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Peerko Empire – Review

I searched for a perfect barefoot tall boot suitable for a variety of winter outfits for a long time. And here is finally a perfect one. Peerko Empire boots will keep your feet warm and comfortable, while still looking stylish. No wonder why I was immediately overwhelmed by these boots. They are simply the best.

If you ever wondered how you will be able to wear tall barefoot boots that will fit your skinny or wide calves, Peerko Empire boots are the perfect solution for that. Not just they look totally awesome and stylish, these boots have shoelaces and you can perfectly adjust them to fit your calves.

Peerko knows how to surprise me well. Opening their box was like opening a mystery egg with the best gift ever. Just look at this beauty 🙂

Disclaimer: I was sent these shoes as a gift to review and all opinions expressed here are my own. I’m also proud to be a Peerko affiliate and I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using my discount code BOSENOGICE10 (at no extra cost to you).

10% discount with my affiliate code BOSENOGICE10

1. General

  • Brand: Peerko
  • Model: Empire
  • Colour: Chestnut
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide (10.3 cm between metatarsal heads), low instep, skinny ankles with narrow heel, fin-shaped foot – see my how to measure guide and foot type

|Made in EU|Women|Leather|Ship to selected EU countries, also available by retailers|

2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

Peerko Empire boots are made from quality smooth leather and they are available in two different colours – classic black and this special chestnut colour which I have.

The chestnut color is a rich brown-red colour with a metallic sheen that shines beautifully in sunlight.

The black shoelaces in Empire boots are flat and smooth. As my calves are very skinny I tied the shoelaces as tight as possible. They are quite long for me now, so I made a double knot to make them shorter.

The shoelaces need to be adjusted only once and after that you just use a side zipper for closing the boot.

Boots have added a little loop on the tongue and you can tread the shoelaces through them to hold the tongue in its place. I left that part out as I wanted to put the eyelets as close as possible.

The heel part is slightly reinforced and boots keep its shape well.

2.2 Lining

Boots are lightly lined with fleece and they will keep your feet and calves warm and cozy. The fleece is made from a mixture of polyester (90%) and wool (10%).

The insole is not removable and it is made from the same material as the lining in the shaft.

2.3 Sole

The outsole is made from 3,5 mm thick thermoplastic rubber with added 1,5 mm tread (total 5 mm). Boots have also added warm insoles, so the total stack height of the sole is a little bit more than 5 mm, but it is hard to measure how much.

Boots have good flexibility in both directions. The ground feeling is less intense, but quite ok for a winter boot. You need some extra warmth in these cold months.

From the outside the sole looks thicker than it actually is. But this wall design of the sole is just an optical illusion.

For adding more durability to the boot, the sole is glued and also stitched to the upper.

Also check the video for the close-up.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Peerko Empire boots are available in size 38-43 and they are true to size. You can find all the details about them in the Peerko size chart. Here you can also check the height of the boot and the circumference at the top of the boot.

For my foot length of 26.3 cm I chose my regular size 42, which I wear also in my Peerko 2.0 model, which I reviewed here.

Size 42 has an internal length 27.5 cm, which gives me 12 mm space for my feet to move. This is the space I prefer and it is also recommended by different studies.

See my post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that.

3.2. Toebox shape & width

As in all Peerko models, also the toebox in Empire boots has very good shape. They don’t curve inward and they keep the straight line at the big toe almost completely to the end.

The shape of the toebox has a gentle slope towards the little toe, which makes them a good fit for feet with the longest first or second toe. But it is not the optimal shape for square-shaped feet.

More about different foot types you can read in my post What is my Foot Type?

They are best suited for medium and medium-wide feet, but they fit well also for narrower feet and slightly wider feet if they don+t have too much volume. They don’t feel as wide as Be Lenka for example, but they are definitely wider than Groundies or Feelgrounds.

3.3. Fit around the instep, heel and ankle

In the midfoot just before laces start, boots fit the best to low and medium high instep. Those with high instep can find them a little bit tight there.

Over the instep (where the ankle joint is) they fit the best those with medium and high instep. For my low instep I need to tie them as much as it goes, to make them secure enough on my feet and to prevent heel slippage.

Because of the adjustable shoelaces, boots fit a variety of calves circumferences. For example, circumference in my size 42 can be between 36 cm (eyelets are completely together) and 45 cm (determined with tongue width minus 17 mm).

My calves have circumference 34 cm at height 35 cm and I can wear them with no problem. But the shoelaces are very long, so I’m sure those with wide calves will fit in them too without needing to replace the shoelaces.

4. Comfort

Empire boots are very comfortable from the moment I put them on. So soft and cozy. A pleasure to wear.

5. Water-resistance and warmth

Boots are not stated as waterproof, but according to my experience leather shoes usually don’t let the water in immediately. And this is enough for me for a boot like this.

They are lined with thin fleece, but I find them quite warm, because they are lined also in the shaft part. It makes a big difference when calves get extra warmth too and not only my feet.

For really cold weather I recommend you to add an extra wool insoles in them to keep your feet toasty.

6. How and when to wear them?

There are so many ways to wear Empire boots. One of my favourite combinations is pairing them with black leather skirt and long sleeve burgundy top with a turtleneck.

Or a simple combination with a pair of black shimmery leggings and black oversized jumper for a trendy, streamlined finish.

In autumn days, you can peep your outfit by pairing your boots with a loose-fitting long tunic blouse with an animal print.

Pair them with a mini black dress for a feminine and smart look.

To create a more casual look pair your Empire boots with a beige mini dress and a matching scarf or wear them with leggings and beige jumper.

There is no end to the possibilities for outfits 🙂

7. Price & where to buy

You can buy Peerko shoes on the official website, but you can also find them at various sellers. The full price for the Peerko Empire model is from 183,60€ – 187,60€ (price varies depending on the size).

US customers can buy them at PedTerra (affiliated shop) with 10% discount with my affiliate code BOSENOGICE.

8. Shipping info

Shipping costs depend on the shipping country and where you are ordering from, so I recommend you to check their websites for that info.

9. Where are they made?

All materials used in Peerko shoes come from Europe and shoes are made under ethical conditions in the EU.

10. To sum up

There is no doubt that excellence of Peerko winter collection was achieved through their hard work and a commitment to bring barefoot shoe design to the next level. So if someone says to me that their boots look narrow, this is a big compliment.

I just can’t say anything else here than just: “Peerko, Empire boots are one of the most stunning and breathtaking barefoot boots I have ever seen! Please, keep doing what you do! You do it so well

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