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Barefoot on a Budget: The Best Affordable Barefoot Shoes

Who says you have to spend a fortune to reap the benefits of barefoot shoes? In this post, we’ll share our top picks for the best affordable barefoot shoes for adults. From versatile sneakers to lightweight sandals, these shoes offer a natural foot feel and allow your feet to move and flex as they were designed to do. Say goodbye to bulky, restrictive shoes and hello to a more comfortable, healthy, and budget-friendly way of walking.

Barefoot shoes are known to be on the pricier side. However, this list contains several different barefoot brands that offer some of the most affordable barefoot shoes on the market. Please note that the price can also depend on your location. For example, if you are ordering from the US to the EU, don’t forget to add tax and customs, which can add up to 40% of the shoe’s price. Check the description under each brand for shopping tips.

This list features the most budget-friendly and cheap barefoot shoes for adults. If you’re in search of affordable barefoot shoes for kids, please refer to our dedicated shoe lists for children (such as “The Most Complete List of Kids’ Barefoot Shoes for Spring/Summer,” “The Complete List of Winter Barefoot Shoes For Kids,” and “The Complete List of Barefoot Sandals for Kids“). These lists provide all the available information, including price ranges, for kids’ shoes.

Don’t forget to check the best prices and discounts for all barefoot brands on this list.


Price: from $35 (after applying the discount)

Use BU15 for 15% discount

If you’re looking for affordable barefoot shoes, Saguaro has got you covered! They offer a wide range of barefoot shoes, beach shoes, and water shoes for men, women, and kids. With plenty of colours and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your needs.

Most of their styles are sneakers made from synthetic materials. All of their shoes have flexible soles that bend in all directions. However, some of their models (for both kids and adults) have insoles with a raised heel. If you’re new to barefoot shoes, keep them in during the transition period. But we recommend replacing them with thin, zero drop insoles once you’ve transitioned well to barefoot shoes. The same goes for your kids!

Sizing & fit: Saguaro shoes have a foot-shaped toe box that’s best suited for medium to wide feet. They can be adjusted well to different foot volumes, but keep in mind that their beach and water shoes have a small tapering at the tip of the toes. Some of their kids’ shoes can also have tapering at the big toe.

Saguaro shoes are available in sizes 24-48, and there’s no difference between men and women’s widths. However, some colours are only available in smaller “women” sizes. Each model has its own size chart, so make sure you check it out before ordering. In the size charts, you’ll find the applicable foot length, but it’s best to consider this value as the internal length of the shoes. Choose shoes that are 10-12 mm longer than your feet.

For instance, my feet measure 26.3/10 cm, and I wear size 43 or 44 in Saguaro shoes (my “usual” size in barefoot shoes is 42).

A quick shopping tip: Saguaro has separate websites for different countries. You can switch between them by clicking on the country flag on their website. US customers should stick to the English version, while those shopping from the EU should choose either the German or Spanish flag.


Price: from 60€ (after applying the discount)

Use BOSENOGICE20 for 20% discount

Ballop Shoes is a brand that offers a variety of styles for both adults and kids, but not all of them are barefoot. To find their barefoot shoes, head to their “Barefoot” section where you can choose from several sneakers perfect for an active lifestyle. But that’s not all, as they’re always expanding their range of barefoot shoes.

Their barefoot shoes have zero-drop flexible soles and come with two different insoles – one is zero-drop and the other has a heel rise. This makes them a great choice for both beginners and experienced barefoot shoe wearers.

Sizing & fit: Ballop Shoes uses one size chart for all their styles. While the internal length of the shoe is true to the size chart, it’s important to be careful when choosing your size. For example, in some styles like Pellet, you might lose some length due to the heel shape. So, we recommend sizing up a whole size or two (depending on your foot width) to get the perfect fit. In others, like Tilava, choose your regular size with recommend 12 mm space in front of your toes.

The width of their shoes can also vary from model to model. For instance, new models like Tilava have a wider and more foot-shaped toe box shape, making them suitable for medium-wide feet. On the other hand, you might notice some minimal tapering at the big toe in some other models like Pellet and kids models. It’s worth noting that their shoes are wider than the values listed in the size chart.

A quick shopping tip: You can order Ballop Shoes from their German website, and they ship to several countries worldwide, including the EU, US, Canada, Australia, and Chile. Shipping costs are calculated during checkout, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying.


Price: from $42 (46€)

We recently came across Whitin, a barefoot brand available on Amazon, offering various styles made from canvas or synthetic materials. When selecting your preferred style, ensure that you pick models labeled “barefoot” and “wide.” We must say, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their shoes, especially considering the price point.

Whitin shoes come with a zero-drop flexible outsole, but the insole has a heel rise. This extra cushion makes them great for beginners! However, we’d definitely recommend swapping the insoles for zero-drop ones as you transition to barefoot shoes. While you can remove the insole, it may make the shoes less comfortable to wear and too voluminous for your feet.

