting them on. Equipped with a tex membrane and a gusseted tongue for increased water resistance, the only concern is that the folding of the material from the gusseted tongue can feel a little bulky, which felt a bit uncomfortable at first. However, this improved and became more comfortable over time.

Sizing & Fit: Froddo shoes are ideal for narrow and medium-width feet with low to average instep height. They tend to be shallow and may not suit feet with high volume. However, for those with narrower feet, they could be an ideal choice. For reference, I wear size 42, with foot dimensions measuring 26.3/10 cm.

Be Lenka Atlas & Be Lenka Winter 3.0

| Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 47 | From 159 € |

Use BU5 for 5% off

Best for: medium and wide feet, low and average instep, average heels

Be Lenka Atlas is an ideal pick for those in search of a versatile autumn/spring boot, complete with a handy side zipper for effortless on and off. For a warmer option, the Be Lenka Winter 3.0 serves as a higher, wool-lined, waterproof winter boot. Both models are crafted from Nappa or Nubuck leather and come in several fashionable colors, including this year’s popular cream. The Atlas boots are lined with thin fleece, while the Winter 3.0 feature a cozy wool lining, ensuring both comfort and warmth. The Atlas boasts their UniGrip sole, known for providing a good ground feel with minimal cushioning, though it can be a bit slippery on wet, smooth surfaces. In contrast, the Winter 3.0’s deeper lugs offer improved grip on slippery terrains.

Sizing & Fit: Be Lenka Atlas and Winter 3.0 are best suited for those with medium to wide feet and a lower to average instep height. We suggest opting for a larger size, especially if you’re planning on pairing them with thicker socks. For context, I wear a size 43 with foot dimensions of 26.3 cm by 10 cm, and they feel a tad wider than the size chart suggests – about 3 mm more. I chose a larger size to allow room for thicker socks and more space for my big toe. If you size up and have slender ankles and a low instep, you might find the Atlas boots a bit tricky to adjust with the laces around the ankle. The Winter 3.0, on the other hand, are much easier to adjust for those with skinny ankles.

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Side-by-Side Combat Boots Comparison

In this chapter, we present a side-by-side comparison of various barefoot combat boots, focusing specifically on their toe box shapes. Organized by width, this visual guide will help you easily compare and contrast the different designs available, ensuring you find a boot that provides the perfect fit for your feet.

More Barefoot Combat Boots

Here are a few more options that we haven’t personally tried yet, but they are worth checking out!

Sambas The Bambas

| Men’s, Women’s | Vegan – plant based | EU 35-45 | From approx. 106€ |

Use BOSENOGICE for 7% off

Bär Shoes

| Men’s, Women’s | Leather-very high quality | EU 36-47 – half sizes | From approx. 169€ |

Use BU15 for 15€ discount

Xero Shoes

| Women’s | Vegan | US W5 -US W12 | EU 35.5 – EU 41.5 | From approx. $149 |


| Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 43 | From approx. 191€ |

Use BU5 for 5% off at Naboso


| Men’s, Women’s | Leather, Vegan | EU 36 – EU 50 | From approx. 159€ |

Sole Runner

| Women’s | Leather | EU 36 – EU 42 | 190€ |


As we wrap up our exploration of barefoot combat boots, remember that the right pair can transform how you move and feel every day. Your choice should not only reflect your style but also embrace the natural shape and health of your feet. We hope our guide has illuminated your path to finding that perfect pair of boots. Keep in mind the importance of fit and comfort, and you’re sure to step into a world of both style and wellness. Happy boot hunting!

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