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50 Best Winter Barefoot Shoes For Adults In 2022/23

Winter in barefoot shoes? Easily, if you have the right shoes! Our feet can move freely and stay healthy even in the coldest months. Below you will find a list of barefoot footwear available this winter. The brands are listed in alphabetical order by brand name. All descriptions relating to fit in terms of foot width are indicative values only! Always check…

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Xero Shoes Zelen – Review

Xero Shoes Zelen – running shoes that are designed with durability in mind. Breathable fabric made from recycled and biodegradable materials, a soft outsole, a roomy toebox and the shoe’s exceptional lightness are just some of the features that describe this latest Xero Shoes model. Spring 2022 was full of surprises at Xero Shoes. In addition to refreshed existing models…

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Sambas the Bambas – Brand review

Sambas the Bambas – a brand that takes sustainability to the next level. Using only biodegradable and recyclable materials of plant origin, sustainable production within the EU and beautiful designs on the shoes, created by talented artists. The Spanish barefoot brand Sambas the Bambas has successfully launched its entrepreneurial journey with a campaign in 2021. In addition to the beautiful…

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