Mila Vert – Sustainable Fashion and Barefoot Shoes – Made for each other

What if you could feel fabulous and at the same time also comfortable in your clothes and shoes? Yes, that’s possible too!

The clothes we wear are part of our identity. They give us a sense of power, confidence, attractiveness and creativity and are inevitably linked to the shoes we wear. Shoes can make or break the outfit.

One of the first associations people have when they hear the word barefoot shoe is a comfortable, wide, sporty shoe that is hard to imagine with a nicer outfit. But barefoot shoes are more than just sports shoes. Barefoot shoes are suitable for all occasions. They can be worn to work, hanging with friends and even to more formal events.

This post is made in a collaboration with Mila Vert, a beautiful Slovenian brand that makes ethical and sustainable clothing with timeless design. Their beliefs are perfectly complemented by the sustainable principles of many barefoot brands that, like Mila Vert, strive for local and ethical production, the use of sustainable materials and the avoidance of overproduction that leads to waste.

I was first introduced to Mila Vert by a friend and immediately liked their designs and sustainable production principles. I bought my first Mila Vert clothes last year and their white T-shirt has become my most worn piece of clothing. This winter I received one Knitted Triangle sweater in exchange for review. All the other Mila Vert clothes in the photos in this post I bought myself.

Introduction to Mila Vert

Behind the brand Mila Vert is a very warm-hearted and beautiful woman, Tina. Fashion has always been her passion and out of a desire to create a sustainable and ethnically made clothing brand in the EU, Mila Vert was born in 2015.

Their cuts have a simple, classic and timeless design. Thoughtful details add a special charm and a modern touch. All cuts are thoughtfully and carefully designed and tested, so you can wear their clothes for years to come.

All Mila Vert products are made in Slovenia, in the EU, with sustainability in mind, involved in every step of their production.


Mila Vert uses only organic materials for its clothes, which are of exceptional quality and they make no compromises. They work in collaboration with two Slovenian sewing companies and a knitting studio, where a true friendship has been forged over the years.

It’s hard to describe the exceptional quality of their materials until you see them in person. With all the cheap fast-fashion clothes flooding the market these days, it’s hard to find something as luxurious as Mila Vert clothing.

The softness of organic cotton sweaters is remarkable and their maintenance is easy. After washing, Mila Vert even recommends using a tumble dryer to make the fabric even softer after washing. The material also does not shrink with washing.

Sizing & Fit

To avoid overproduction and scrap, all Mila Vert products are made to order. Sizes are standard, but Mila Vert also offers free customisation. In case your custom-made product does not fit, you can also return it without any problem.

My standard size for Mila Vert clothes is M, which is also my usual size for most of my clothes. I wear pullovers in size L-XL, which with their ‘oversized’ look are ideal for my 177 cm height and long arms.

How to style them?

I have included Mila Vert clothing in various outfits in my barefoot shoe reviews many times in the past. I’ve summarised just a few of them here.

In the colder months of the year, my favourite item are definitely their knitted pullovers, which come in a variety of colours and cuts. In the warmer months, Mila Vert offers a variety of dresses, tops and trousers. My favourite is a white T-shirt, but in spring and summer I also love to wear their dresses.

Where to buy?

Mila Vert products can be purchased on their official website. The prices are a little higher, but by supporting sustainable production and exceptional materials, you get a luxury piece of clothing that you can wear for years to come.

For orders inside EU, Mila Vert offers free shipping for all orders over 200€. For the rest of the word shipping is free of charge for orders above 300€ (19€ for order below).

Mila Vert + Be Lenka Entice

To Sum Up

Barefoot shoes are deeply intertwined with my life and are my only choice of footwear for all occasions. Far from being just for outdoor and sporting activities, these shoes are no longer just for sport, so you don’t have to feel restricted in your choice of clothes and expressing your style by choosing healthy footwear.

A lot of barefoot brands are focused on sustainable production and I feel deeply connected to these brands in the way we think. Equally important to me is sustainable production of clothes, where Mila Vert has an important place in my heart. I am extremely proud that such outstanding sustainable clothing are produced in our little Slovenia.

Finally, I wanted to finish with a sentence from Tina (founder of Mile Vert), who describes her brand so beautifully:

Every single piece of Mila.Vert clothing represents me, so I want every single piece to be kind to you. At the same time, it should be also kind to nature and the people who made it.” – Tina, founder of Mila Vert

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