Sizing & fit: Whitin provides a size chart with internal lengths and widths listed, and we find it to be true to size. Just remember to leave about 12 mm of wiggle room for your feet. These shoes are best suited for medium and wide feet and fit well to different foot volumes. If your feet are on the wider side, you can always size up to gain even more width.

A quick shopping tip: Whitin shoes can be purchased on Amazon, but note that different Amazon websites may offer different models.


Price: from 45€ (after applying the discount)

Use BU10 for 10% discount

Splay is a US-based brand that offers some of the most affordable barefoot shoes for both kids and adults. Their collection includes leather shoes, slip-ons, and other styles for adults. Splay initially started with their kids’ collection and after its successful launch, they expanded their collection to offer several styles for adults. The latest addition to their collection is the updated version of their slip-ons and leather sneakers for adults.

Quality: We have tested two models from Splay and both had a strong industrial smell. However, not all users experienced this issue, so it may have been an isolated incident. The quality of their shoes is otherwise decent, considering their affordable price point, but expect quicker “worn” look with canvas sneakers, especially for children.

Sizing & fit: Splay shoes have a distinct fin-shaped appearance and are best suited for wide feet with narrower heels and a lower instep. They may not be the best fit if your feet are wider with more volume in the back part. My daughter and I, on the other hand, found them to be a great match for our foot shape. Be sure to check their size chart before ordering, but keep in mind that their kids’ shoes are approximately 4-5 mm shorter, and adult models are 2-3 mm shorter than the values listed in the chart.

A quick shopping tip: You can only order Splay shoes from their official website. While they’re a great affordable option for those in the US, EU customers should note that customs and taxes may result in an additional 30-40% cost. This puts them in a similar price range to sustainable EU barefoot brands.


Price: from 52€ (after applying the discount)

naBOSo: Use code BU5 for 5% discount (EU and US delivery).

Froddo, a renowned Croatian shoe brand, boasts a rich heritage in shoemaking. Just a few years back, they introduced their first barefoot shoes, which have since gained tremendous popularity among both kids and adults. Known for their outstanding quality and affordability, Froddo’s adult shoes are crafted from leather and canvas and available up to size 42.

Sizing & fit: Froddo shoes cater best to those with narrow and medium-wide feet. They feature a more pronounced slope towards the pinky toe, making them less ideal for those with a milder slope. Additionally, there’s slightly less space above the toes.

A quick shopping tip: Froddo shoes can be purchased through various retailers worldwide. To find one near you, simply check their store locator. But remember, when shopping, it’s important to read the description thoroughly, as they also sell regular shoes. To ensure you’re getting the barefoot experience, opt for those specifically labeled as “barefoot.

You can read more about Froddo in our review here.

Earth Runners

Price: from 57€ (after applying the discount)

Use code BU10 for 10% discount.

Earth Runners rank among our top picks for versatile sport and everyday sandals. With three distinct sole thicknesses and a variety of lace colors and functionalities, these sandals are effortlessly customizable to match your style, activity, and needs. Our personal favorite is their thinnest sole, but of course, you can choose the thicker options depending on your foot journey.

Sizing & fit: Selecting the right Earth Runners size is a breeze. Simply use their printable templates, ensuring you print them at the correct scale. Position the dot between your big toe and second toe, where the strap will be located. Pick the size that keeps all your toes on the sole without any overhang.

A quick shopping tip: Earth Runners are an affordable sandal option for US customers. However, EU customers should be aware that they’ll need to pay customs and tax (calculated during checkout), which may add 30-40% to the sandal’s price. Despite this, Earth Runners remain a worthy investment for their comfort and versatility.

You can read more about Earth Runners in our review here.

Tikki Shoes

Price: from 62€ (after applying the discount)

Use code BOSENOGICE10% for 10% discount.

Tikki Shoes is a brand that caters to everyone, from infants taking their first steps to adults in need of comfortable and stylish footwear. They offer some of the softest and well-made shoes for first steps, amazing slippers for kids and adults, and now, barefoot sneakers for adults that combine quality and affordability. These sneakers are made of leather, vegan mesh material, or recycled cotton, and are available in many different styles.

Sizing & fit: Tikki’s closed shoes for adults cater best to narrow and medium-width feet, while their sandals can accommodate wider feet as well. Sizing is generally true to the size chart, but be aware that their mesh sneakers may run a tad short—we advise going up a full size.

A quick shopping tip: Tikki Shoes’ shipping costs vary depending on the order value, but they offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount (which varies by country). To save on shipping costs, consider ordering with a friend.

You can read more about Tikki Shoes in our review here.


Price: from 68€ (after applying the discount)

Use code BOS10 for 10% discount.

Freet is a brand that offers a variety of barefoot models suitable for everyday wear and an active lifestyle. They use leather and vegan materials, as well as innovative materials like coffee grounds. While they may not be as affordable as some of the brands mentioned above, their shoes are still cheaper than most barefoot brands, and some styles offer great value for money.

