Where can I find barefoot shoes near me?

Barefoot shoes are primarily available online, but increasingly, more physical stores are starting to stock them. Although no single retailer carries every barefoot brand, numerous stores worldwide offer a variety of options. It’s important to check each online shop to see if they also have a physical presence where you can try shoes on.

Online shopping remains a strong option, especially if there aren’t local stores that carry barefoot shoes. Typically, the widest selection is available on brands’ official websites, where most also offer international shipping. Additionally, purchasing directly from the official websites often allows you to access the best discounts. If you prefer to shop locally, many barefoot shoe brands feature store locators on their websites to help you find a retailer near you. Some brands are also available on large platforms like Amazon or Zalando.

For some brands, the only way to purchase their shoes is directly through their official website, as they do not distribute through other retailers.

To explore more, here you can find our recommended barefoot shoe retailers and a list of all barefoot brands with links to their websites.

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