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Zeazoo Siren Sandals – Review

Zeazoo Siren – feminine and sleek sandals made from buttery soft leather. They are available in many lovely shades and they can be great dressier shoes for wearing on every occasion. No doubt that they will be pleasant to your eyes and your feet.

Zeazoo is a family-run barefoot brand from Bulgaria. This is a company that listen to their customers and with their feedback is trying to make their barefoot shoes even better.

This year Zeazoo went even a step further. They released their popular sandals in wider and even more foot-shaped option. I loved them so much that I decided to get them not just in one, but in two colours.

Disclaimer: Zeazoo sent me one pair of narrow Siren sandals for review. I bought two more pairs by myself in bigger size and in wide option.
But as always, all opinions expressed here are my own. I’m also proud to be a Zeazoo affiliate and I may receive small commission if you make a purchase using my discount code BOSENOGICE for 5% off.

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1. General

  • Brand: Zeazoo
  • Model: Siren
  • Colour: Pearl and on some photos also Golden-Beige
  • Tested on: woman, medium-wide feet, 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide, low instep, skinny ankles (width is measured perpendicular to foot axis)

2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

Zeazoo Siren sandals are made from high quality natural Nappa leather. The leather is super soft and sandals are extremely pleasant to touch and wear.

They are lined with chrome free leather, so nothing harmful is touching your skin.

They are available in many beautiful colours. You can have a hard time choosing just one colour. Like I did 🙂

I’m my review I’m presenting you two different colours Gold-Beige (right pair on the photo bellow) and Pearl colour (left pair). Pearl is a custom colour, for which you need to pay 15 € extra. But you can choose from any colour from their range.

Both colours I choose are extremely hard to photograph and is really hard to show the real colour on the photo. They shine in all their beauty when the sun ray touches them and both are great summer colours.

For closure is used a metal buckle, which is nickel free. You may need to add an extra hole in them if your feet are shallow, but I always rather do that, than have too many unattractive holes in my sandals.

Heel part is closed and there is also a small Zeazoo sign on the top of the heel.

It the heel part on the footbed you can find the imprinted Zeazoo logo with additional information which will inform you that you are wearing barefoot shoes and that the sandals have chrome-free lining.

The footbed felt slightly more slippery at the beginning to me, but this was just a first feeling. I have no problems with walking in them now.

2.2 Sole

For the sole is used 6 mm Vibram® Superflex rubber. The same sole is used also in Tikki sandals and The Drifter Leather sandals, which I already reviewed on my blog.

I find this sole wonderful for walking. Light, flexible and with a great ground feeling.

This sole is perfect if you plan to wear your sandals in an urban environment and it will give you just enough protection on harder surfaces too.

Also check my video for the close-up and to see how they look on my feet.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Sandals are available in sizes 35-42. Take in mind that with Zeazoo you will need a size or two smaller, than what you are used to have.

Their size chart is well made, but it can still be confusing to use for some people. Soles for Siren sandals are available in two different widths – narrow and regular/wide. Regular and wide sandals are both made on the same sole, the difference is only in the circumference (length of the strap around your toes).

The length of the sandals in their size chart is measured vertically from the heel part to the longest point of the sandals. The longest point is on the different place in narrow option than in regular and wide option (see the photo below).

For narrow option the longest part is above the second toe and in regular and wide option above the big toe.

My feet in size 40 Siren sandals – narrow sole (left foot) and regular/wide sole (right foot)

How to choose which length you need?

My feet are 26.3 cm long and 10 cm wide and at the beginning I decided to get size 40 with internal length 26.9 cm. This would give me 6 mm space in front of my toes (recommended for open sandals is around 7-10 mm).

This length work well for me in a narrow option, but in wide option my 3rd toe was hanging over the sole while walking as the foot moves slightly forward while walking and this space was not enough for me anymore.

I noticed different numbers on the label sticked to the sandal (see photo below) in comparison to size chart. The number on the sticker is an indicative length as the different models in the respective size differ a bit. Therefore, the best indicator when choosing a size should be the “Recommended feet length” in the size chart for this specific models.

