Mukishoes Kids Woozle Play and Nimbus Play – Review

The new Mukishoes kids’ models boast exceptional lightness, vibrant colors and quality, sustainable materials. The elastic laces or velcro closure allow kids to put on their shoes easily, the skin is in contact with natural materials, and due to the extremely thin sole, they will forget that they have anything on their feet at all.

After the successful release of the first autumn/winter Mukishoes Kids models, which I reviewed here, this spring Mukishoes launched new kids models for spring/summer.

As always, Mukishoes know how to make a wonderful first impression. Finished details on the box and of course extremely light and soft shoes in attractive color combinations. My kids were eager to put them on as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: was sent these shoes as a gift to review and all opinions expressed here are my own. I’m also proud to be a Muki shoes affiliate and I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using my discount code UNIVERSEMUKI 

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1. General

  • Brand: Mukishoes
  • Model: Nimbus Play and Woozle Play
  • Colour: white (Nimbus Play), blue (Woozle Play)
  • Tested on: girl (foot: 20.2 cm length and 7.7 cm width) and boy (foot: 16.6 cm length and in 7.0 cm width) – see my how to measure guide and foot type

| Made in EU | Kids | Vegan, leather | Ship worldwide |

2. Material characteristics

2.1 Upper

The new Mukishoes Kids spring models are available in three different colors / models (Nimbus Play, Woozle Play and Hunny) and are made of different materials. All materials used are sustainable, organic and produced in Europe.

I left it up to the kids to choose the model they want. My daughter chose a white leather model Nimbus Play and my son a cotton model Woozle Play in blue-yellow colour.

The Nimbus Play model is made of extremely soft and high-quality smooth white leather. I have never seen such soft leather in any other shoe. Not only that the entire leather is very soft, the leather surface feels like velvet and I can see why my daughter loves them so much.

The Woozle Play model is made of organic cotton and deadstock cotton in blue-yellow colour. This model is completely vegan. Due to the use of deadstock cotton (the amount of material is limited), this model is only available in limited quantities.

Both models have a velcro closure. Velcros are wide and extremely easy and practical to use. Younger kids will be able to put on their shoes without any problems.

The collar is additionally padded so that the shoes do not cause any discomfort while walking. The heel is reinforced with an additional layer of material in a contrasting color. A cork pull loop is added to the top of the heel, but my kids did not use it. The shoes are very easy to put on even without it, but it is a very nice addition to the shoe.

2.2 Lining

The inside of the shoe is lined with a thin layer of organic cotton in vibrant colors. The Mukishoes logo is printed on the heel.

2.3 Sole

Mukishoes Kids shoes have one of the thinnest, lightest and softest soles I’ve ever seen with barefoot shoes. Only 2.5 mm thick sole is made of 100% natural rubber, has good grip, does not slip and offers an exceptional ground feeling. This natural rubber sole is also used in their adult models.

There are no dilemmas regarding the flexibility of the shoe. You can rarely twist any shoe with such ease.

Also check the video for the close-up.

3. Sizing information

3.1 Length

Mukishoes Kids shoes are available in sizes 24 to 35 and my kids wear sizes 26 and 32. When choosing the right size, check the internal length of the shoe given in the size chart and measure the foot length of your kids. Don’t forget to add growing space.

I ordered shoes for my kids that were 16 and 17 mm longer than their feet because I expected more growth in the spring months based on past experience. The growth happened very quickly and currently they both have 12 mm space inside the shoe.

See the post How much space do we need in shoes if you want to know more about that.

With Mukishoes Kids shoes, I notice that the optimal length for my kids is 11-14 mm of extra space. With even more room to grow, the younger son tripped, but my the daughter did not have these problems. Luckily, my son’s feet grown very fast after we got them.


The inner lengths listed in the size chart correspond to the actual inner length of the shoe.

3.2. Toebox shape & width

The toebox shape of Mukishoes Kids shoes is square-shaped and it is slightly different from the shape of their adult shoes. The shape is quite universal and it is suitable for many different foot types.

More about different foot types you can read in post What is my Foot Type?

My kids have different foot shapes and the toebox shape of the shoes fits both well. Most extra space in front of the little toes may occur in children with a steep slope toward the little toe (type 1).

The shoes are best suited for medium to wide and wide feet (but not extra wide) and also have enough space above the toes all the way to the end of the shoe.

3.3. Fit around the instep, heel and ankle

Fit around the ankle and instep depends on how the shoe is fastened. Kids models have two different types of fastenings – with velcro or with elastic laces. Both methods are very practical for kids, but with elastic laces the shoes can be fixed even better on the narrower ankles. Models with velcro, on the other hand, are a little easier to put on for younger children.

Both kids have a model with a velcro closure. With my daughter, who has narrower ankles, I noticed a little space around the ankle while walking, but the shoe is still nicely fixed on the foot and does not cause heel lifting.

The shoes fit best on the low and normal height instep and normal ankles, but they can be adjusted well on narrower or slightly wider ankles too. The problem of shoe fixation can be expected with a very narrow, low volume foot.

How they will fit on very chubby, voluminous feet, I haven’t had a chance to try.

4. Comfort

The shoes are very soft and light and my kids never complained about them. Many times they also wore them on a completely bare foot. No problems at all. They love wearing them.

5. How and when to wear them?

Kids can wear Mukishoes Kids shoes with just about anything. They pair nicely with sportswear, jeans, and my daughter also wore her pair with dresses.

We tested them on many different terrains. They also work well for easier trail walks. My kids also tested them on a 5 km hike along the waterway and they performed excellently. No slipping at all.

6. Shoes over time

My kids wore the shoes a lot since we got them. With active kids, white colour can be a little harder to clean, but I always managed to clean my daughter’s pair well despite more dirt. Minor wear on the leather is only noticeable in the front part.

The son’s lining is quite dirty because he also wore his shoes in the sandbox in kindergarten. The lining is really easy to clean with water. Sometimes I also use stain soap to clean it.

However, I would not recommend white colour for children who are extremely hard with shoes.

7. Price & where to buy

Mukishoes Kids shoes can be purchased on the official website. The price for the Nimbus Play model is 79 € and Woozle Play 69 €. The shoes are also available from various retailers.

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8. Shipping info

Mukishoes ship worldwide. The shipping costs for Europe are 7,72€ (VAT excluded) -free on orders over 200€, UK 16€ (free on orders over 300€) and for international shipping 25€ (free on orders over 400€).

9. To sum up

Mukishoes Kids are one of the lightest and softest kids shoes on the market. They are made of fantastic sustainable and natural materials of vibrant colors. My kids love them immensely. I definitely recommend them and they are one of my top choices for kids.

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