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Groundies Odessa Ladies – Review

When it comes to making a fashionable and great looking barefoot shoe Groundies is rocking it. Odessa boots are exactly the style of boots I love to wear and finally a barefoot version is here. Lately, Groundies has been surprising us with a lot of new barefoot shoe models for […]

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Zeazoo Dingo Boots – Review

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a barefoot version of your beloved Ugg boots? Well, I did. But transitioning to barefoot shoes doesn’t always means that you have to forgot all about your favourite boot styles you loved to wear. Zeazoo is one of the rare barefoot brands that […]

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Freet Bootee M – Review

With Freet is like this – you have to try it to love it. The picture online usually does not show all their fantastic features and and I’m really glad I tried them. Otherwise I would miss a really good shoe. Freet shoes usually don’t look so appealing at first […]

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Tikki Shoes Aster – Review

We love Tikki shoes. They are one of the best barefoot shoes for kids on the market and this new Aster model is just another perfection from Tikki. All my three kids wear or wore Tikki sandals as slippers in school and kindergarten. They are awesome sandals, really soft and […]

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Groundies Ibiza – Review

When this new barefoot brand Groundies pop up on my Instagram account, it immediatelly caught my attention. A barefoot shoe in metallic colour? Sounds to good to be true. At first, they looked too narrow and too tapered from the picture to be a good barefoot shoe. They looked like […]

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What Are Barefoot Shoes?

Have you ever thought that your feet have been bound all your life? Well, guess what? They don’t have to be. Barefoot shoes are designed to meet the demand of foot freedom, so if you have ever wondered what are barefoot shoes or how to use them, this is the […]

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What is my Foot Type?

Foot types. A phrase you probably haven’t thought much about until now. Then you heard about the barefoot shoes that turned everything upside down, right? Knowing your foot type is of course very important, because only by choosing the right barefoot shoe can you get the right fit. Unfortunately, not […]


How did it all begin?

It was the beginning of year 2016, a few months after the second birth. After two pregnancies, my body was in a very bad condition (diastasis recti, weak pelvic floor, bad posture, low back pain, etc.) and I wanted to improve it. Back then, there was no informations available about […]