At the end I decided to size up and get myself size 41 (11 mm extra space). If your second toe is longer than your first toe and you need regular or wide sole, consider that you might need more space in them too.

If you have the longest big toe, then you don’t need to size up and you can be good with less space too. I think their recommended foot lengths are worth to check in their size chart if you want to avoid making a mistake with sizing.

3.2. Toebox shape & width

For choosing the right width, you need to measure your foot width and circumference around your toes. For the sole width check the columns Toes width for narrow and wide sole and choose the width of the sole which suit better to your foot width.

Choose circumference (narrow, regular, wide) according to your circumference around your toes. In their size chart you can find circumference for regular option. For wide option there is + 5mm in circumference and narrow -7 mm.

You can also make a combination with wide sole + narrow strap length, like I have done in my case, just put that in a comment when ordering. Make sure to have a snug fit around the toes as the leather will stretch over time.

Narrow (left) and wide option (right) in size 40

If your find that the combination of width and circumference from their standard sizes don’t fit your foot well, they also offer partial customisation of the sandals.

You can make a combination of the sole width from bigger size and length from smaller size. You can also adjust the length of the strap across the toes. But you can’t completely change the toebox shape. There you have only 2 standard options.

The strap around the toes in this style is positioned further at the back, therefore you don’t have to worry that your toes will be squished. They will have a lot of space to move.

3.3. Fit around the instep, heel and ankle

Sandals can be adjusted well to different foot volumes and they can work great for those with low and also with high instep.

I needed to add 2 extra holes in my strap to be able to close it, but I don’t mind that. I don’t like the look of too many extra holes, so I prefer making them on my own than have it too many. But you can also order a shorter strap with no extra charge.

For the length of the front strap I recommend you to choose a snug fit. Choose a circumference that matches your feet the best. Don’t choose a lot more than what your circumference is as the leather will stretch with wear and they might get too loose for you after some time.

Here I really recommend you to choose a custom length of the strap if it is necessary, like I did in my case.

4. Comfort

I can’t say anything else about the comfort than that they are so extremely soft that is a total pleasure to wear it. I don’t think I have ever had softer sandals on my feet than those Siren sandals are.

5. How to wear them?

Siren sandals can go with just anything. You can simply wear them with a jeans and top, like I was wearing them on this hot summer day.

But those colours look so gorgeous that you can easily wear them to a wedding or any other special occasion. Both colours are really nice, right 🙂

6. Price & where to buy

Siren sandals can be bought directly from Zeazoo website. The price for the sandals is 68 €.

If you want to customize them there will be an extra charge for that. Colour customization is 15 € and you can add it in you your cart here.

You can also customize the length and the width (like a combination of sole with in one size and length from another size), but not the toebox shape. Custom width is 25€ and custom length is 15€ (only in the sizes they offer and 7mm above and below the biggest/ smallest size). Custom width and custom length together is 30€.

You can buy them at different retailers too, but there is no custom options. Some of them can be found here.

You can also get 5% discount on their shoes and sandals with my affiliate code BOSENOGICE.

The code can be combined with their referral and loyalty program, so you can get even bigger discount in total.

7. Shipping info

Shipping costs depend on the shipping country and the number of items you order. You can choose DHL Express shipping which will cost you 25 € (30 € USA). Economy shipping is 10 € (EU only), but the shoes can take very long to arrive.

8. Where are they made?

Zeazoo shoes are handmade by a professional shoe makers in Bulgaria. All their shoes are made using only natural materials (leather, wool) which are produced in EU.

9. To sum up

Are you going to a wedding or you just need something prettier for work, but still want to enjoy all the benefits of barefoot shoes?

Now, this is not a problem anymore.

Zeazoo Siren sandals can be a great option for that. As they are available in two different widths and they are also partly customizable, I’m sure a lot of you can get a good fit just to measure your feet well and choose a combination of length and width that work the best for you and your feet.

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