Barefoot and Loving It: Why Realfoot’s Shoes Could Be Your New Best Friends

Barefoot shoes are more than just a trend – they’re a lifestyle, especially when we talk about Realfoot shoes. Known for their comfort, especially for those who like plenty of room for toes, they’re a game-changer in how we think about footwear. If the idea of shoes that mimic the natural, liberating experience of walking barefoot intrigues you, then you’re exactly where you need to be.

In this post, we’re diving deep into the world of Realfoot. We’re covering everything from how they fit to in-depth reviews of each model we’ve personally tried out. Plus, We’ll make sure you know exactly where to find these shoes. So, let’s get started and see why Realfoot might just turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to your feet.

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Getting to Know Realfoot: The Story Behind the Shoes

Realfoot, a game-changing shoemaking startup, originates from Prague and Zlín in the Czech Republic. The brains behind Realfoot shoes are Matyáš Kozma, a leading Czech natural movement instructor and co-founder, and Oldřich Antoš, a developer, creative mind, entrepreneur, and sports enthusiast. Together, they steer this venture with a clear vision: to craft unique barefoot shoes that offer the most toe-wiggling room for totally natural movement.

Their journey to create Realfoot shoes spanned over three years, involving extensive research into feet, testing various shoes, and working closely with people from all walks of life. The result is a shoe that really lets your foot do its thing. These shoes are designed to let your feet respond naturally to different surfaces, all while keeping them protected and encouraging their natural functions – a perfect blend of comfort and practicality.

Will They Fit? Figuring Out Realfoot Sizes

Before you dive into any impulsive shoe shopping, remember, just like with all barefoot shoes, you need to measure your feet first. Realfoot provides very detailed size charts, giving you the internal length and width of the shoe at two different places (at the ball of the foot and at the toes). The sizes are pretty consistent, and I wear the same size across all their models (size 42 with foot dimensions 26.3/10 cm, which gives me 13 mm of extra space in front of my toes).

The toe box shape of Realfoot boots is wide and roomy, making this brand one of the widest available. They’re perfect for medium-wide, wide, and extra wide feet, offering a lot of space for the pinky toe and featuring a milder slope towards the pinky toe, accommodating a variety of foot shapes. They can also be adjusted well for narrower feet, but keep in mind, if the foot doesn’t fill up the shoe completely, they may crease more.

It’s worth mentioning that the toe box shape slightly curves in at the big toe. If you have a dominant big toe, it’s important to ensure enough space in front of your big toe to guarantee a comfortable fit without touching the front side of the shoe. For those with feet where the second toe is the longest, or with toes of similar length, you can opt for a closer fit.

They are an ideal fit for:

  • Wide and extra wide feet (but they can also be adjusted well for narrower feet too)
  • Low and average insteps (but also offer good adjustability for higher insteps)
  • Narrow/average heels and ankles

Please not that the midfoot and the heel part of the sole are narrower compared to other brands, so if your feet are very wide in the midfoot and back part, they might fit snugly in these areas.

A Closer Look at Realfoot’s Shoe Selection

Farmer Boots

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Realfoot Farmer boots are available in both Winter and Spring versions, each specifically designed for different weather conditions. We put their Winter version to the test, which comes with a thicker lining and a waterproof membrane. These boots offer excellent water resistance, consistently keeping our feet dry. However, it’s important to note that the tongue is not gusseted, which means water might seep in from there. The removable insole provides good thermal protection for temperatures around 0°C. In harsher winter conditions, we suggest swapping it for a thicker one and wearing the boots with thicker wool socks or toe socks.

The boots’ exceptionally soft leather and well-crafted appearance enhance their appeal. If you have skinny ankles, you might find the laces a bit long, but we simply tie them around our ankles, and this works well for us. The sole used in these boots is thin and flexible, offering a good ground feel and grip.

Trekker Low

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The Trekker Low is their high-quality trekking shoe, developed for trekking and hiking, but it also serves as a great all-around shoe. It’s perfect for everyday wear, nature walks, light trekking, and hiking. The upper is crafted from nubuck leather (now available in vegan!) and includes an integrated waterproof membrane. The gusseted tongue adds to the waterproof experience, and after testing them in wet and muddy environments, we found they kept our feet dry. However, the gusseted tongue does add a bit of bulk over the instep compared to their other models.

The sole, consistent with their other models, is made from highly flexible non-slip rubber, providing excellent ground feel. This model features an added shock absorption insole, which is optional and can be removed. With the insole, the shoes offer just the right amount of cushioning for your hikes while still allowing you to feel the ground beneath your feet. The laces are easily adjustable, and the added top speed hooks make them easy to put on.

City Jungle

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City Jungle is one of their most minimalist shoes, with the upper material feeling the thinnest and lightest of all their models. Our pair is made of smooth leather, but they also come in suede and are lined with fabric. What I really appreciate about this model is its low-cut design around the ankles, making them super easy to put on without untying the laces. Additionally, my ankles are positioned quite low, and I often end up with the material of the shoe rubbing against my ankle bone, but with this model, that’s not a problem.

Natural Runner

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Natural Runner, a Realfoot model, is designed as sporty sneakers suitable for everyday wear, walking, or running. It’s crafted from a blend of leather and AirNet mesh material, making it feel slightly thicker and more padded than the City Jungle model, yet still more breathable. The design of the upper, particularly the lacing system, can be a bit challenging to adjust for a higher instep. However, they’re an excellent choice for those with low to average instep height.

Shop Realfoots – Here’s How and Where

Realfoot offers worldwide shipping to several different countries, utilizing various shipping carriers. Shipping costs vary depending on the destination country, so it’s best to check the shipping cost on their website before placing an order.

Don’t forget to use the code 10BU for a 10% discount before ordering – it’s valid even on sale items!


In conclusion, Realfoot stands out in the world of barefoot shoes with its commitment to comfort, natural movement, and a wide range of options to suit different preferences. Their focus on spacious toe boxes and ergonomic design is a significant boon for anyone seeking a blend of style and foot health. With worldwide shipping, Realfoot makes it easy to step into a world of comfort and style. So, whether you’re new to barefoot shoes or a seasoned enthusiast, Realfoot has something special for every pair of feet.

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