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Groundies Universe – Review

White sneakers are a classic staple in every shoe collection and are simply indispensable. The amazing design, which is reminiscent of the iconic Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, which are happily worn by the younger generation, will put you in doubt if these Groundies Universe are barefoot shoes at all. Well, they are! When you think about barefoot shoes you probably…

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Groundies Odessa Ladies – Review

When it comes to making a fashionable and great looking barefoot shoe Groundies is rocking it. Odessa boots are exactly the style of boots I love to wear and finally a barefoot version is here. Lately, Groundies has been surprising us with a lot of new barefoot shoe models for men and women. They released a lot of new styles…

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Groundies Ibiza – Review

When this new barefoot brand Groundies pop up on my Instagram account, it immediatelly caught my attention. A barefoot shoe in metallic colour? Sounds to good to be true. At first, they looked too narrow and too tapered from the picture to be a good barefoot shoe. They looked like a conventional shoes with thin and flexible sole. Althought, I…

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