Sizing & fit: the sizes of Freet models can vary from one model to another, making it challenging to determine the right size. For more information on sizing, we recommend checking out our review here. The fit of their shoes also varies from one model to another. Some models fit wider, higher-volume feet better, while others can be adapted well to narrower feet. However, they won’t fit extra-wide feet, but certain models fit wide feet very well.

A quick shopping tip: You can purchase Freet shoes from their official website. Although they’re located in the UK, they have a special EU and US warehouse, which means there are no extra customs and tax to pay.

You can read more about each model in the reviews here.

Zapato Feroz

Price: from 53€

Zapato Feroz is a fast growing barefoot brand this is know for their affordable prices and super soft shoes for adults and kids. Their shoes are made from leather or vegan materials.

Sizing & fit: Zapato Feroz run true to size chart, so always check their size chart before ordering. They are best suited for narrow and medium width feet with low and average instep height.

A quick shopping tip: Their shoes are always sold out immediatelly so if you want a bad badly, make sure you don’t miss a release date. Zapato Feroz are also sold by retailers, you it might be worth checking there too in case you don’z get a pair.

Xero Shoes

Price: from $49

Xero Shoes is a well-established barefoot shoe brand that offers a wide variety of shoes for all occasions, including some affordable options. Keep an eye out for their regular sales to snag a great deal on a pair.

Sizing & fit: Xero Shoes uses the same size chart for all models, but it can be tricky to determine which size you need since not all models have the same internal length in the same size. Thicker materials often require sizing up half or full size. Men’s and women’s models come in different widths, with women’s sizes being slightly narrower and best suited for medium width feet. For more detailed sizing information for each specific model, we recommend checking the sizing and fit recommendations listed under each product description.

A quick shopping tip: Xero Shoes are only available for purchase through their official website in the US or EU. However, the prices are higher in the EU due to taxes, which means that EU customers may find that the Xero Shoes are similarly priced to other barefoot shoe brands based in the EU.

You can read more about Xero Shoes in our review here.

Origo Shoes

Price: from $75 (after applying the discount)

Use code BOSENOGICE for 10% discount.

Origo is a sustainable US barefoot brand that focuses on eco-friendly materials. Their shoes are made from natural leather or innovative vegan alternatives such as cactus leather or canvas. While most of their styles come with a higher price tag, they do offer sales occasionally, and you can apply an additional discount using our code. Among the most affordable Origo styles are their canvas sneakers.

A quick shopping tip: Origo currently ships only to the US and Canada, so customers from other regions will need to wait a while before they can get their hands on these stylish and sustainable shoes.


Price: from $57 (after applying the discount)

Use code BOSENOGICE for 10% discount.

Unshoes is a small US brand known for their barefoot sandals for kids and adults. While they mostly make sandals, they do have a few closed-toe styles available too.

Sizing & fit: If you’re on the hunt for Unshoes’ barefoot sandals, they provide excellent printable templates to help you determine the perfect shape and size for your feet. Just make sure you print it out in the correct scale to ensure accuracy.

A quick shopping tip: Unshoes products can only be purchased through their official US website. As with most US brands, EU customers should be prepared for customs and tax fees, which may increase the shoes’ price by 30-40%.

You can read more about Unshoes in our review here.


Price: from 31€

Anatomic is one of the most budget-friendly barefoot brands on the market. Their shoes are often a popular choice as first shoes due to their affordable price. However, the low price point does come with certain drawbacks, such as potential discrepancies between the left and right shoes, and issues with sizing due to poorer production control. Additionally, their customer service is not as well-established as some other brands.

Sizing & fit: Anatomic shoes are best suited for medium width feet, and they provide a size chart on their website. However, due to potential discrepancies in production, it may be worth checking internal lengths at different retailers to ensure a proper fit.

A quick shopping tip: Anatomic shoes can be purchased from their official website or various retailers. They only ship to the EU from their official website.

Fare Bare

Price: from 71€

Fare Bare is a promising barefoot shoe brand that we have yet to try. Their adult collection features sizes up to 41.

A quick shopping tip: If you’re keen on test-driving Fare Bare’s barefoot footwear, it’s worth checking out various retailers to see if they ship to your location, as the brand’s official website only offers shipping to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Price: from 85€

In the world of barefoot shoes, Jonap, or Jampi as their adult collection is known, is a brand that we have yet to personally try out. However, we received a feedback from our kids. Their collection is made from leather and is available for purchase through their retailers. It’s worth noting that their official website only ships to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

A quick shopping tip: If you’re interested in trying out Jonap’s barefoot shoes for yourself, we recommend checking out retailers to see if they ship to your location.


We hope you’ve found our list of the best affordable barefoot shoes for adults helpful and informative. By choosing to wear minimalist footwear, you’re taking a step towards a more natural, healthy way of walking and supporting your overall foot health. And the good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience the benefits of going barefoot. With so many affordable options available, there’s no excuse not to try out a pair of barefoot shoes for yourself.

So why not take the leap, pick a pair that fits your needs and budget, and start experiencing the joys of going barefoot? Your feet will thank you for it.

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