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Feelgrounds Patrol Winter – Review

In cold winters, choosing extremely thin soles for staying in the cold for longer period of time is not necessarily always an ideal choice. Feelgrounds created Patrol in order to keep the feet warm, while achieving enough toe space and maintaining the zero drop sole and the flexibility of the […]

Feelgrounds Original Luxe – Review

The famous Feelgrounds Original model, in addition to the Mesh and Knit versions, also got its premium version – Original Luxe. With its modern design, wide range of sizes (from 35 to 49) and classic color combinations, Luxe will be suitable for all generations. The Original Luxe, is like all […]

Feelgrounds Seaside – Review

Are they stylish? Cool-looking? Incredibly comfortable to walk in? Suitable for wide feet? Vegan? Yes, new Feelgrounds Seaside sandals are all this and more. Feelgrounds Seaside may remind you of Birkenstock sandals in a vegan barefoot version. Their design, which is a real rarity among the wide selection of barefoot […]

Feelgrounds Droptop – Review

Droptop. Just what a barefoot community need. Each style from this brand is just another modern and stylish barefoot shoe. And this casual slip-on barefoot shoe and a third Feelgrounds model can be your perfect companion for spring and summer. UPDATE: In Spring 2021 Feelgrounds updated all their models. Their […]

Feelgrounds Highrise – Review

Feelgrounds constantly surprises us with new models of vegan shoes. Their Highrise model is thus another amazing unisex sneaker design. I am sure these shoes will not leave anyone indifferent. UPDATE: In Spring 2021 Feelgrounds updated all their models. Their sneakers now have a new toebox shape (wider and even […]

Feelgrounds Original – Review

Do you wonder why this brand succeed so fast? Why their shoes are worn even by the people who don’t usually wear barefoot shoes? Or why so many people decided to choose Feelgrounds as their first barefoot shoes? Well, keep reading and you will see why. UPDATE: In Spring 2021 […]