What does toe spring mean?

Toe spring refers to the upward curve of the toe area in a shoe. In conventional shoes, this feature helps the shoe roll forward during walking. However, if the toe spring is rigid and doesn’t flatten when you put your foot in the shoe, it can keep your toes in an upward position. This continual elevation can stretch the plantar fascia excessively and might lead to foot dysfunction over time.

In contrast, barefoot shoes typically aim for a zero toe spring, allowing the toes to stay flat and close to the ground. This design supports natural toe function and promotes healthier foot mechanics, contributing to a more natural gait.

It’s important to note that some barefoot shoes might appear to have a slight toe spring when not worn. As long as the shoe flattens when the foot is inside, ensuring the toes aren’t lifted from the ground, this minimal curve is generally considered acceptable.

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