How to know what my foot type is?

Knowing your foot type is essential for choosing the right shoes so read our What is my Foot Type article to help you determine yours.

You can determine your foot type by:

  1. Foot length and width: Make sure you measure them correctly as instructed in our Guide for Measuring
  2. Foot volume: Foot volume (volume in the toe, instep and midfoot area) has a very important influence on the fit of the shoes as it affects both the amount of space in the shoe and the proper fixation of the shoe during walking.
  3. Shape of your toes: People have very different shapes of their toes, some have the longest big toe and some have longer other toes, some have a straight slope towards the pinky toe while others have a curve,… The shape of the toes has a big influence on how the shoes fit our feet so it’s important to choose the right ones.

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