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Mukishoes Igneous – Review

The popular Igneous winter model from sustainable brand Mukishoes returns this year in a redesigned version with a thicker, warmer wool lining and a casual winter boot design. Mukishoes models are known for their ultra-thin soles, soft uppers and ethical and sustainable production. The Igneous leather model is no exception […]

Mukishoes Kids Woozle Play and Nimbus Play – Review

The new Mukishoes kids’ models boast exceptional lightness, vibrant colors and quality, sustainable materials. The elastic laces or velcro closure allow kids to put on their shoes easily, the skin is in contact with natural materials, and due to the extremely thin sole, they will forget that they have anything […]

Mukishoes Azurit – Review

Azurit – a new low cut leather sneaker from Mukishoes which features new outsole made from 100% natural rubber, new pattern which also fit well to shallower feet and new blue-gray leather colour. Mukishoes you are awesome, you know! With continuously improving their models, producing their shoes as sustainably as possible and […]

Mukishoes Kids Creek and Mini Moss – Review

What a joy it was to photograph these shoes! Vibrant colors and perfect details made the shoes shine in all their beauty in just about every photo. Mukishoes for kids are just flawless in every aspect. I love how much time Muki put into details when creating these shoes for […]

Muki Shoes Raw Leather Cloud – Review

Mukishoes Raw Leather Cloud – the leather version of the popular Cloud model gets an update in 2022. The softness of the new vegetable-tanned leather is just amazing. These shoes pamper you with freedom and minimalism, while their design perfectly hides the width and spaciousness they offer your feet inside. […]