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Navigating the Outdoors in Style: Barebarics Voyager Review

In the world of outdoor exploration, finding the perfect footwear is paramount to a comfortable and immersive experience. Whether you’re traversing rocky trails, navigating muddy terrains, or simply strolling through the city streets, having a reliable and versatile pair of shoes can make all the difference. That’s where the Barebarics […]

Be Lenka Royale- Review

Footwear that is both fashion-forward and foot-friendly can be hard to come by. Thankfully, Be Lenka has come to the rescue with Be Lenka Royale — a beautiful pair of minimalist sneakers with a wide toe box and zero drop sole. Featuring a flexible upper and sole, the Royale appeals […]

Be Lenka Snowfox – Review

The Be Lenka Snowfox was the missing link in the winter barefoot footwear and was received with great enthusiasm. It is a boot that is warm, roomy, water-repellent and with excellent grip in the snow. Perfect for the winter joy. The Snowfox is a winter boot that was highly anticipated […]

Be Lenka Nevada – Review

The autumn of 2021 is full of surprises at Be Lenka. New shape and design of the sole and full of impressive models, including the Nevada model – a barefoot leather boot, reminiscent of the famous Timberlands. I remember the beginnings of the Be Lenka and their first model very […]

Be Lenka Stellar – Review

Be Lenka Stellar are sneakers that look cool. They are proof that even such popular sneakers as the Nike Air Jordan 1 can be replaced with a healthy, barefoot version. The legendary Air Jordan 1 sneakers were released back in 1985 and are still one of the most popular and […]

Be Lenka Eazy – Review

It couldn’t go easier than that. Easy to put on, easy to style and easy to wear. Be Lenka Eazy are one of the most spacious and widest barefoot all-year slip-ons perfect to wear from spring to autumn. My love for shoes that can be put on as easily as […]

Be Lenka Trailwalker – Review

Hiking shoes are usually thought of as robust boots that cover the ankles and have a thick sole with a thick tread. Be Lenka breaks taboos here! Barefoot shoes can be used for hiking as well. The spacious toebox part of a barefoot shoe allows the toes to spread completely […]

Be Lenka Prime – Review

Be Lenka Prime – barefoot sneaker with stylish and timeless design is a classic staple in a wardrobe of any barefoot enthusiast with wide feet. Your eyes will admire them and your feet will adore them. A shoe that would be a shame to miss. Imagine combining the lightest pink […]

Be Lenka Champ – Review

If you like to stay in fashion, but also let your toes move, then greet the Champ! You will have to admit that these new urban sneakers from Be Lenka are hiding their width well. Completely new design made them look fashionable and modern. It made them a champion! Champ […]